SD COPA interface

By Alma Gonzalez,2014-09-08 20:17
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SD COPA interface

17, 歡迎增加, sdsdsd, 把標題改下讓大家share

1. Create Operating Concern

    T-code: SPRO


    2. Define PA Transfer Structure for Variance Settlement

    T-code: KEI1

     Profitability Ana;;Flows of

3. Transport Production Startup with Operating concern

    T-code: KE3I



    4. Define Access to Standard Cost Estimates T-code: SPRO

    ;;Profitability Analysis

    cess to Standard Cost Estimates 5. Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders Assign Value Fields

    T-code: KE4I

    Path: Transfer; ;

    6. Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders Assign Quantity Fields T-code: KE4M


    7. Set Up Valuation Using Material Cost Estimates Assign Value Fields T-code: KE4R

    ;;Profitability Analysis

    8. Define and Assign Valuation Strategy T-code: KE4U


    Strategies ;

    9. Activate Profitability Analysis T-code:

    ; ;vate

    Profitability Analysis

    10. Activate Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders T-code:

     ;;Flows of Actual

11. Maintain Versions


    ; ;


    12. Assign PA Transfer Structure to Settlement Profile

T-code: SPRO


    Assign PA;

    13. Assign controlling area to operating concern T-code: SPRO



    14. Enhancement for COPA

    T-code: CMOD

    15. Define Key Figure Schemes for Information System

    T-code: KER1

    ;;Profitability Analysis

    e Schemes

    16. Define Characteristic Derivation T-code: KEDR

     Define; ;


    17. Transport Production Startup with Report T-code: KE3I



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