Common stick to the game the final victory - the film "Run Lola Run" in camera language and thematic content analysis of_4816

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Common stick to the game the final victory - the film "Run Lola Run" in camera language and thematic content analysis of_4816

Common stick to the game the final victory - the film "Run

    Lola Run" in camera language and thematic content analysis of

     Abstract title Global Perspective


     Film "Run Lola Run," about a roller to save her boyfriend Manny and kept rushing

    the story, is a reference computer game operation mode and operation of the rules and has fun colors and narrative wisdom of German film. The lens and paragraph editing, it also has computer games sense of rhythm, omniscient point of view and the subjective

    point of view of the cross, and a variety of film techniques of the new attempt. In the subject performance on the surface meaning of digestion time and space to negate the value of love and death, while celebrating at a deeper level but who work hard, never

    give up and "make a difference." Is a technique of expression and ideas are innovative and depth of content and will be the perfect combination of the two films.

     1, the lens and paragraphs

     1. Lens: omniscient point of view and the subjective point of view the integration of

     In the computer game, players also have the two kinds of identity: first, the game development direction of the selector. Players can come to an end in the game, from a number of options, decided to plot the future of the game to simulate the role of

    experience in different scenarios. At the same time, players can overlook the role of geographical location, status, and access routes such as friend and foe - when players

    naturally as "full knowledge of God" in control of the entire games. Secondly, the game and develop the plot of "hero." Players in the game in the role of simulation state, walk run and jump, some killed by the players to surround and annihilate "virtual reality" to complete. Even players in certain defined circumstances where Council and the role of breathing the same air, a common destiny and experience the emotional waves and the fate of life and death. Players and roles combined, so as to "enter" the game has to face, experience, experience and thinking about the subjective feelings and subjective point of view.

     Similarly, in "Run Lola Run" and there are also omniscient point of view and the subjective point of view integration.片头Department, Rolla and seek to calm tensions in

    the minds search can help objects. Camera 360 degrees around the roller to spin shot,

and overhead. While quickly cut into her or to force himself calm, or near-crash, a

    number of expressions of despair or frustration close-ups of both pairs of rollers to

    meet the audience interested in a full range of observations, but also express a nervous

    dizzying atmosphere. "Comprehensive report" another "Focus visit", making slow rhythm with sharp, vivid, lively and rich.

     Followed by Laura's face close-up with her mind the thought of close-ups of family and

    friends cut each other. Here there are three dimensions of rhythm. First of all, between

    the roller and the family and friends: Laura is a fixed camera, every 4 seconds or so will appear on the screen, while the close-ups of friends and family, such as water as a

    one-off fast switching on the screen flashed, showing a roller awareness campaigns

    sense. This "fixed" sense and "floating" feel cross-cutting, to form the first level of the

    rhythm. Second, the friends and the roller between the father: In the book flipping pages as fast as relatives and friends of flash, there is a face to jump out from time to time, and a slight pause, it is Laura's father. This "recurring" and "pause" and other family and friends of the "transitory" In contrast, a sense of rhythm rollers conscious thought, which is the second level, sense of rhythm. Third, between the roller and his father: both in relation to flash across the faces of those concerned, all belong to the plot development and the subjective ideas flow in a rhythm, so that the overall stability of this with some kind of rhythm and melodies, and the overall rhythm of reality.

     Another example: When the roller ready ran the corner building, the lens in her right front, and has been locked on the screen to roller center, until she turned the corner to continue to distance running. Start time position is fixed, only to shoot camera shake. And when she was turning a corner, slowly rising to the overhead flight. This is an omniscient point of view, as if God himself made watching the game, forced to keep on running girl. And followed by a shot to the two nuns walking the face of urgent push, and in time with the nuns pass by turning to shoot close-ups of them a nun. This is

    undoubtedly a subjective point of view Laura: Anxiety in a rapid walk through from the nuns around back when the curious look. This section of omniscient point of view and the subjective point of view of the cross-cut is to the more soothing rhythm of the

    overhead and fast-paced, together with the film, so the audience from an objective observation and personal experience into the story in two ways. This is also the film can be firmly one of the reasons to attract the audience's attention.

     For the hero of the primary act, but also the performance of the film's main target: "Go," the director used a lot of techniques to highlight and enrich the action itself is relatively monotonous. Such as the rollers in a building between the two stone pillars running, or from one street to another street, or ran a square lattice, or through the crowd. With these "props" and set "obstacle" in visual form Mingluo La arrival and one after another over the target, thereby forming the roller running fast, the tough feeling. At the same time the director in the third paragraph (ie, the third roller gallop), the use of slow motion, all in the past special King of the switch from a combination of objective circumstances and subjective psychological point of view, the three-

    dimensional, multi-level demonstration of Run Lola Run the complex psychological and profound meaning. This episode rhythmic ease, musical, and communication of the roller surface movements and the conflict between inner feelings, confusion and helplessness, but also to promote the audience of "Run Lola Run" understanding and sympathy - rather than just using a game entertainment state of mind to treat this "Run Lola Run" game. Audience's point of view, and Laura's point of view once again to reach convergence.

     2. Three paragraphs: convergence and differences between

     The film between the three paragraphs, there are two convergence, is the use of "toss fall" is similar to the action, that is, before the adoption of a paragraph at the end of purse was thrown into the sky after the slow start falling and the next paragraph the phone throwing play a mid-air then fall of these two similar actions, will link up the two paragraphs. At the same time at the end of the first two paragraphs, the two heroes dying scene when the shooting similar to other, similar expression (inconceivable, can not believe, and resistance to rejection), memories of a similar scene, tone and dialogue, making three paragraphs in the huge sentimental mood and emotion in the smooth transition of power conversion.

     In addition to the use of three paragraphs of green, red and gold colors of the purse to

    divide the different passages and different outcomes, the overall style, there is also more obvious difference. Laura met by the former two characters have an alternative background color of life, such as the traffickers, thieves, and the drain, or in the lottery

    flourishes down and a lifetime of drug abuse, preferences SM perverted games. The third paragraph is a more peaceful, simple narrative, and the hero and heroine succeed in obtaining money, love, in line with ordinary people's everyday experience (eg,

    Catholic, etc.) and universal aesthetic psychology, namely, "looking forward to a bright and happy ending."

     Music at the end of each section dealing with its own characteristics. Such as the first paragraph of the roller, and Manny, after looting the store when the panic to escape, using a high-speed photography, and music, ethereal, soft, soothing, is both an expression of their innocence, naive and helpless, but also demonstrate the director's sympathy and love and affection for their , as the compassion of God down on

    humanity, this time it seems to be an angel come quietly. But the music, then slowly disappear, rollers, and Manny hand in hand like two helpless children who had been trapped there, waiting for an ominous conclusion. In the second paragraph, the rollers

    to get 100,000 marks, surface with ease, joy, pride and a little naughty smile, carrying a purse toward a loved one, the music seemed relaxed, happy, gentle, sweet. However, Manny was followed by a sudden killed, music and screeching halt. The third

    paragraph, Manny was boss trust, pulling the roller wins 100,000 marks to go home at this time they have a healthy life and plenty of money, status and success love, have the most wanted three things in life, music is is a sonorous, beautiful, passionate and

    effective completion of a successful outcome of the contrast. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second, the negative and positive

     1. Negation of time and space, love and death suspect

     The most prominent feature of the film is that the expression of the concept of space and time. In the text, the absolute nature of space-time can be suspected of being

    "accidental" by the forces of change, and this has been repeated, was to adjust and be

    hypothetical and the possibility of subversion. As the film appears dominoes, once a point has been accidentally triggered by force will lead to a series of reactions, and the waves can not stop, can not be recovered. Unless re-placed dominoes, the game starting

    from scratch, start again, Laura.

     Person's life itself is full of variables, there are numerous and a variety of possible accident. If the film first paragraph: Rolla "accidental" way and saw a father and lover's sad to meet his father for help led to the rejection and another brutal truth (that is, not his daughter Laura) is exposed; a police novice gun "accident "fire escape

    leading to Rolla" accidental "death. Second paragraph: the road rollers to reach the two back delayed his father's time, making her "accident" and saw his father and the lover's quarrel, is the father of Yang Shou fan the fire the head of the roller a slap in the face, desperate gunmen kidnapped Laura father; a gallop, but after the emergency vehicle "accident" killed a boss could escape punishment for Manny. The third

    paragraph: the short Uncle Meyer dialogue "accident" in making Rolla, unfortunately, lost touch with enthusiastic, joyous opportunity to meet his father; Manny "accidental" discovery of beggars purse originally Lin Zou, struggling to catch up with the cause traffic confusion, Laura's father "accident" was killed ... ... by chance happened to pass by chance (Laura and beggars), unexpected loss of and access to, accidental death of ... ... who's fate is intertwined in such a complicated, mysterious and unpredictable . In the "accidental" and "accident", the person experiences and feelings of the time change, so the same space it actually played a variety of situations and outcomes.

     Videos bold doubt the authority of time and space, jokingly expressed a "contingency" on the reality of absolute space and time influence. Time and space no longer has decision-making power and lethality, on the contrary been sidetracked by chance.

     The live time and space, was "accidental" subversion and play by the human

    inevitably produced and the world of self-doubt and questions. As the title sequence

    voice-over said, everyone is to get together and high thinking, "a mystery full of doubt": "Who are we? We come from? Go? Think they know how to determine what

    things? Why would believe things? "We have realized that life is like a game, and leveling in the subconscious sense of the value of life, loss of life expectations.

     As Manny's assessment rollers always believe that "anything can love, support." In

    order to prove that love, in order to save the lives of Manny, Laura began to gallop. However, when she was dying, but in the hazy memories of the red Xueguang doubt on love. She recalled Manny himself repeatedly asked "Do you love me?", "Why?" And

    even questioned, "did not come across Woliang look like?", Manny impatient perfunctory answer and turn back after the roller face expressionless, table Mingluo La "absolute Love Values," has begun showing the fragile nature of the face of death.

    While Manny was dying also in the restless suspicion that Rolla: "If I die, how do you do?"

     In front of death, love, trust, value of all meaning is dissolved in the emergence of crack. Death mean the end, which means no longer have started the process and

    outcomes, which means loss of all sense of time and space, and have been abandoned by all the time and space. The "death" itself, as in life the most "important" things, but it is due to some of the uncertainties that occur. Three paragraphs, Rolla, Manny, Rolla

    father's death is full of dramatic and accidental. Can not predict and master the "death" People naturally suspect that "survival" and "Love" and other so-called

    "significant" proposition.

     Thus, life is a computer game, time, space, death, love, start, end are meaningless. So what makes sense, it important?

     2. Affirmative efforts, praising the resistance

     Meaningful and important is the process.

     In the electronic games, will appear from time to time by seconds countdown, there

    will be a computer-synthesized voice urging: "GO! GO!" Is not in the movie hanging on the wall when the great dial, indicating there is 20 minutes away from the specified time or three minutes, rock-style music rhythm appears to have prompted Rolla:

    "RUN! RUN!" winning or losing is not the most critical, the key is to play the game in the end, the game in the process of people who needed a strong will and make every

    effort to . Of time, best to Bo! As片头said: "the ball is round. The game is only 90

    minutes. Other purely theoretical."

     Although different people have different personality, different life. That mean old lady,

    as may be sanctimonious way to steal the baby, or will the lottery from luxury food and clothing; riding a bike can be beat the young favorite of the girls met after the meal together in marriage hall, it may degenerate into moral bankruptcy of social parasitism

    insects; looks old-fashioned secretary may be the ultimate suicide car Zhuangcheng disability may also be in love with the company treasurer of marriage reveals abnormal hobby, but still live a happy family life ... ... there may be many things destined to

    encounter and withstand, as Laura's father, began to appear in the title sequence of the most time has been shaking his head, implying that the inevitable failure of the fate of Laura for help, regardless of the number of rollers repeatedly running back can change

    the fate of; as Meyer uncle's white sedan Sooner or later, but it will inevitably have to hit the retro cars; as in terms of which the paragraph will be those who died at some point, somewhere ... ... but in the many characters under the eaves and a variety of

    characters and display the fate of interspersed , in the elusive "accidents", "accidental" and can not resist, can not escape the fate, the rollers and we have to do is to "RUN! RUN!".

     Video game-based narrative style and absurd, bizarre collage of passages in the plot,

    remains to be passing the efforts of individual recognition and praise. Lane kept the individual in desperate struggle, resistance, struggle, hard work, do not yield does not admit defeat, relying on their own strong determination, great courage and infinite

    wisdom, stick to the game the last minute. But stick to the game appear "END" when the role and the player is no doubt a common "victory" moment.

     The film also used a more extreme approach to emphasize the game process, the

    personal conviction and effort by the tremendous energy released. Laura screams as the glass can be shattered, Laura Meyer in emergency vehicle holding the hands of his uncle miraculously saved his life. The most prominent centers in the gaming scene, is

    entirely "spiritual invincible" brilliant performance. Roulette symbolizes the fate of the unknown and unpredictable, while the roller is, with its heart the warmest of the most pious prayer and from the whole body broke out of a huge power of thought, so that

    she can not control the ball conform to the expectations of the two steadily down In her charge under the figures. Since then, life and love, new life, people's values are confirmed and reflected the fate of being grasped by the people to decide the outcome.

     In the film's end, Laura was the first time a smile, because her boyfriend was seeing a worry-free life, boss appreciation and "yes"; her second smile, because she was in the hands of 100,000 marks are also "definitely , "with all her efforts finally paid off, all the

    hard work is worth paying. Laura pleased with the outcome, the audience hope so. Truly "successful" in both inside and outside the screen at the same time realized.

     Also fun as a good-looking movie, "Run Lola Run" and manifestations, to a certain

    extent, draw on the computer game character modeling, scene design and rules of the game, and give full play to the imagination, succeeded in stories, narrative, games

together, in a superficial absurdity, the plot of the game of passing the next level of life

    and death out of the question of space and time and reflection, conviction and publicizes the "people" initiative power. Film look good without superficial, fun but not thin, so a good box office and received critical acclaim, is an ornamental, artistic, and

    ideological perfect combination of excellent works. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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