the pursuit of happyness

By Glenn Simpson,2014-04-29 17:33
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the pursuit of happyness

    Maybe this is an old question to some of you: If you will be sent to a desert

    island, and you are allowed to take a movie with you, which movie will you choose?

    There are many movies that touched me once, but if I can only select one, I will

    take “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

    This movie is "inspired by a true story" of Chris Gardner, an American

    investment expert. “Inspired by” is an interesting phrase because the movie is more inspiring than inspired. This movie tells us about an inspirational story

    about how a penniless and homeless salesman became a successful financial


    Chris, played by Will Smith, was busy selling his bone-density scanners so as to

    support his family. Chris had a dream of becoming a stockbroker, but there was not

    enough money coming in, and his wife left him alone to care for their 5 years old

    son. With his money less than zero, Chris decided to take an unpaid six-month

    internship. If he could win the other 19 people, he would get the job as a


     He went through an extremely difficult life for 6 months with his son. They

    became homeless because he was unable to pay the rent. Every day Chris had to

    run to collect his son from day care centre and get in line for a bed in a homeless

    shelter. Some nights they were failed to get a bed. They once slept in the

    washroom of the railway station and I think its the most moving image in this movie when Chris cried silently holding his sleeping son in the locked washroom.

    I saw a tender man and father at that time. The relationship between father and son

    is one of the most impressive aspects of the film. Chris tried his best to shield his son

    from the hardships they faced and he even sold his blood for a time. I was touched

    when Chris said to his son that Dont ever let somebody tell you you can't do something, not even me.”

    Just like the title of the movie, theres a happy ending. Finally Chris realized his dream and became a stockbroker. At the end of this movie, Chris couldn’t help

    applauding for himself in crowd. And I also want to applaud for his persistence, for

    the tough road to dream, and for the happiness he finally got. Chris Gardners

    experience tells us that theres no destiny. Everyone can change his fate through hard

    working, patience and persistence.

    You may notice that the word “happyness have a wrong spelling. In fact, thats

    a smart design. It means: There is no Y (why) in "happiness". There is I. To us,

    happiness is a noun, but to Chris, its a verb. We all should learn from Chris, don’t ask

    why or complain for the difficulties. If you have a dream, just run and pursue it.

    At the end of my speech, I hope you can remember the words said by Chris:

    When you have a dream, you should protect it. If you want something, go get it.


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