Common elements of virtual sex permit the measurement of dialectical_6782

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Common elements of virtual sex permit the measurement of dialectical_6782

Common elements of virtual sex permit the measurement of


     Authors: Jun-Feng Bi Qun-Feng Chen Xinyu Zhu

     Abstract "card prime", that is an essential element of proof is based on Chinese medicine theory to extract the specific diagnostic unit, each card has a corresponding feature elements syndrome. Through epidemiology, literature survey and the frequency of the right scissors for data processing, and accurately extract the characteristics of virtual sex card sex hormone syndrome, defined the various syndromes of the Qi-

    deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency and other common virtual sex permits to determine the weight of elements.

     Key words hormone syndromes actual situation permits the frequency of the right

    scissors algorithm for database

     Calculating diagnose of syndrome differentiation by way of syndrome factor in deficient syndromes

     Abstract Syndrome factors as refined diagnostic units are the base of syndrome differentiation, each syndrome factor has the relative symptom and sign specialty. By way of epidemiology and documents investigation, as well as algorithm of double levels of frequency and weight, the symptom and sign specialty for the syndrome factor of Qi-

    deficiency, Blood-deficiency, Yin-deficiency and Yang-deficiency respectively was

    extracted correctly, and the weight values of symptoms and signs to syndrome factors were established.

     Key words Syndrome factor; Symptoms and signs; Empty and full; Database; Algorithm of double levels of frequency and weight

     The so-called "card prime", that is an essential element of proof, it is through the "syndrome" (symptoms, signs and other clinical information) and recognition, while

    the lesion location and nature of the nature of judgments made by the clinical name of the specific permit diagnosis by the combination of cards consisting of elements with each other. Therefore, the card is a dialectical core elements. Grasp the elements of

    each certificate of clinical manifestations and syndromes property, be aware of the syndrome of the relevant elements of the diagnostic contribution degree certificate is the key to accurate Syndrome [1].

     Through dialectical epidemiology, literature survey and the frequency of the right scissors for data processing, and accurately extract the characteristic elements of all permits syndrome, defined the various syndromes of the relevant elements to determine

    the weight of card. Have virtual sex card elements of common measurement of dialectical coverage.

     A research method

     1.1 The establishment of a "dialectical database"

     Carry out dialectical epidemiology, literature survey, establishment of a "dialectical

    database" The purpose is to develop a domain-wide disease dialectic system

    information, obtain permits prime dialectical parameters. Accordingly, I request a sample of the database should be large, full of diseases involving permit broad

    syndromes standardized, dialectical and accurate [2].

     Database information from hospital medical records of cases the first diagnosis, out-

    patient medical records, were the old traditional Chinese medicine clinics, testing case, has been issued, the formulation of diagnostic criteria of the syndrome, have also included some of the traditional Chinese medicine materials, dialectical study of the dialectic on the diagnostic data, a total of 5139 cases of times.

     Contents of the database, in addition to general information, include the entire medical record for each cases of illness, is now the primary and secondary disease severity, clinical Syndrome diagnosis, card name of card-related elements with the

    possible nonaggressive diagnosis.

     1.2 Double-frequency power scissors operator

     First of all, the "dialectical database" syndrome in the data, the frequency of prime card statistics for the number. Including the total frequency of syndrome, the total frequency of prime cards, each card prime designate the frequency of occurrence

    related to the number of cards, each card hormone the frequency of occurrence related to the number of syndromes. Secondly, according to the clinical syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine practice, in accordance with the

    "double-frequency power scissors" principle, will be converted into the right frequency values. That is according to different attributes of syndromes to develop the syndrome of standardized weights, the standardization of the various certificates prime weights.

    Then, a syndrome emerged in a card prime the frequency multiplied by the standardization of syndrome weights, multiplied by the standardization of weights prime card, that is, a syndrome of a prime determine the actual card weight.

     1.3 permit the extraction of hormone syndromes

     Specified elements of a card, extract the card can see the various elements syndrome and its frequency, the value of the certificate multiplied by the various elements of the

    right of the frequency of syndromes, weight, that is, the diagnosis of various syndromes that permit the contribution of elements (right value).

     The diagnosis of the syndrome weight arranged in sequence, the general syndrome of the right value in the 10 above, the diagnosis of the card elements there is a certain meaning, the higher the value of the evidence of the right to designate contributions to the permits higher the degree of diagnostic elements characterized by more intense. Table 1 Certificate Su "Qi" of the syndrome and the right value (abbreviated)

     2 Card Su "Qi" dialectic of measurement

     "Qi" in the clinical manifestations [3] "sound less shortness of breath, less gas lazy words, mental sluggishness, pulse is true, tongue pale and tender, or dizziness,

    spontaneous perspiration, moving the Zhu Zheng aggravated." Table 1 listed in the "Qi" in syndrome is not dazzling, suggesting that its not a common disease but qi deficiency or a disease. The remaining symptoms were included, and the weight is high,

    sort 3,26,11,2,1,4,6,9,15,14 respectively. Table 2 permits Su "blood deficiency" syndrome and the right of the value (abbreviated)

     3 Card Su "blood deficiency" syndrome differentiation of measurement

     "Has a history of heavy bleeding or persistent bleeding, bleeding Talking, menstrual less, thin pale, looking pale, pale eyelids, lips pale, pale nails, tongue pale, Shebai as a mirror, hemoglobin is low, reduction of red blood cells, to Disease the characteristics of blood deficiency syndrome. dizziness, more dreams, forgetfulness, palpitation, palpitations, limb skin numbness, skin a mistake, skin itching, blurred vision, eye dryness, blurred vision, dry hair, haggard, knot spike, pulse small, pulse virtual, fingerprint light Shen embolism, the disease often associated with blood deficiency of the [4]. "These symptoms have been summarized in the table - Card Su" blood

    deficiency "syndrome of being. Table 3 Certificate Su "Yang-deficiency" syndrome

    and the weight of the (slightly) reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download


     4 Certificate Su "Yang-deficiency" dialectic of measurement

     "Often Wei Leng, limbs not warm, there must be both a disease of Yang-deficiency

    of the disease is characterized by disease. In order to cool the body limb Jue, Zhongwan

    abdominal muscles or back, etc. often have a sense of cold, spontaneous perspiration, palpitation, End Valley is not based, just before dawn diarrhea, chronic edema, nocturia more semen crisp as the main performance, their disease, multi belong to yang

    deficiency. lower extremities very cold, thermophilic bad cold, Leng Tong, ... ... embolism, its disease Sexual fairly frequently with the Yang and the [4]. "elements in the cards," Yang-deficiency "in the characteristics of disease, have been basically

    summed up in these syndromes. Table 4 Certificate Su "Yin" and the weight of the syndrome (abbreviated)

     5 Card Su "Yin" dialectic of measurement

     "Emaciation, Kouzao throat, hot flashes, zygomatic red, upset, hand, foot and heart

    heat, Gu Zheng fever, night sweats, urine short-yellow, dry stool, mamillata Shaojin

    little moss, pulse breakdown as the main performers, nature of their disease is often identified Yin [5]. "elements in the certificate," Yin "of the syndrome, only a short

    yellow urine order of 43, Gu Zheng fever order of 77, the rest are in the former 30.

     6 Analysis and Conclusion

     6.1 Measurement dialectical study of the necessary

     From qualitative descriptions to quantitative analysis is the only way for the

    development of science. The past, cross-checks waiting identification, primarily using

    fuzzy qualitative approach, while simple and effective, but so dialectical subjectivity with a strong empirical and clinical difficult to master. Distinguish between syndromes

    of light, moderate and severe degree, respectively, with 1,2,3 points in mind, it is only a crude form of dialectical quantified.

     Traditional Chinese medicine theory, system and in complying with the law under the

    premise of dialectic, according to ancient and modern literature, the name of the dialectical experience of the old traditional Chinese medicine, clinical information such as epidemiological survey, using data mining and information processing such as

    modern science and technology, to find out the laws of dialectical clear The card features prime syndrome, comprehensive, and accurate portrayal of their respective variables (symptoms, etc.) with the dependent variable (prime card, etc.) a link between

    the clearly different syndromes of the relevant permits diagnosis of the contribution of prime degree, establish scientific evidence Su Differential qualitative and quantitative criteria, can dialectical objective and valid, comprehensive and accurate.

     6.2 The establishment of high-quality database

     TCM research should be based on data mining ideas. Only the symptoms, signs and other pathological information-rich complete in order to realize a "certificate" of the disease in the body's overall response to the situation, clinical syndromes can be

    accurately in order from the data mining meaningful information. "TCM database" of information (symptoms, card name, card elements, etc.), storage time has been standardized treatment, to ensure the accuracy of the raw data, a total of 5139 cases,

    common symptoms, signs and some objective test indicators in recent 700 samples included in the strict, reasonable, involving inside and outside, women, children as well as skin, eye, ENT and other branches of the hundreds of kinds of diseases, the

    witnessed card prime reasonably designate, more comprehensive distribution, the investigators are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine clinic France, dialectical, so that it can correct choice of cases, the correct input syndrome and syndrome

    elements. Differentiation establishment of high-quality database for the dialectical

    parameters laid the foundation for the acquisition.

     6.3 Frequency of the right scissors algorithm is the key

     TCM is a non-linear complex giant system and find a suitable data mining method required for the certificate of proof is prime importance of the study. Our proof is

    based on clinical reality in search of dialectical parameters of the process, explore a syndrome of the right to determine the value of the "double-frequency power scissors


     "Double-frequency power scissors algorithm" the principle is: Each symptom of each card to determine the contribution of prime degree, not simply to appear based on the amount of frequency, some of the clinical syndromes although a high frequency appear, but its elements of any certificate not strong and able to judge the contrary, some of the clinical syndrome frequency of occurrence of a number is not very high, but the check against the diagnosis has a strong prime characteristic. In order to avoid some of the variable frequency range is too large, some other variable frequency range is too small, while the formation of local optimization, discriminant offset, for the inclusion of each syndrome to determine the opportunities are equal, each card into prime opportunity to judge the same and therefore the number of variables to determine the weight of high-frequency light, low-frequency power number of

    variables, the value of the principles of weight, which is "the right frequency of scissors." According to "the right frequency of scissors," the principle elements of proof by waiting for the right to witness the distribution of values for each of the symptoms of the relevant permit the allocation of the contribution of elements to form syndromes standardized weights, card prime standardized weights, and are thus "two-


     "Double-frequency power scissors algorithm", from the chaotic data, identified the law of TCM, a reasonable measure of the correlation between variables can be explicitly permit elements, common features of syndromes cards, each diagnostic contribution of symptoms degrees and certificates to establish Syndrome Su, syndromes among the non-linear mapping function, so that hidden variables into

    dominant parameters, the fuzzy information into a clear data. Syndrome of understanding with the card element, card-based non-linear relationship between the

    complex of great significance. To address the study TCM diagnosis of the right to

    determine the value of this critical issue, found a simple and accurate new algorithm.


     [1] Haixia. Professor Zhu Wenfeng Tan Su-dialectical permit the new system [N].

    Chinese Medicine reported that, 2004,4,6,5.

     [2] Zhu-feng, Bi Qun, Zhu Chun-wah. Reference scales to develop traditional

    Chinese medicine symptoms of Syndrome Scale [J]. China Journal of Modern Clinical Medicine, 2005,3 (23), 2747 ~ 2749.

     [3] Zhu-feng. Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine [M]. Beijing: China's version of

    Social Medicine, 2002:165.

     [4] announced in the group, Xin-Yu Chen, Zhu-feng. Virtual-like illness are prime

    characteristics of Proof [J]. Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2005,3 (9): 911 ~ 913

     [5] Zhu Feng, Qing-Lake. Modern TCM clinical diagnosis [M]. Beijing: People's Health Press, 2003:374. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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