Comments make good use of classroom, and create teaching nirvana_4869

By Martha Cox,2014-10-30 15:08
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Comments make good use of classroom, and create teaching nirvana_4869

    Comments make good use of classroom, and create teaching nirvana

     Abstract classroom teaching title


     In teaching practice, students under the text of knowledge, teachers will make a variety of questions to answer them or agree with, or against, of course, there will be nothing to do with the classroom content of a variety of strange to say, as the teachers are not laissez-faire attitude, or laugh, it is necessary for teachers to make appropriately evaluated. Comment briefly teachers can enable students to realize the

    truth of them, or derive inspiration, to acquire knowledge, enhance capacity, the purpose of enlightening ideas. This evaluation is the classroom teacher Comments.

     "Ideological and moral curriculum standards," the recommendation calls for the

    teaching of teachers "in teaching, and actively guide students to self-study, take the

    initiative to explore the social reality and self-growth issues, through surveys,

    discussions, interviews and other activities, in co-operation and sharing of rich,

    extended own experience, and continuously stimulate the desire to learn morals, enhance self-growth needs. " In this way many aspects of teaching, classroom critical moment, requiring teachers to "the export to be exported."

     In the actual classroom teaching, I carefully recorded the number of teachers (including myself) of the Comment language, trying to Comments on the language arts classroom to make some superficial discussion.

     1, Comments should pay attention to the arts

     "Case 1": insight into the psychological characteristics, care of childlike innocence.

     Fragment 1: Students answer after the teacher made the following comment: "You answered most of the sound than before, and I remember just go to our class last

    semester, when your mosquito-like sound of it!" Students had twilight face lighted up suddenly becomes red, Samsam sit down.

     Fragment 2: Students in the full answering a question, the teacher commented that: "A is A quite in a good, that is the middle of reading a word wrong! Who could be more perfect than he answered?" Wen's remarks Students look of bitterly-like.

     Comment The role of the classroom is to encourage and feedback, so as to effectively promote the development of students. The evaluation of teachers apparently did not

    play such a role. On the contrary, teachers inadvertently stabbed the discourse is innocent hearts of students affected student learning initiative. Perhaps the teacher will say, I was realistic to say that the process of student learning problems, but also for the students Well! As everyone knows, this kind of "objective", bring the students would be awkward and embarrassing.

     Comment here to note the psychological art. Why do we not allow students to

    teachers to get their own recognition of the joy of success by others? This is one of the most affordable, most effective and easy to use, were neglected approach. It requires teachers to understand and make the psychological characteristics of students in line

    with the Comments, so as to children's psychological health and overall development. From a psychological point of view, this neglect and psychological Comment students may make the teaching of students to teachers feeling resistant. We must not think that

    teachers give students a love of emotion, the students will certainly be able to receive under such feelings.

     "Case 2": will be indulgence in the praise of critics.

     Criticism is always unpopular, and teachers often use the weapons most often.

    Psychological studies have shown that once a criticism and praise, to strengthen the students motivation to learn equally effective, while the continued use of criticism and praise, then the effect of the former than the latter. Comments on the classroom, there

    are critics have praised, but the same meaning from the teacher's mouth tells how it is indeed language arts can say.

     I am doing, "I know my teacher I love my teacher" lectures before the students complete the following work arrangements: 1. Interview with a teacher, design a few

    questions for him (her) to understand; 2. Ready to "Do you mind a good teacher "posts for the class forum. Classroom teaching as I engaged in default, when the students in introducing certain teachers, I found a better move students usually in their own seat and made to repeat a few strange moves. However, there is no pretending that I was aware of it. Until soon after class, I asked the students to the podium just made a few moves, this movement has done secretly, he also exaggerated compared to the previous, which could put the class were amused. Subsequently, several mischievous daring of the boys cried out: "such and such a favorite teacher normally do this kind of action of the ... ..." "Oh," I hastily said: "imitation is the art. The students imitate the teacher's movements such as the That he is very imitation of genius, is also to observe the teacher, the teacher concerned. He should take the initiative to'Qingzhan'To talk about how he was known teachers and loving teacher, and you say is not it? "

     In fact, this approach of "criticism" can escape from the time of the incident classmates laugh, not only eliminates the conflict with the instinct of emotions, but also becomes a piece of suppressed emotions. In recognition of this change, the teacher

    criticized a Comment, exactly arouse the performance of students in a positive desire, so as to give a positive and healthy direction.

     Comments This is the art of language. It requires teachers with great enthusiasm

    and tolerance, patience, and sincere attitude, fiery words, sure, in order to achieve their positive goals.

     "Case 3": the improvement of language cultivation interesting.

     Once, speaking during the panel discussion, the teacher discovered that some

    students will repeat the answer in front of several classmates. Smart teachers are not to blame the students, but rather a humorous smile, said: "Do you think it's important to stress again, is it?" Some teachers see that students can understand this famous phrase

    is hidden in the meaning of philosophy, or will praise Road : "You simply have a pair of eyes that Monkey!" The successful cooperation of the team will praise: "The gold partner that you really, really effective!" This is the language of Comment interesting.

    Educator Confucius in ancient China more than two thousand years ago, said: "while those who know better than to know who the good of those who were not as fun." Famous universities at home and abroad that "Happy Education Law" is to try to

    make educated In the happy feelings in the knowledge, rather than become a distressing thing. Comic titles is in line with education in the "Music school" principle. We strive to achieve "Yu Qu" - that is, Qiao Yu than good. For example, "You simply

    have a pair of eyes that Monkey!" "Fun Song" - the implementation of "indirect

    tactics." "Do you think it's important to stress again, will you?" If teachers saying too straight to be too exposed, at a glance, the listener is not necessarily convinced. If

    attention to start from the side, its effect will be better. Of course, say "song" not intentionally "Rao Waner," confusing, nor is the "clear-cut" when it comes to "hold

    still partly concealed" in avoiding problems; but should be taught contents and

    students actually pay attention to "hear Yan concept of color," interspersed with reasonably good job.

     Witty, witty assessment of language, not only can promote agile and flexible thinking of the students, make classroom teaching more fun. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of

    students is to mobilize the students interest in learning the lead agent, to arouse them to participate in classroom teaching, to master and apply knowledge to solve new problems when the joy of emotion, make the students interest in learning to keep down

    and steady development. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second, Comments should pay attention to guide

     "Case 4": Comments in the implied hint education.

     I heard one teacher taught the "difficult reported three Chunhui" lesson. When a student said he had seen her mother with household chores in winter Dudong swollen hands, so would like to clone a number of nannies, teachers kindly asked: "Then you thought not, nannies are also human beings Yeah, Is not her hand frozen swollen? Are you concerned about the mother should also be concerned nanny ah, you accept my opinion? "students nodded happily.

     The new curriculum emphasizes the classroom to motivate more appreciated and

    less criticism of blame, but that does not mean that we can blindly, without principles to his students to "Appreciation" "inspired." Makarenko said: "To the extent possible, respect for a person, but also put forward as much as possible the requirements of firm

    and clear and open." As a teacher, it became apparent that students understand there are discrepancies, we should adopt clearly defined, targeted of assessment to guide

student learning and emotions onto the right path. Students noble morality and health,

    aesthetic taste, the formation of proper values and attitude towards life is the ideological and moral teaching of the important content. Teachers should promptly seize the students to understand the misunderstanding, make the best use, so that they

    obtain the correct under the guidance of inspiring values. As the educator Herbert said: "If there is no teaching education, not just a means to an end; and moral education without teaching, is a loss of means of education." Wise teacher who skillfully exploited Comments The teaching methods, teaching and educating.

     Third, Comments to grasp the "degree"

     Criticism and appreciation should have a "degree", in particular the value of the awards allow students to produce a kind of inert. As long as address the students say

    "fantastic" "really smart", so that the appreciation would lose their value and significance. "Encourage appreciation" must be based on "objective evaluation" based on the evaluation of which requires teachers to grasp the language, "scale", "limits."

     "Case 5": Comments in the grasp the "scale."

     The so-called "scale" is aimed at different levels of students with different standards of evaluation of language. Teachers to master a variety of comparable material, and

    artistic way to use an effective incentive. Some of the specific approach for reference: (1) mining materials in the comparable factor. For example, "You get really thoughtful consideration to the views of your team carried out the integration of the unity of your

    team. 'Shenzhou VI' is the best example of sincere cooperation" ( "co-operation in the

    competition"). (2) compared with classmates. For example, "So far, you get the best one to answer!" "This analysis is indeed jumped to!" (3) compared with teachers. For

    example, "Yesterday, this issue is to find information on the teacher, your really strong self-learning ability." "You really would think the teacher did not expect this problem." (4) compared with itself. For example, "As far as I know, you have this

    statement is the best, continue to work!"

     "Case 6": Comments in the grasp, "limits."

     The so-called "limits", in accordance with the classroom knowledge carriers, pay attention to Comments terms of "limits", that is, to put freely, not that bad, "blew


     The following is a teacher in the "property belonging to whom" Teaching in the Teaching Record fragments.

     Teacher: Students in the classroom every day school, I believe that everyone is most looking forward to is a holiday. Then, 365 days a year than what is your favorite holiday (statutory holiday)?

     (Students answer)

     Teachers: We normally receive during the Spring Festival the number of New

Year's money?

     Student replied: 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan ... ...

     Teacher questions: Good. Suppose you received during the Spring Festival of 1000 Yuan Year's money, how would you arrange for the money?

     Student replied: deposit banks; to buy their needs of the more expensive things, such asCDPlayer; donated to people who need help; at home; part of the deposit banks, part of the place home ... ...

     The teacher said: A student, in general, a CD player, how much money?

     A student replied: four or five hundred bar.

     The teacher said: B students, do you think the 1,000 yuan of money at home is particularly uncomfortable, is not it? You also thought about the money resting wrong? (Accompanied by good laugh)

     I noticed that the teacher and student exchange is very natural, and some like the

    chatter homely. The teachers have agreed that the lectures, she answered Comment students, especially for A, B classmates Comment Although there is no malicious, but it can be a little "close" some, pay attention to "limit", as far as possible be simple. Since

    the main purpose of the teacher is to guide out of the property's "disposition", we should focus on her pre-set "property ownership, that all human beings to enjoy their property according to law, possession, use, benefits and disposition right "this part of

    knowledge. Comments such as can be: "at home it would have been a way of punishment."

     Visible, high-quality Comments, teachers profound, witty, humorous teaching style and passion, focus, realistic attitude towards the teaching of the focal point, but also

    teachers impart knowledge, stimulate students curiosity of the critical point. It should set the teachers responsibility, moral character, verbal expression skills, knowledge base, creative thinking, "missionary Tuition" consciousness, and many other factors,

    on the whole, not just style and no substance, deliberately showing off skills.

     Teachers in the classroom is full of charm evaluation of language, although not honey, but you can stick to the students; Although it is not magnetic, but it can attract

    students. Let us all concerned about the classroom Comments art, clever and appropriate to conduct classroom evaluations so that students learn wholeheartedly, so that the realm of teaching and learning to achieve the best! Reposted elsewhere in the

    paper for free download http://

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