Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) - Application for assessment

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Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) - Application for assessment

Excellent Teacher Application for assessment (Wales)

Data Protection Act 1998:

    The DCSF may process the information collected in this document for the purpose of assessing

    and monitoring teachers’ applications to become Excellent Teachers. This information will be processed only within the terms of the Department’s Data Protection notification.


    The applicant and the headteacher should read the Excellent Teacher guidance before completing this form. In particular, the applicant should check that they meet all of the

    assessment/appointment criteria.

    The Excellent Teacher Scheme applies in schools and in all other settings where teachers are

    employed under the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document. In this document the term ’school’ should be taken as including all such settings. Teachers not working in schools should substitute ‘service manager’ or ‘line manager wherever ‘headteacher’ is used.

    If you are completing this form electronically, please note that any text which disappears below the bottom of the cell will not print out. If you completing it by hand, please use black ink.


    Personal details

     Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other

     Sex: Male Female


     First name(s)

     Do you currently hold qualified teacher status (QTS)? Yes No

     DCSF or Welsh Office teacher reference number (7 digits)

     If you are unsure of your teacher reference number contact ‘Teachers' Pensions’ on 08456 066166

     Home Address


     Preferred telephone contact number Preferred email contact address

ETS 1 (2007) 1 of 16

     Are you an accredited representative of a recognised trade union? Yes No

Do you have a long term mental or physical impairment that has a substantial Yes No adverse effect on your ability to carry out the day-to-day activities of your job?

     Present position/job title

     What was the effective date from which you were first appointed to point 3 of the pay scale for post-threshold teachers?

     Please enter your main teaching subject in the box below using a subject description from Annex 1. This information will be used to ensure that the assessor allocated to carry out your assessment has

    the same area of expertise as you. Do not leave this box blank.

     Main teaching subject

     If ‘other’ please specify

     Current school details

     Name of school

School address (inc postcode)

     Telephone number Fax number

     E-mail address

     Name of headteacher

     Name of local authority

     Local authority number (three digits)

     Unique Reference Number (URN) (6 digits)

     (Check EduBase if you are unsure of your school’s URN)

     Phase of school/type of service

     Primary Secondary Special PRU Nursery

     Mid deemed primary Mid deemed secondary Other (specify)

    ETS 1 (2007) 2 of 16

     Professional Development

     In this section you will need to show that you have continued to develop yourself professionally and provided regular coaching and mentoring to others. You will also need to provide a specific example of searching analysis that you have carried out, normally within the last 2 years. In doing this, you should explain how you addressed the identified needs of a group or groups of pupils, and

    show that it was of sufficient substance to have had a positive impact beyond your assigned pupils. In each case you will also need to describe the evidence of the impact of the activity/work.

     Please describe how you have continued to develop yourself professionally

     What is the evidence of the impact of these activities?

     Headteachers comments

ETS 1 (2007) 3 of 16

     Please describe your role in coaching and mentoring others

     What is the evidence of the impact of this activity/work?

     Headteacher’s comments

    ETS 1 (2007) 4 of 16

     Please provide an example of a piece of work (normally undertaken within the last 2

    years) that: involved searching analysis/research, identified and addressed the needs of

    a particular group of pupils and was of sufficient substance to have an impact beyond

    your own pupils

     What is the evidence of the impact of this work?

     Headteacher’s comments

ETS 1 (2007) 5 of 16


Applicant action

    All those wishing to become Excellent Teachers will need to meet the standards specified in Annex 2.

    Please provide succinct examples, from the last 2 years, of your achievements and expertise in relation to the standards. You can, if you wish, further utilise elements of the examples you provided in Part 1 of this form, if you feel that it is appropriate. You are not required to produce separate examples for each standard, although nothing prevents you from doing so. Similarly, you may use the same example more than once if you feel it is appropriate. It is important,

    however, that the evidence you provide must, when taken as a whole, show that you meet all the

    Excellent Teacher standards.

    Once you have completed the relevant parts of the form, you will need to pass it to your headteacher.

Headteacher’s action

Once the applicant has completed the form, please:

ensure that the declaration is signed and dated, by the applicant

    add your comments in all the relevant places

    retain copies for yourself and the applicant

    sign the completed form and send it to the national assessment agency at:

    National Assessment Agency for ASTs and ETs

    VT Education and Skills

    OPUS 1

    Bay Tree Avenue

    Kingston Road



    KT22 7UE

ETS 1 (2007) 6 of 16


    Please provide evidence relating to the following standards: E1 and E2

     Teacher’s evidence

     Headteacher’s comments

    ETS 1 (2007) 7 of 16

    PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Please provide evidence relating to the following standards: E3, E4, E5 and E6

     Teacher’s evidence

     Headteacher’s comments

    ETS 1 (2007) 8 of 16


    Please provide evidence relating to the following standard: E7

     Teacher’s evidence

     Headteacher’s comments

ETS 1 (2007) 9 of 16


    Please provide evidence relating to the following standards: E8 and E9

     Teacher’s evidence

     Headteacher’s comments

    ETS 1 (2007) 10 of 16

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