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Express IT! iN2015 What It Is

; The Express IT! iN2015 (read as ‘express it in twenty-fifteen’) is a vision competition

    launched on 6 May 2005. This competition is part of the efforts to engage People,

    Private and Public sectors to come forth with ideas for the iN2015 masterplan

    (pronounced “in twenty fifteen). iN2015 is a 10-year masterplan to grow the infocomm

    sector and to use infocomm technologies to build a well-connected society. It will be

    launched in 2006.

    ; Express IT! iN2015 is jointly organised by IDA, Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and

    Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), with support from the Ministry of

    Education (MOE) and Digital Life.

    ; The competition ended on 22 July 2005. In all, over 3000 entries were received, with

    60% coming from primary schools, 18% from secondary schools and pre-university

    institutions, and 22% from the Open category.

    ; The competition garnered views from the public on the topic: "Infocomm and I in 2015:

    How Technology can Help Me Learn, Work and Play". These visions were expressed

    through various mediums such as essays, drawings, cartoons/illustrations, digital

    photographs, digital videos/multimedia, songs and audio narrations.

    ; From the myriad of ideas received, it is clear that infocomm technologies is expected to

    pervade all areas and enhance lives substantially by the year 2015.

Express IT! iN2015 Judging Process

    ; The entries were judged based on their creativity, practicability, and clarity of

    presentation, as well as the impact that the realised ideas will have on society.

    ; After a round of shortlisting, two phases of judging were conducted to select the

    winners. In phase one, 10 entries from each category were shortlisted. The top three

    winners for each category were then selected in phase two. The judges for the

    competition were IDA, SiTF, SCS, MOE, and Digital Life.


    ; Results of the Express IT! iN2015 Competition was announced at a Award Ceremony

    today, 17 Nov 2005. The top three winners received their prizes from Dr Balaji

    Sadasivan, SMS (MICA).

; The prizes were awarded as follows:

    stndrdCategory 1 Prize 2 Prize 3 Prize

    Primary $3,000.00 $1,500.00 $ 500.00

    School Kean Lin Weijun Ryan Lim Dave Chua Hong Kai

    (Xingnan Primary (Parry Primary School) (Fuhua Primary

    School) School)

     Xingnan Primary also wins $10,000.

    Secondary $5,000.00 $2,500.00 $1,000.00

    and Pre-Wang Liang Yau, Bernard Shum Jen Kwok Mingyao Kelvin

    University Choo Tze Keong, Yong (Raffles Institution)

    Chua Song Guan, (Hwa Chong Institution)

    Leong Rong Teng

    (Tampines Junior


     Tampines Junior College also wins $10,000.

    Open $8,000.00 $4,000.00 $2,000.00

    Aw Joo Yee Jacqueline Chia Siak Yan Vincent Madhusudan Pandya

    ; At the event, merit trophies were also presented to 21 participants. These merit awards

    were presented by Mr Lam Chuan Leong (Chairman, IDA), Mr Andrew Sansom (Vice-

    President, SCS), and Mr Stephen Lim, (Chairman, SiTF).

Exhibition of Express IT! iN2015 Top 30 Entries

    ; IDA will be showcasing the winning entries of Express IT! iN2015 in a roving exhibition,

    to share the exciting visions that Singaporeans have for the nation’s infocomm

    landscape. Public can view the winning entries at exhibitions held throughout the island:

    Date Venue

    18 -28 Nov 05 National Library @ Bras Basah, Level 8, Promenade

    5 18 Dec 05 Marine Parade Community Library

    23 30 Dec 05 Woodlands Regional Library

    3 15 Jan 06 Tampines Regional Library

    17 Jan 6 Feb 06 Jurong Regional Library

    ; All qualified entries to the competition are also available on the iN2015 website,, for public viewing.

Synopsis of Express IT! iN2015 Winning Entries

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Primary Category

     st1 Prize: Kean Lin Weijun, 10

    Xingnan Primary School

Medium: Drawing

    “As a student, I wish that the facilities in school and at home will infuse technology a great deal. In this way, we do not need to fight over terminals when there are assignments to be completed. Every student should be equipped with high-tech facilities to assist us in learning. This will engage us further and learning will be fun.”

     nd2 Prize: Ryan Lim, 12

    Parry Primary School

Medium: Essay

    Ryan’s vision of technology iN2015 is of more advanced devices. Space communication via laser, holographic technology, minute handphones, video watches, as well as thinking caps that will transmit knowledge when put on, are some of the sophisticated gadgets and technologies that will become widely available in year 2015.

     rd3 Prize: Dave Chua Hong Kai, 11

    Fuhua Primary School

Medium: Essay

    Dave sees prevalent use of technology in the classroom of the future. PDAs and video-conferencing are just some of the many tools that students can use to help their learning.

Merit Awards:

    Name Age School Type of Entry

    Shermaine Lee Jie Ying 10 Zhonghua Primary Drawing Painting


    Lei Yu Chong 9 De La Salle School Essay Written

    Cassandra Sim Hui Zhen 12 Parry Primary School Drawing/Painting

    Jonathan Tsang 11 De La Salle School Drawing/Painting

    Rachel Wong Lai Yin 12 Parry Primary School Essay Written

    Zhang Kai Yun 11 Yangzheng Primary Drawing/Painting


    Gavin Ng 11 De La Salle School Digital Video, Multimedia

    Venus Lee Yan 11

    Cassandra Lim 11

    Tiffanie Lim 11

    Keegan Tan 11

Secondary/Pre-University Category

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     st1 Prize: Wang Liang Yau, 17; Choo Tze Keong, 17;

    Chua Song Guan, 17; Leong Rong Teng, 17

    Tampines Junior College

Title: Ten Years After

    Medium: Multimedia

    This web presentation shows inventions such as a robotic rabbit that consumes real food and cell phones containing personal ID. The presentation also shows the use of innovative technology to help students learn in a creative classroom environment.

     nd2 Prize: Bernard Shum Jen Yong

    Hwa Chong Institution

Title: Hip Hop: Learning will be completely transformed

    Medium: Essay

    Bernard introduces the Hip Hop concept. Hip Hop is a virtual character that can be personalised into a virtual representation of oneself. Through Hip Hop, students can play simulation games that will aid learning. This Hip Hop concept promises to bring learning out of the classroom, into homes, cinemas and food centres, via a specially designed mobile gadget characterized by the Hip Hop character. The use of interactive games will also make learning dynamic and interesting, and students will better appreciate and apply what they have learned.

     rd3 Prize: Kwok Mingyao Kelvin, 15

    Raffles Institution

Medium: Essay

    For Kelvin, the future is dreamed to be one with integration of new technologies and electronic devices into our everyday lives. With information flowing through just one portal, the internet, information can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device that can connect to it. Faster, cheaper internet connections, a fully wireless country, improved functionalities of existing electronic devices and equipment, and the use of robots are also envisioned.

Merit Awards:

Name Age School Type of Entry

    Chua Song Guan 17 Tampines Junior College Cartoon/Illustration

    Ho Yixiang Adeline 15 Kranji Secondary School Essay Written

    Lau Song Leng 15 Anglican High School Essay Written

    Sarah Ong Mei Shan 16 Anglican High School Essay Written

    Rahimah Bte Haron NA Fuhua Secondary School Cartoon/Illustration

    Wong Weishun 16 National Junior College Drawing/Painting

    David Michael Phuah 15 St Patrick’s School Essay Written

    Open Category

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     st1 Prize: Aw Joo Yee Jacqueline, 31

Medium: Multimedia

    Jacqueline envisions an interesting future where the traditional communication technologies and mediums of today are going to be radically altered and highly influenced. Through a glimpse into a day of a typical family in the year 2015, Jacqueline shares with us how infocomm will enhance peoples’ lives in the future.

     nd2 Prize: Chia Siak Yan Vincent, 30

    Oaktree Research

Title: True Intelligence and not mere Gimmicks

    Medium: Essay

    This essay expounds Vincent’s vision of a truly intelligent framework and its components. Vincent acknowledges the excellence of Singapore’s existing infocomm technologies, and emphasises the need to build upon the “intelligence” of the overall framework which covers communication networks, information and application servers, personal devices, as well as innovative and appropriate software. The three key expectations of this intelligent framework are that it will enhance the existing way of life, work unobtrusively in the background, and is safe, efficient and reliable.

     rd3 Prize: Madhusudan Pandya, 38

Medium: Essay

    Madhusudan anticipates a future where converged infocomm technologies will develop new ways in which people will live, learn, work and play. He identifies five key aspects of life, namely, lifestyle experience, entertainment, healthcare, education and community development, where infocomm technologies will pervade and enhance.

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Merit Awards:

Name Age Company/School Type of Entry

    Aletheia Chan Woon NA Distinction Tutorial School Essay Written


    Goh Kun Yi 19 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Essay Written

    Lee Lup Yuen 36 NCS Pte Ltd Digital Video/Multimedia Loh Peng Cheong NA CROWN Asia Pacific Essay Written

    Holdings Limited

    Shane Ng Soo Lian 25 Singapore Management Essay Written


    Yap Kim Ming 19 Nanyang Polytechnic Cartoon/Illustration Leonard Lin Guan 24 Singapore Management Digital Video/Multimedia Cheng University

    Chin Wenying 21

    Celine Tan 21

    Jocelyn Tan 21

    For media clarification, please contact:

Cindy Christine KONG

    Manager, Corporate & Marketing Communication Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Tel: 6211-1997


HO Ka Wei

    Manager, Corporate & Marketing Communication Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Tel: 6211-0273


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