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Company Consolidation. Consolidation of companies based on selected Account(s) / Account type(s),; Consolidation of companies based on selected Item(s)

    E.X. Next Generation Brochure

    (For Single User Version 1.5)

Tata Consultancy Services has been operating for over 29 years through 54 offices in

    59 countries in diverse areas of industry using cutting edge technologies. Tata

    Consultancy Services is Asia’s largest independent consulting organisation providing a wide spectrum of services on a fixed-price-and-schedule-basis.

Over the years, we at TCS have gained valuable experience in developing, marketing

    and building the flagship brand E.X. Next Generation which, since launch, has

    received many accolades and was rated as “The Best Software Product” by

    Computer Society of India. E.X. Next Generation today has more than 85000

    users and is marketed through its strong distribution network of 850 channel


Ever since its introduction, E.X. has remained the simplest and most user-friendly

    business accounting software that has revolutionized the way people maintained

    their accounts. The software provides ready to use accounting modules (templates)

    for various businesses enabling online accounting within minutes of installation.

E.X. Next Generation - the latest version of E.X. for Windows NT and 95 Operating

    System, is a true 32-bit application. It utilizes the maximum power and performance

    of today’s advanced hardware and provides the user with the most preferred and

    friendliest solution backed with all the benefits of state-of-the art technology. It has

    more than 32 built-in ready-to-use templates to suit the various lines of business of

    users, for e.g. Manufacturer, Trader, Chartered Accountant, Exporter, Doctor, Hotel,

    Hospital, Architect etc.

E.X. Next Generation is developed on VC++ and all the reports are designed on

    Crystal Reports.

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    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

    Key Features Of E.X. NGN Single User Version 1.5

? Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)

    The looks and feel of the product is designed as per Microsoft GUI guidelines.

? Context sensitive help as per Windows 95 standard

    Right mouse click at any time will provide online help and all options available.

? Multi-tasking

    Various functions of E.X. can be performed simultaneously. For example, a lengthy

    ledger can be printed, while the user enters invoices.

? Security at the individual activity level

    Different passwords can be set for various activities to be performed in E.X. This will

    restrict the unauthorized user from having an access to certain activities and reports.

    ? OLE automation support

    Automation allows the user to program on E.X.-NGN. The automation objects can be

    called using VBA scripts for getting data from E.X.-NGN or set data into E.X.NGN.

    Various functions of E.X. are provided as automation objects. The properties and

    methods of these objects can be set from outside E.X. Some of the important E.X.

    automation objects are create accounts, maintain accounts and balances, maintain

    items and narration and enter vouchers through OLE controllers. OLE automation

    offers the unique opportunity of integrating another application say payroll software,

    etc. along with E.X. NGN.

? Multi-company accounting

    E.X.-NGN will support multiple companies to be created and maintained.

    ? Zoom in on details

    E.X.-NGN gives you the option of obtaining more detailed information by allowing

    you to zoom in to lower levels of information. For example, from the dues aging

    statement the user can view the related transactions and even modify a particular

    transaction if required. Throughout the package, the user can view details on a click

    of a button.

    ? Codeless Accounting

    E.X.-NGN will provide all the accounting support without demanding you to

    remember the codes for accounts, debtors and creditors. It will provide a simple to

    use but elegant feature called accounts selection window, which pops up when ever

    you are in account field. One can select the account name from the window. The

    content of this window is context sensitive. For example, if a cash account is relevant

    in that context only account name of cash account type will be displayed. The

    contents of the window are also dynamic. For example, if you enter initial characters

    of the account, the contents of the window move such that the first account name

    matches closest to the alphabets entered. This feature is also extended to items and

    narration, VAT Categories selection.

    ? Dot Matrix Printing

    E.X.-NGN 1.5 provides the unique feature of speed printing on dot matrix printers.

    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

E.X. NGN Single User Version 1.5 : Product Features

    E.X. New Generation 1.5 is a user-friendly business accounting software aimed at easy understanding of non-accounting personnel and professionals. The salient features of the product are explained below.

Modules of E.X.-NGN for Windows NT / 95

1. Company Maintenance

? Company details

    ? Currencies dealt

    ? Parameterization of stock evaluation method ? Tax registers related information ? Set up default documents

2. Account Maintenance

? Set up accounts

    ? Opening balances for first financial year ? Grouping of accounts

    ? View account balances

    ? View group balances

3. Setup Item / Narration

? Items Details

    ? Stock Summary and Stock Trend ? Standard Narration maintenance ? Stock valuation

    At the creation of the company user can specify the method of valuation, which can be selected from standard list. Whenever stock evaluation is done E.X.-NGN evaluates the stock based on selected method. This method of valuation can be changed any time.

    4. Document Design, Entry and Print

    ? Customizable Invoices, Receipts, Bills, Payment etc. ? Document Wizards

    ? Support for user defined fields ? Modifying and Saving document templates

    You can customize your documents with some particular information, which may not typically be part of the pre-defined documents given. For example, name of the broker or delivery note number to be associated with as an invoice.

    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

    You can design all your documents. E.X.-NGN will stop you only when you try to delete mandatory information such as 'description and amount' or 'item, quantity, rate and amount' or when you are crossing physical boundaries of a page.

    You can change fonts and resize text and fields on the document. Once your design is over you can see a preview of the invoice. What you see on the screen will be what you get on paper.

    All documents are categorized into Sales, Return of Sales, Purchases, Return of Purchases, Receipts, Payments, Journal Vouchers, Bank Transfer/ Withdrawal/ Deposits and Other categories. Based on the category validations are done for the document templates.

    The main advantage of the document designer is that the user can enter the invoice on the actual invoice i.e. what you enter on the screen is what is printed. Secondly, the user can fully customize the documents to the business he/she is in.

5. Journals

? Sales Journal

    ? Purchase Journal

    ? Receipts

    ? Payments

    ? General Journal

6. Ledger

? General Ledger

    ? Customer Ledger

    ? Supplier Ledger

    ? Sales Ledger

    ? Purchase Ledger

7. Customer/Supplier Folder

    ? Business Summary and Sales/Purchase Trend ? Customer/Supplier details

    ? Customer/Supplier outstanding statements ? Dues/aging statements for receivables/payables ? Customer / Supplier Documents ? Customer / Supplier Open Debits / Credits ? Monthly Summary

8. Item Folder

    ? Stock Summary and Stock Trend ? Item details

    ? Purchases and Sales

    ? Monthly Statement

    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

9. Analysis Parameters

    ? Business parameter setup ? Tagging analysis parameters to Accounts and documents ? Queries with analysis parameters

10. Smart Finder

E.X. NGN will provide a facility to get an instant information on various Items,

    Documents and Customers/Suppliers.

11. Company Consolidation

    ? Consolidation of companies based on selected Account(s) / Account type(s), ? Consolidation of companies based on selected Item(s) ? Consolidation of companies based on Customer/ Supplier Sales/ Purchases, Outstanding

    E.X.-NGN will provide viewing / printing information across the desired companies. The information which one would like to view / print could be on Stock, Accounts / Account Types or on Sales/Purchase and Outstanding with breakup per company.

    E.X.-NGN will support all these queries across selected companies.

12. General Inquiries

    ? Queries related to Customer/Supplier, Items, Documents ? Document List

    ? Financial Summary based on Analysis Parameters ? Queries based on the Add-on fields for Items , Customer /Supplier

13. Year End Processing

14. Close Books

15. Tax registers

    ? The sales tax and purchase tax registers can be set up as per requirements.

    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

16. Reports:

    E.X.-NGN offers more than 72 basic reports in accounting. Each report can be viewed in different formats having different parameters.

? Balance Sheet

    ? Profit & Loss Statement

    ? Trial Balance

    ? Receipt & Payments Statement ? Cash / Bank Book

    ? Bank Reconciliation Statement ? Prepare Trading Account

    ? Interest Calculation

    ? Account Balances

    ? Group Balances

    ? Print Documents

    ? Missing Documents Statement ? Outstanding Statement

    ? Dues / Ageing Statement

    ? Stock Position

    ? Stock Ledger

    ? Financial Summary

17. Data Export / Import

    Users can export selected data of E.X.-NGN to MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Access database and have it further analyzed or formatted as per individual needs.

18. Backup / Restore

19. Bank Reconciliation

    E.X.-NGN will provide reconciliation of your bank balances with the Bank Statements. The differences can be adjusted against an Expense account or in case of Multi-currency, the difference can be adjusted against Exchange Gain/Loss account.

20. Analysis Parameters

    E.X.-NGN has a powerful feature that enables you to capture information under various business attributes or parameters for subsequent analysis and printing of analysis reports under those attributes. With these analysis parameters you can construct your queries. Analysis can be made based on a selected set of items, accounts, amounts, turnover, standard Narrations, period, account details, fields defined by you on documents and analysis parameters.

    Copyright 2000 Tata Consultancy Services, India. All Rights Reserved.

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