Welcome to Nutronix International and AutomaticBuilder

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Welcome to Nutronix International and AutomaticBuilder

     A home-based business

    that not only gives you access to some of the finest anti-aging and cutting-edge health

    and wellness products on the market today; but also gives you a Fully Automated Internet

    Business Building System. This system, Automatic Builder, will help you reach your

    financial goals, while the Nutronix products will sustain and maintain your health and

    well-being. We are so confident that it will work for you, that we will let you try

    Automatic Builder, Free of charge for 30 days.

     - is appropriately named, as it does most of the work for you. It can prospect, present, follow-up, enroll and train others to become successful. For the

    first time in network marketing history, there is a proven system that works for everyone

    who uses it. It is a true revolution in network marketing that levels the playing field.

With todays frustration in the job market and uncertain business environment, millions of

    people on a global scale, are looking for a true home based business and secondary or

    primary income stream. Making money online is an impossible task without such a

    system and exclusive products to offer others. Few will actually let you try the system before buying anything.

     - are the primary concerns of millions of

    people. You have the four main interests and concerns of millions of people, solved right

    here. Your own, custom built, home based business in a box solution for millions of

    people worldwide!

Now you can just plug in the traffic and let Automatic Builder do everything else for you

     its network marketing on steroids. No auto responders to set up, no scripts to write, no

    explanations to make. You concentrate on the advertising and we do all the rest for you.

From now, until the year 2012, this Industry is set to boom. Six years of avid interest as

    the „boomer‟ generation approaches retirement age. Those 6 years will more than secure

    your own retirement income, so that you have the funds to enjoy your life to the full and

    remain in good health with our Nutritional products.

Health + Wealth = Ultimate Success.

     Network Marketing has never been so easy, or so much fun!

You can read more about Nutronix and its flagship patented product Silver Solution by

    clicking on the above graphic. Be sure to play the video and listen closely to the content.

     - is a solid and reliable debt-free company that has sustained steady growth since its inception in June 1999.

Nutronix International markets an exclusive line of over twenty (20) very unique and

    exclusive nutritional supplements through a network of over 16,000 Independent

    Nutronix International Distributors in 60 countries worldwide..

The New Nutronix Silver Solution ? is the only patented process silver on the market.

    The reason for this is that the process has been proven to produce highly effective silver


     The New Nutronix Silver Solution? process was approved for patent by the United

    States Patent Agency after rigorous testing with the US Military and other approved

    agencies, where it was proven to eliminate highly viral infections.

     - has an unbeatable range of products to retain health and

    well-being. Now you can retire healthy and wealthy, with Automatic Builder and


While there are over 20 products in the Nutronix International range, below are just

    a few samples of the most popular and essential items provided for healthcare.

Nutronix Sublingual B-12:

    You can try our acclaimed Sublingual B-12 product for FREE! All you

    pay is $2.95 S&H. Sublingual B-12 is a vitamin supplement that also contains Vitamin Sublingual B-12

    B-6 and Folic Acid.

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies did not establish a UL for this

    vitamin because vitamin B has a very low potential for toxicity. The IOM states that 12

    no adverse effects have been associated with excess vitamin B intake from food and 12supplements in healthy individuals. In fact, the IOM recommends that adults older than 50 years get most of their vitamin B from vitamin supplements or fortified food because 12

    of the high incidence of impaired absorption in this age group of vitamin B from foods 12

    that come from animals.

Nutronix Garden Plus:

    Garden Plus contains all the „green ingredients‟ that are required for a green ingredientshealthy lifestyle. Just three tabs a day give you 100% of your daily „Green‟ requirements.

    Garden Plus contains; Vegetables; Broccoli, Carrot, Spinach, Cucumber, Beet, Onion,

    Red Bell Pepper, Brussel Sprouts, Peas, Radish and Garlic.

    Fruits: Orange, Cherry, Apple, Grape, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Lemon, Pear, Cranberry,

    Strawberry, Tomato and Papaya.

    Garden Plus is an essential for those who live a „less than healthy‟ lifestyle. Hectic

    schedules mean junk food diets. Now you can replenish your Vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12

    and Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin Pantothenic Acid levels with just three

    capsules a day!

Nutronix NuFlex:

    NuFlex is an extremely powerful joint supplement that helps rebuild

    cartilage wear. When your cartilage wears down it loses the ability to act as a shock

    absorber. This causes stiffness and joint pain. NuFlex provides your body with the building blocks it needs to rebuild cartilage and bring relief to your joints.

    NuFlex contains Glucosamine Sulfate, Boswellia Extract, Chrondroitin Sulfate, Tumeric,

    Quercetin, Methionine, MSM and Bromelain. Please don‟t confuse NuFlex with cheap

    alternatives that only contain Glucosamine. NuFlex has 8 active nutrients.

Nutronix Omega 3-6-9

    Omega 3-6-9 is a premium blend of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega

    9 Essential Fatty Acids in the proper balance to support optimal health. Contrary to

    popular belief, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA‟s) are not made by the body and must be

    obtained from a person‟s diet. If you lack a fresh supply of oily fish products, or they are

    not to your taste, this product will maintain the balance of EFA‟s that your body requires,

    without any after-taste or smell.

    Omega 3-6-9 Essential Fatty Acids are essential for;

    ? Cardiovascular (Heart) Health

    ? Infantile Development

    ? Healthy Glucose Levels

    ? Learning and Brain Development in Children

    ? Joint Health maintenance

    ? Immune System Function

    ? Skin Health and Appearance

    ? Improved Nutrient Absorption

    ? Brain Function and Mental Health

    Nutronix Power Blend:

    Nutronix Power Blend has it all…

    Perfect low-carbohydrate protein with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

    For maximum protein uptake your muscles need a constant supply of amino acids.

    Some proteins, like Whey, are absorbed fast and fully digested in just 30 minutes. If

    you wait three hours until your next meal then your body is starved of protein for two

    and a half hours. Power Blend combines both quick and slow release proteins, five in

    all, to give you a three-hour sustained release of amino acids.

    Power Blend provides;

    ? Five most effective proteins for enhancing lean muscle.

    ? Protein digestive enzymes to increase absorption.

    ? Three-Hour sustained release of amino acids

    ? Rich in BCAA‟s and Essential Amino Acids.

    Power Blend is an ideal meal replacement and is an Exclusive product of Nutronix

    International. This matches up perfectly with Garden Plus and Omega 3-6-9, as a

    short-term, high protein, lean muscle building, and all-natural development program.

    Power Blend provides pure protein intake with sheer power and sustainability as a

    result. Power Blend is an exclusive product and only available from Nutronix


A lot of people work the 45 year plan for inadequate retirement. That is where you

    contribute to a pension fund, for the greatest part of your working life. The only problem

    with these „managed funds‟ is that most take a 33% commission for management fees, before investing the rest in your fund.

That‟s a lot of Dollars.

The time is getting longer… Most Governments are now contemplating rising the state

    retirement age by another 5 years. That means you will be 70 years old before you can

    claim anything. Why not wait till we‟re dead? Our dear and caring Governments…

    But enough about them, we want to talk about you and what you are doing to retire quickly, retire early, retire forever and in less than 5 years, not 50 years.

In most cases, self-belief is the number one cause why people do not seek out a viable

    retirement alternative. We learned to walk, we learned to talk. Now it is time to learn

    something else. How to market products and services that everyone wants, needs, finds

    beneficial to their health...

There are thousands of searches done every day on the Internet for Nutritional Products.

    Nutronix International and Automatic Builder combines to find those interested in starting a home-based-business but we are also very interested in finding customers. Not

    everyone wants an Internet based business but just about everyone can benefit from our

    exclusive product range.

If you purchase products from Nutronix International and you are pleased with the results,

    then you can refer others to your own Nutronix web site, after becoming a distributor. We

    believe in „word of mouth‟ advertising…

    Associate Distributor with an initial order and autoship of at least Sign up as an

    20 Personal Volume (PV). This includes a replicated version of our corporate website,

    access to weekly training calls and marketing sites! With your website, you can keep

    track of your orders, check your genealogy, setup and change your autoship and much,

    much more!

A 20 PV monthly purchase will allow you to receive Customer Acquisition Bonuses.

    Note: In order to keep an Active status as a Distributor, you must order at least 20 PV each month. If you do not have an order for 60 days, you will be removed from your

    position in the downline and moved to a Customer status. Customers may still buy

    products at the wholesale price; however, they no longer hold a position in the downline or participate in the Compensation Plan. If this occurs, the Customer may reactivate to be a Distributor at any time. Reactivation will create a new position in the downline at the bottom of their Sponsor's group as if the Customer is rejoining as a Distributor.

Join here as an Associate Distributor:

Join Here as a Representative with Full Use of Automatic

    Builder and Residual Income Qualifications:

    Free Tour Included!

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