How deep is your love

By Danielle Lawrence,2014-12-12 16:30
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How deep is your love

    How deep is your love?

    Love to some is like a cloud

    To some as strong as steel

    For some a way of living

    For some a way of feel

    And some day love is holding on

    And some say let it go

    And some say love is everything

    1. At some stage or the other in our lives we experience an emotion which defies definition .Its

    a feeling that can only be felt and not described. An overwhelming joy that comes together

    with its share of sadness. Love.

    2. Given the busy nature of our lives, its to be appreciated that we even find the time to indulge

    in matters of the heart. But at the same time I wander if we even understand its true depth. I

    remember having countless crushes while in the school. My math teacher, our neighbours

    son, my best friends brother and lots of others whom I fancied for the colour of their eyes,

    the shape of their moustaches or just the way they walked. Harmless puppy loves that are as

    brief as soap bubbles. I can laugh all those silly and adventurous thoughts and acts now but at

    that time nothing could be more serious and affair for me. The came the stage of real


    3. Being in an all girls school I hardly had the opportunity to interact with members of the

    opposite gender. Socials between our school and the boys college, therefore, would be

    awaited anxiously. Those there hours of unhesitant attention by a group of well-groomed

    young gentlemen provided us with enough content to talk and feel excited about for the next

    four weeks.

    4. And even then there was no real need of having a boyfriend.

    5. I somehow grew up believing that love would happen when it had to . And sure enough it

    died . It came at an age when I had a career , a long-term plan and a more or less settled life

    (and bow I am not yet 25!). I was mature enough to enter a relationship which demands a lot

    of give and not so much of take.

    6. Love was a magnificent building I built on the foundation of friendship. It took time to

    blossom. It took a lot of understanding, loads of sharing and caring, and plenty of affection to

    become what it is today. And it meat a meeting of minds. You might say that I belong to the

    traditional school of romance. But in my opinion, love needs to be nurtured. And it has to be

    distinguished from the intense but short-lived love or the pleasures of the flesh.

    7. Our parents generation was fed lavishly with ideals. It was an era of constraints respect,

    admiration, and plenty of romance. The long skirts, the quiet and unpretentious looks, the

    curled long hair, the calmness, the shy glancethese are all so frequently remindful of a

    bygone era. An age when the distance between the sexes somehow managed to help preserve

    the holiness of love and relationships.

    8. The younger generation, with its openness and fading lines of proximity has jumped on the

    bandwagon of love with so much haste that it is difficult for them to distinguish between

    physical attraction and mental compatibilities. What we have been expected to via the media

    have fast paced our parts.

    9. I am sorry to learn about the kind of emotional baggage school kids are carting in what are

    purely unemotional relationships. Some might blame the current state of affairs on peer

    pressure. But has anyone ever stopped to figure out where this peer pressure originates? Do

    any of us try and understand who is responsible for this shift? Does anyone bother to study

    the state of mind of teenagers?

    10. The mindset of this generation is all too evident in the way it handles its personal life. There

    are more relationship being distorted under the pressures of lust than ever before. There is

    more focus on physical beauty than on inner charm. There is more of closeness and less of

    emotion. There is more of acquiring and less of sharing. There is more if opportunism and

    less of selflessness. In short, there is more of ME and less of US.

    11. We have hardened ourselves so much in this competitive age that we have forgotten the

    essence of relationships. Theres much more to being someones lover than gifting them red

    roses and fiftycent cards. What about gifting our object of affection, our time, our company,

    our support, our friendship? What about setting priorities in our lives and focusing on each

    with sincerity? What about trying to be self-sufficient emotionally before letting ourselves

    loose? What about giving ourselves, and others, time and space to forge relationships? What

    about working towards meaningful and lasting friendships? What about honouring our commitments? What about channeling our energies and emotions toward building lifelong bonds rather than wasting them on seasonal relationship?

    12. We have but one life and we must experience everything that can make us stranger. True love happens once in a lifetime. And we should not have become so tired by our frivolous acts that when it comes we aren’t able to receive it with open arms.

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