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Project partners were asked to prepare a short progress update and PowerPoint presentation prior to the project management group meeting.


    24 NOVEMBER 2009

    08.30 am, Conference Room, City Hall, SOLNA



Clive Winters RunUP Lead Expert

    Alex Cook Gateshead Council

    Chris Pape Gateshead Council

    Xabier Eguskizaga Barakaldo

    Teresa Gaminde Barakaldo

    Ibon Zugasti Barakaldo

    Mathias Forsberg City of Solna

    Alicja Szczepinska Leszno

    Agata Matusiak Poznan (Managing Authority Leszno)

    Lech Wozny Leszno

    Gilda Antonelli University of Molise

    Silvia Reale University of Molise

    Björn Bernat Complan, Potsdam

    Matthias Von Popowski Complan, Potsdam

    Kathleen Rozanski University of Potsdam

    Julian Röpcke University of Potsdam

    Ioannis Kostopoulos Municipality of Patras (ADEP S.A.)

1. Welcome and introductions

    Apologies were received from Chris Wilson, the RunUP project manager. Clive Winters, Lead Expert for RunUP chaired the meeting in his absence.

    Apologies also received from partners in Dunkerque and Águeda.

2. RUnUP Timeline and Project Partner Work Packages

    Clive Winters talked the project partners through the first 3 thematic work areas within the RUnUP work programme, a simple structure that looks at the strategy of each city and then looks at how local knowledge/universities can help to develop that.

    It was noted that their has been a certain amount of slippage with the first 3 actions of the work programme. These actions are fundamental to the delivery of change within the partner cities and they will need to be revisted by all partners over the duration of the project in any event The secretariat are aware of the slippage through the 6-monthly monitoring reports.

3. RUnUP Thematic work Areas 1-3

    Project partners were asked to prepare a short progress update and PowerPoint presentation prior to the project management group meeting. Updates received by the Lead Partner were circulated before the meeting to allow partners information regarding each cities progress within the RUnUP work programme and better facilitate discussion at the meeting. Each partner in turn gave their presentation and update to the group. As Clive Winters had been to Águeda the previous week presented on their behalf. Presentations will be available on the RUnUP minisite of the URBACT website

4. RUnUP Work Plan: Next steps

    Clive Winters talked the group through the actions that are upcoming within the RunUP work programme: 3.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.3;

    3.2 Clive Winters was keen to encourage partners to take part in secondment exchanges within their localities, especially between public sector and universities.

    5.3 The group discussed the next study visit. The identified locations are Enschede and also the posibility of Leuven was discussed. According to the RUnUP timeline the next Study visit will take place in May 2010. Partners raised the issue of tagging the next study visits together. It was agreed that the lead partner/lead expert would look into the potential of this, however there were concerns about the logistics of combining two such events.

5. RUnUP Study Visit - Tampere, Finland

    As most of the partners present at the meeting were also present at the USLG Study visit to Tampere, Finland Clive Winters briefly ran through the visit. The visit explored the role of universities and the wider development of innovation and enterprise. Clive’s presentation will be posted on the RUnUP minisite on the URBACT website.

    Partners from Potsdam took this opportunity to talk the group through the next thematic event which will take place in Potsdam, Germany on the 18-19 February 2009. The topic for the thematic event has been identified as ‘Branding Knowledge Cities’. The event is being aimed at RUnUP partners, Potsdam ULSG members and the Potsdam scientific community.

6. Lead Partner: Communications Update and Issues

    Alex Cook discussed several communication issues with partners, the website and the new RUnUP ebriefing/newsletter.

    A need for better communication within the network was highlighted at the meeting. A lot of work has been undertaken within the framework of RUnUP however such work is not being communicated so well. The website was identified as the best method through which to communicate project activity taking place. The content of the website however needs to be improved so partners were encouraged to send all ULSG agendas/minutes, reports, posters, flyers and all other communicative material to the communications officer so that the document library within the RUnUP minisite can be kept up to date and as comprehensive as possible.

    The RUnUP newsletter was also circulated. Partners were asked to send stories of activity taking place in their locality on a regular basis to the communications officer so that an informal update can circulated across the network and beyond. It was noted that the map of the current RUnUP network, produced by URBACT contained two errors. The communications officer agreed to take this issue up with URBACT and work with them to produce a new and accurate map of the network.

7. Lead Partner: Financial Management Issues

    Partners were informed the first payment from URBACT was due imminently. This affected only those involved in the development phase of the project i.e. Gateshead, Barakaldo, Campobasso and Solna. As soon as the funds have been received by the lead partner arrangments will be made to refund partners accordingly and notifications will be sent by email from the lead partner.

    The reprogramming proposal that the network submitted has been accepted by the URBACT Secretariat and we await ratification from the Monitoring Committee.

    The next claim period will be for expenditure up to and including 31st December 2009. It was noted that deadlines so far are not being met by project partners. The dates for each reporting period are clearly identified in the amendment to the RUnUP joint

    convention. Partners are reminded that they must have their next set of expenditures in the presage system by 21st January 2010.

8. City of Delft, The Netherlands

    Partners were informed that the network have been approached by the city of Delft, The Netherlands to participate in the network as an ‘observer city’. Partners were given the opportunity to accept Delft’s approach. After a unanimous yes it was decided to welcome Delft as an observer city to the RUnUP project.

    9. Any Other Business

There were no other items of business.

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