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18 Nov 2009 develop and publish a body of research on the potential health effects of renewable energy technology beginning with studies that extend





    Instructions and Application Template

    November 18, 2009






The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is providing five-year funding through the Council of

    Ontario Universities (COU) to support the establishment of an Ontario Research Chair in

    Renewable Energy Technologies and Health.

The funding will support one chair at $300,000 per annum for five years. The funding is non-


The Chair will commence his or her duties as early as possible in 2010 and will undertake the


    ? develop and publish a body of research on the potential health effects of renewable

    energy technology beginning with studies that extend current knowledge of potential

    health effects related to energy from wind. Sources of renewable energy to be studied

    include those defined in Ontario’s Green Energy Act, 2009.

    ? build networks with other researchers and research bodies in Canada and internationally

    ? contribute to public understanding and policy development in the area of potential health

    effects of renewable energy technologies

    ? contribute to the training of highly qualified personnel.

Eligibility and Sponsor

The Chair will be held by an outstanding researcher acknowledged by peers as a leader in the


Publicly assisted universities in Ontario with graduate programs in relevant fields are eligible to

    apply. A separate Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued for two Ontario Research Chairs

    in Green Chemistry and Engineering. A university may submit a proposal in response to each


The Executive Head of the university must sponsor the university’s application.

Nominees must be full professors, or senior associate professors who are expected to be

    promoted to the full professor level within one or two years of the nomination. Nominees should

    have a demonstrated interest and expertise in renewable energy technologies and health.


Selection Panel

    A Selection Panel is responsible for approving the selection criteria, operating the process,

    evaluating the proposals, selecting the university to receive the funding, and approving the


Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 1

The Selection Panel members are David Strangway (Chair), Arthur May, and Harold Shapiro.

    The Secretary is Harry Swain.

The Selection Panel will engage recognized experts in relevant fields to review submissions.

Biographies of the Selection Panel members and Secretary can be found on the Ontario Research

    Chairs website:

Selection Procedure

    The award of the funding for the chairs will occur in a single stage. It is required that the

    university nominate the chairholder in its proposal.

The submission deadline for the Institutional Proposal is 6:00 p.m. on Friday, January 8, 2010.

COU will advise the successful university by Friday, February 12, 2010 that it has been granted

    the chair.

     Institutions whose proposals were not selected will be notified simultaneously.

Following the successful completion of the competition, the university will enter into an

    agreement with COU related to the conditions for funding. It will be expected that the

    institution’s nominee will take up his or her position at the university as early as possible within

    the calendar year 2010, as described in the Payment Schedule section below. The nominee will

    be appointed for a five-year, non-renewable term.

The university is required to identify the nominee with the submission of the institutional

    proposal. The nominee, therefore, could either be an individual already employed in the

    university or an individual who will take up an appointment at the university as early as possible

    within the 2010 calendar year. The university should specify the earliest possible date at which

    its nominee can undertake his or her duties as the chair.

If the nominee is already employed in the university, the Panel will consider other proposals for

    attaining the objective of augmenting overall capacity in Ontario, e.g., the university should treat

    the funding as incremental if an existing faculty member is nominated as the chair, it is

    anticipated that the funding would not be allocated to his/her salary and benefits but rather to

    hiring postdocs or junior faculty to assist in the research, or directed in some other way to the

    research program itself.

The successful university will coordinate public announcements with COU and the Selection

    Panel, who will consult with the Ministry regarding the announcements.

Upon successful completion of the selection process described above, and following the signing

    of an agreement between the university and COU covering the terms and conditions of the

    funding and the receipt of funds by COU, the first year of funding from the Ministry will be

    transferred from COU to the university. Annual funding in years two through five will flow to

    the university from COU upon receipt and review of the financial and activity reports described


    Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 2

The university may choose to augment or leverage these payments using other institutional

    resources, joint or collaborative arrangements between two or more institutions, or fund raising

    to maximize the impact of the Chair on both research and teaching at the university.

Reporting and Continuity

    The university will provide COU with annual financial and results-based activity reports as set

    out in the Agreement to be signed between the university and COU. The activity reports would

    include information that the university deems important and relevant to the activities of the

    Chairholder including:

    ? papers produced, including papers produced in collaboration with colleagues (including

    graduate students) at other institutions and in other disciplines;

    ? number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supervised

    ? conferences attended and conference presentations;

    ? descriptions of engagement and linkages developed with other institutions and

    organizations of relevance to the environmental issues being studied; and

    ? measures taken to publicize and share the Chairholder’s research with the public and

    policy makers.

In addition, the university will make a report of the Chair’s activities available on its website and

    will update the report annually.

The financial reports will meet the criteria outlined in Appendix A.

The award is tenable for a five year, non-renewable term. Should the Chairholder be unable to

    perform his or her duties or if there is a change in a Chairholder's employment status (for

    example, from full professor to professor emeritus, from full-time to part-time, or retirement,

    dismissal or resignation) the university will notify the COU immediately. COU will consult with

    the Selection Panel and the Ministry and will advise the university if a replacement can be

    nominated or the award should be allowed to lapse.

Protection of Privacy

    All personal information provided to the COU or the Panel in connection with this competition is

    protected under applicable privacy legislation.


    Applications will be accepted in English and French.

Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 3


Institutional Plan for the Chair

    The university is required to:

    1. Demonstrate the importance and contributions of the Chair to the development of

    teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and to the advancement of

    research and research training in renewable energy technologies and health at the

    institution and affiliated research institutions;

    2. Indicate the relationship of the proposed Chair to the university’s graduate programs and

    overall research plan;

    3. Demonstrate how the Chair will develop, augment and enhance research capacity in

    renewable energy technologies and health including research priorities, collaboration

    with other institutions, locally and globally, and the intersection of the research with

    other disciplines.

    4. Describe the attributes of the individual who will fill the Chair.

The university must demonstrate that:

    1. It has a graduate program with a research and training field or focus relevant to

    renewable energy technologies and health;

    2. The university and affiliated research institutions will provide the Chairholder with the

    support he/she needs; and

    3. It will sustain the teaching and research program throughout the five years of the

    agreement with COU.

The Panel will assess the level and quality of the university’s commitment to the proposed Chair.


    1. Estimated expenditures projected use of Chair funds

    2. Funding from the university, if any

    3. Funding from other sources, if any.

Expectations of the Nominee

    Included in the selection criteria for the Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy

    Technologies and Health will be an evaluation of the nominee; it is expected that the nominee

    will possess:

    1. An ability to teach and supervise graduate students in relevant fields; Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 4

    2. An ability to conduct and report on original and innovative research;

    3. An ability to work in partnership with others;

    4. An ability to build and sustain multi-disciplinary and multi-university links; and

    5. A strong interest in research.

Documentation for the Nominee:

    1. Curriculum Vitae;

    2. Description of proposed research, teaching and outreach program (statement by the


    3. Three sealed letters of reference solicited by the university;

    4. Description by the university of how this individual fulfills the institutional commitment

    and criteria; and

    5. Description by the university of how the nominee meets the commitment with regard to

    the graduate program and contributes to building Ontario’s research capacity in

    renewable energy technologies and health.


The Deadline for responses is 6:00 p.m. EST, Friday, January 8, 2010.

Applications must be submitted in electronic form, as an e-mail attachment in Word format, to:

    and in hard copy, with signature of the Executive Head, to:

    Secretary, Ontario Research Chairs Selection Panel

    Council of Ontario Universities

    180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1100

    Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8


    Inquiries should be directed to the Panel Secretary, who can be reached by e-mail at the above

    address or by telephone at 416-979-2165 ext 300.

Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 5




    Application Template

    Name of University

    Signature of Executive Head

    Name and Title of Contact Person

    Phone Number; e-mail address of Contact Person

Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 6

    Section 1

    Description of the Proposed Research and Teaching Program

    (maximum 10 pages)

    In its institutional proposal, the university will describe the proposed teaching and research

    program, its relationship to existing and planned graduate program activity, its fit with the

    university’s strategic and academic plans, and any intended developments or innovations that

    would result from the Chair. The university will also describe the resources it would commit or

    raise to supplement the annual funding, if applicable, and the infrastructure and staff that would

    be made available to support the program activity of the Chair.

Affiliated Programs

    Describe the graduate program(s) to which the Chair will be affiliated and the related fields

    within the program as approved (or to be approved) by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies

    or its successor.

Research Program, Strategic Vision

    Describe the proposed research program not the details of specific projects, but rather a strategic vision of the major research activities to be undertaken highlighting existing

    institutional research strengths in the targeted area and elaborate on how the proposed chair will

    build on these strengths.

Research Program, Detail

    Describe how the proposed research program will meet the specific criteria outlined in the

    Selection Criteria in the RFP, and more generally how the research program will

    1. Conduct and report on original research;

    2. Supervise graduate students and mentor postdoctoral fellows, if applicable;

    3. Contribute to developing research and policy capacity in renewable energy technologies

    and health; and

    4. Build and sustain multi-disciplinary and multi-university links and external links, eg,

    describe collaboration and interaction with other institutions and/or the private sector at

    the provincial, national and international levels;


    Describe the teaching and training activities envisaged.

Public Education

    Describe the public education activities envisaged (e.g. expectations in terms of dissemination of

    research findings) as well as proposed interactions with policy authorities.

    Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 7

Institutional Support

    Universities may wish to address the following questions:

1. What are the objectives of the university in cultivating this particular area of research?

    2. What are the universitys current research strengths related to this area? What measures will

    the university take to develop strengths related to this area? Where the university is already

    very strong in the program area, what difference will a Chair in the field make?

3. To what extent will the university collaborate, partner and network with other institutions to

    help develop or maintain excellence related to the fields? Is it already involved in

    collaboration, partnership or networking in research in this area?

4. To accomplish its objectives and make the best use of funds from other sources, how does

    the university propose to use its own resources, granting agency programs and other outside

    sources, as well as the direct funding from the Ministry?

    Section 2

    Integration with the University’s

    Strategic Plan and Academic Plan

    (maximum of 3 pages)

Describe the research environment that will be provided to the Chair, and the nature and level of

    support that will be committed by the university to the Chair and the Chair’s program of teaching,

    research and contributions to the development of capacity in renewable energy technologies and


Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 8

    Section 3


Estimated Expenditures

    A list of eligible and ineligible expenditures is included in Appendix A. Using the table on the

    following page (or a similar table in Excel), show the projected use of the funds in the eligible

    expenditure categories for each of the five years, including if applicable, any contribution (cash

    or in-kind) from the university or from other sources that will be provided for the Chairs

    activities. The annual contribution from the Ministry, through COU, will be $300,000. This

    projected budget is intended to demonstrate to the Panel the intended uses of the funds and scope

    of related research and teaching activity. Actual expenditures may deviate from planned

    expenditures to a reasonable extent, provided the funding is directed toward eligible expenditures.

    Explanatory information regarding the projected budget can be provided if necessary/appropriate.

    Request for Proposals Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Page 9

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