Development of New IT Parks around Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam

By Eddie Perkins,2014-11-13 13:43
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Development of New IT Parks around Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam


    Development of New IT Parks around Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam




    Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation


Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) th6 Floor, Parisramabhavan

    5-9-58/B, Basheerbagh Hyderabad 500 004 OFFICE OF THE VC &MD, APIICPh: 040 -23230234/ 23233596 HYDERABAD E-Mail: DATE ________



1. Issued to Sri/M/s

    2. Name of work Development of New IT Parks

     around Hyderabad & Vizag

    (Pl. specify the names in the first


    3. Approximate Value of the Project

4. Completion of Project including 5 years

    Construction & Marketting

6. Cost of Request for qualification


7. Last date for receipt of requisition for

    Request for qualification document

8. Date of issue of Request for

    qualification document

9. Last date for receipt of the filled-in

    Request for qualification document in the Office of the Chief Civil Engineer-II.APIIC Hyderabad.

10. No. of pages in the pre qualification








    The Vice-Chairman & Managing Director,

    APIIC Limited

    th6 Floor, Parisramabhavan

    5-9-58/B, Basheerbagh

    Hyderabad 500 004.

Dear Sir,

    Having examined the Expression of Interest and Pre-qualification document including scope of work and time frame of construction, we hereby submit all the necessary information and relevant documents for pre-qualifying us for bidding for the above mentioned work. We have given our Expression of Interest in the site mentioned as assessed by us.

Being duly Authorized to represent and act on behalf of

    _______________________________________ ___________________( hereinafter the bidder') and having reviewed and fully understood all the information provided in the Expression of Interest-cum-Request for Qualification Document, the undersigned hereby submits the proposal for short-listing for issue of Tender Document for " Development and Marketing of at Administrative office Mushirabad Hyderabad around Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam". The information submitted herewith is true and correct.

    APIIC and its authorized representatives are hereby authorized to conduct any enquiries or investigations to verify the statements, documents and information submitted in connection with this proposal and to seek clarification from our bankers and client regarding any financial and technical aspects. This letter of application will also serve as authorization to any individual or authorized representative of any institution referred to in the supporting information, to provide such information deemed necessary and requested by you to verify statements and information provided in this applications or with regard to the resources, experience and competence of the Bidder.


    We understand that short-listing of bidders by APIIC shall not be construed as right for award of the project(s) till the bid process is completed and a decision to award is finalized by APIIC.

    We understand that any omission, commission, misstatement and in factual statement by us will make our bid invalid at any time during the course of bid process and also after award of the project and APIIC reserves the right to take appropriate action accordingly.

    We, understand that APIIC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the offers and reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel, or short list the bidders for issue of Tender Documents without assigning any reason whatsoever.

    Signature of Authorized Signatory

Encl: 1. Schedule filled in the prescribed form.

    2. Evidence of authority to sign.

    3. Latest brochures.


    General Information

1 Bidder's Full Name

     (in Block Letters)

    2a Bidder's Constitution

    (Partnership/ Pvt Ltd/


    2b Date of Incorporation / Commencement of Business 2c Details of Main line of Business

    3 Bidder's Registered Office/Place of Business. 4 Bidder's Telephone No. Fax No. E-Mail Address. 5 Name & Address of Partners/Directors of the


    (Give names, office & residence addresses,

    Telephone Nos., Fax Nos., E-Mail. Profession/Business

    engaged in etc.)

    6 Name & Address of two contact persons who would work on

    the assignment

    (Give names, designations, office & residence addresses,

    Telephone Nos., Fax Nos., E-Mail etc,)

7 Name. Designation, Address & Phone

    Numbers of Authorized Signatory of the Applicant

    Signature of Authorized Signatory

Note: Certified true copy of Certificates for Date of Incorporation, Commencement of

    Business shall be submitted. In case of partnership Firm Certified True copy of the

    Registration Certificate shall be submitted


    Technical Experience

    Experience record details in Similar Projects (Give details for the last 5 years)

    Sl Description of Project Source of Date of Completion (information Authority for Remarks NO Projects/assignmentFund to be given for Developed and whom carried s handled by the marketed separately) out

    Bidder Location Cost Original as Actual Sq.ft involved per contract

    DevelMarke(Rs. Lakhs) oped tted

    Signature of Authorized Signatory

    Note: All Projects implemented should be endorsed by relevant documents duly

    certified by relevant authority


    Financial Capability

    Annual Turnover and Net worth of the bidder

    (Enclose documentary evidence)

S.NDescriptioAnnual Turnover (Net Net

    o n of the of Excise Duty) worth

    Bidder 01-02 02 -03 03-04

    Note: 1. The annual turnover should be given net of excise duty as evidenced in the Audited financial statements.

     Statement of Net-Worth based upon the audited financial statement in the last 3 years.

Sl. Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3


    1 Share capital (excluding Preference

    Share Capital and Share application


    2 Reserves and Surpluses

    (Other than revaluation reserve and


    3 Intangible Assets, Misc., expenses not

    written off, Losses, Amortization etc.

    4 Net worth (1+2+3)

    Note: (a) attach audited annual reports for the past 3 years (chartered accountant certified statements will not be considered in place of audited annual accounts)

(b) The above data duly certified has to be submitted.

    ? The financial details of the bidder’s parent company or its subsidiary or any associate company will not be considered for computation of the financial capabilities of the bidder. (????)

    Signature of Authorized Signatory


    Current Projects /Works in progress

    Sl Description of Project Source of Date of Completion Authority for Remarks NO Projects/assignmentFund (information to be given whom carried s handled by the for Developed and out

    Bidder marketed separately)

    Location Sq.ft Cost Original as Likely involved per contract

    (Rs. Lakhs)

    Signature of Authorized Signatory



    I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that all the statements made in the required attachments are true and correct to the best of my belief and knowledge.

    The undersigned hereby authorize(s) and request(s) any bank, person, firm or corporation to furnish pertinent information deemed necessary and requested by the APIIC to verify this statement or regarding my (our) competence and general reputation.

    The undersigned understand and agrees that further qualifying information may be requested and agrees to furnish any such information at the request of APIIC.

(Signed by an authorized signatory)

    (Title of the Signatory)

    (Name of the Organization)


    To be taken on a Rs. 100- non-Judicial Stamp Paper, duly Notarised.



    i) Please describe: Brief history of litigation or arbitration from contracts completed in the last three years or currently under execution. Please indicate for each case the year, cause of litigation, matter in dispute, disputed amount, and whether the award was for or against the company

    ii) Please indicate: if the bidder or any of its constituent partners has been debarred / expelled by any Agency during the last five years. Details of each of the cases with reasons should be furnished.

    iii) Please indicate: If the bidder or any of its constituent partners have been declared bankrupt during the last five years. Details regarding present status should be furnished.

For further details contact:

    1) Sri L.V.Subrahmanyam, IAS

     VC & Managing Director th APIIC Limited, 6 Floor,

     Parisramabhavan, 5-9-58/B

     Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500 004

     Phone: 040-23230234 / 23233596

    2) Sri R V Chandravadan, IAS

    Executive Director thAPIIC Limited, 5 Floor,

     Parisramabhavan, 5-9-58/B

    Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500 004

    Phone No:23212798, 23233251

    Cell No: 9848624848

    3) Sri D.Pardhasarathi Rao,

    Chief Engineer II thAPIIC Limited, 4 Floor,

     Parisramabhavan, 5-9-58/B

    Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500 004

    Cell No:9848041574

     For Visakhapatnam contact:

    4) Sri K.V.V.Sathi Reddy

    Chief Engineer II thAPIIC Limited, 4 Floor,

     Parisramabhavan, 5-9-58/B

    Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500 004

    Cell No:9849018029

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