Color Doppler ultrasound for the treatment of Chinese medicine decoction of the diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cysts_6781

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Color Doppler ultrasound for the treatment of Chinese medicine decoction of the diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cysts_6781

    Color Doppler ultrasound for the treatment of Chinese medicine decoction of the diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cysts

     Abstract Objective: To explore the abdominal color Doppler ultrasound for the diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cysts and Chinese medical treatment effect. Methods:

    104 cases (135) of ovarian chocolate cyst ultrasound data were analyzed retrospectively. Results: ? The ultrasound image of this disease There are four types, their diagnostic accuracy rate was 73%; ? traditional Chinese medicine treatment after 3 months after

    the cysts shrink 31.6% (P <0.01), 6 months, reduced 59% (P "0.01), cysts appear in the treatment of blood flow before and three months after treatment were 76.6% and 56%, the difference was significant (P <0.01). Conclusion: The use of economic, convenient

    and safe ultrasound diagnosis of ovarian chocolate cyst has an important value, and traditional Chinese medicine decoction for the treatment of chocolate cysts provide a reliable basis.

     Key words abdominal color Doppler ultrasound Endometriosis

     Endometriosis is a common disease of women of childbearing age, the incidence peak of 30 to 40 years old. In recent years, ultrasound imaging instrument with the popularity of its incidence on the rise. Endometriosis can be violations of multiple

    organs and tissues, ovary, for the most vulnerable organ invasion about 80%, so as soon as possible a clear diagnosis of the disease, it is particularly important for female patients. From June 2003 until December 2006, we launched the application of color

    Doppler ultrasound oral decoction of Chinese medicine treatment of this disease, clinical observations, initially made encouraging efficacy, our results now reported are as follows.

     1 Materials and methods

     1.1 The object of study

     104 patients were hospital treatment to patients, aged 20 to 49 years old, with an average 36.4 years of age. The chief complaint or symptoms of common diseases as dysmenorrhea, excessive menstruation, infertility, sexual intercourse pain and bowel

    bulge. Course of a minimum of 3 months and up to 10 years, an average of 3.6 years.

     1.2 Research Methods and Instruments

     1.2.1 Chinese proprietary ingredients

     Drugs from the fried fennel, Bao Jiang, Xuan Hu, Chinese angelica, Chuanxiong,

    cinnamon, red peony, Puhuang, fried five WULINGZHI composition.

     1.2.2 arrangements for patients

     104 cases of patients, randomly selected 64 cases of patients included in this group of drug treatment. That these drugs Jianfu decoction three times a day, every month a

    course of treatment, continuous medication 3 months and 6 months observation.

     1.2.3 Efficacy Standards

     Reference to 1987 in the Council of Integrative Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology Professional Committee "endometriosis" in Western medicine to clinical criteria [1] that is divided into healing: main symptoms and signs disappeared, B-

    ultrasonic examination showed swelling of pregnancy loss or infertility who ; markedly: the main disease, signs of marked improvement, B-ultrasonic examination showed

    tumor shrink 1 / 2 or more; effective: main symptoms and signs improved, B-

    ultrasound tumor shrink 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3; invalid: Main Disease , signs, and there was no significant change in mass, or has deteriorated.

     1.2.4 Instruments and inspection methods

     Toshiba color Doppler ultrasound (SSA-350A type) ultrasound scanning device, the

    probe frequency of 3.5 ~ 5.0MHZ. Zhu Huanzhe properly filling the bladder, abdomen, supine Across scanning, that is, the lower abdomen longitudinal, transverse, oblique aspect carefully observed over the uterus, uterine, and ovarian bilateral attachment to observe the tumor location, size, shape, internal echo and the relationship between the surrounding organs, as well as pelvic fluid and so on. After drug treatment in patients with ultrasound scanning time for 3,6 months, were selected in the line of follow-up

    observation, and the result record keeping.

     1.3 Statistical Methods: Using t test.

     2 Results

     2.1 ovarian cyst ultrasound image characteristics of chocolate

     104 patients in this group 73 cases of unilateral, bilateral in 31 cases (total 135), a maximum of 14cm × 8cm × 7cm, a minimum of 2.8cm, 45 cases with uterine myoma, 37

    cases with adenomyosis, 13 cases combined mucinous cystadenoma. These, nine cases of ovarian chocolate cyst rupture into the surgical treatment of patients, the cysts are

unilateral rupture. The right side in 5 cases, left in 4 cases. 104 cases of patients

    diagnosed in 76 cases, the diagnosis rate was 73%, of which 20 cases of missed diagnosis, 8 cases of misdiagnosis.

     Ultrasonography of the disease vary according to course, from the initial onset to treatment, can be divided into several types as follows: ? simple cyst type (57

    accounted for 42.2%, see Figure 1). Cyst oval-shaped capsule wall thickness of a little

    light point, wall is not smooth, and the uterus there is adhesion; ? polycystic type (35

    accounted for 25.9%, see Figure 2), showing a thickness ranging from multi-cystic

    interval light band, its echo in a low spot; ? mixed type (29 accounted for 21.5%, see

    Figure 3), thick-walled, with dense, low intracystic echoes of light, there are some cystic-solid white wall clutter echo or group block echo; ? substantive (14 accounted

    for 10.4%, see Figure 4). Cyst thick as a material class of its internal echo echo. Table 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine chocolate cyst before and after treatment and blood flow changes in display rate comparison (omitted) reposted elsewhere in the paper for free

    download http://

     2.2 The drug treatment and blood flow changes before and after the cyst

     Ovarian chocolate cyst 64, statistics before and after treatment and decrease the percentage of three-path, the above results showed that 3 months down 31.6% (P

    <0.01), treatment for 6 months decreased 59.0%, cysts showed the rate of blood flow in the treatment of 3 months was significantly decreased (P <0.05), while 6 months later, and they show the rate of 3 months with no difference (P <0.05).

     3 Discussion

     3.1 Ultrasound diagnosis of this disease

     Endometriosis (Endometriosis, EMS) is a common disease Obstetrics and Gynecology, to pelvic pain, menstrual disorders and infertility of its major symptoms

    seriously affect the patient's health. Incidence rate in women of childbearing age accounted for 10 ~ 15% [2], the incidence of infertility among women 40 to 50% [3]. Therefore, early diagnosis is particularly important early treatment, but also to

    improve the quality of life in patients with the key.

     We have observed 106 patients (135) of ovarian chocolate cyst ultrasound results suggest that the disease there is marked by diverse echo images, the simple cyst type, multiple cyst-type, mixed type and real type. With simple cyst type prevalent accounting for 42.2%, followed by multiple cyst-type accounting for 25.9% and mixed

    21.5% in real terms are less common, up to 14cm, minimum 2.8cm. The uterus is located in the rear, smaller size of the cyst, as easy to merge adenomyosis and uterine fibroids, so that the uterus increases, thereby covering smaller cyst. On the contrary, for larger and cystic disease associated with the merger is easy to find. Abdominal ultrasound in this group cases were reported the existence of this disease accounted for 72.6% (98/135). In order for clinicians provides an important diagnostic tool.

     3.2 Traditional Chinese Medicine on the efficacy of ovarian chocolate cysts

     In recent years, the treatment of ovarian chocolate cyst has been a hot topic that

    people research, traditional medicines and surgical treatment options exist in a certain defects and deficiencies, and the high recurrence rate. With in-depth study of the

    etiology and molecular biology and other related disciplines rapid development, various treatment methods have been used in clinical treatment of this disease, such as hormone therapy, laparoscopy combined with drug therapy, ultrasound-guided

    mycophenolate urine shock therapy. Despite the above-mentioned treatment, however,

    gratifying results, but some technically complex, expensive and part of the treatment side effects and other factors, it is difficult in the grass-roots units generalizable. We

    use the drug by modern drug research shows that most of promoting blood circulation

    drugs immune regulatory role, and some drugs Huoxue Heals bruises, pain of Health Blood power, there is suppression of the ectopic endometrial hyperplasia, to promote the progressive mass internal bleeding blood clot absorption, softening adhesions,

    restoration of the role of the scar [4], so as to achieve to make ovarian chocolate cysts shrink or disappear purposes.

     Our results confirm that 104 patients, 64 cases of drug efficacy in patients after 3 months, 6 months after treatment, not only the increasingly narrowing the size of the cyst, and cysts by a number of internal echoes, at least, have reduced blood flow showed , cyst the size of 3,6 months after treatment differences were significant (P <0.01) and the cyst showed the rate of blood flow and treatment of 3 months before significant difference (P <0.01) (see Figure 5), and 3 months and 6 months, there was no significant difference in comparison (P> 0.05).

     64 cases of patients in this group refer to 1987 in the Council of Integrative Medicine

    in Obstetrics and Gynecology Professional Committee "endometriosis" curative standard [5], recovered in 6 cases, markedly effective in 14 cases, effective 30 cases, ineffective in 14 cases, the total effective rate 78.12%, 12 cases of which 6 cases of

    infertility patients have become pregnant.

     Based on the above decoction of Chinese medicine treatment of this disease does have a certain effect, this method economical, practical, convenient, safe and obvious

    relief of symptoms, and happy to accept patients, there are certain clinical application. Color Doppler ultrasound examination as a convenient means for early detection of

    ovarian tumor and the clinical treatment efficacy of drugs to provide a reliable basis, worthy of further popularization.


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