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Microsoft Business Solutions applications optimize strategic business processes across financial management, analytics, human resources management, project

MICROSOFT BUSINESS SOLUTIONSAXAPTA Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta Project provides a

    PROJECT strong platform to help you control project finances. It ??Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta Project is a supports a wide range of functions and empowers your complete and easy-to-use module that helps you company to meet the challenges of growth, while giving efficiently manage project accounting across your you the insight into your business you need to succeed company with full financial overview and control. in an increasingly competitive global environment. Key Benefits Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta is an all-in-one

    ? Help improve oversight of your operations to maintain solution that gives you real-time connectivity across your tighter control of project accounting and drive business. In one integrated application. Microsoft efficiencies. Axapta Project exchanges business information with

     many other functional areas in the solution, including ? Help improve cash flow management Microsoft Axapta Accounts Receivable, Microsoft Axapta

     Accounts Payable, Microsoft Axapta General Ledger and ? Help improve productivity Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal to improve your

     overall business performance. Microsoft Axapta Project ? Obtain strategic business insight is divided into two components:

    ? Project I: Control project accounting, enter time and

    materials consumed and conduct financial follow-up

    on time and material projects and internal projects.

    ? Project II: Advanced financial management including

    work-in-process handling for more complex time and

    material projects, internal projects, and fixed-price


    Maintain tighter control of projects

    Microsoft Axapta Project handles multiple project types,

    such as internal, time and materials, fixed price and

    those with a WIP component. By allowing you to

    deconstruct a large, complex project into manageable

    sub-projects and providing easy-to-use graphical project

    family trees, Microsoft Axapta Project helps you rapidly

    identify and address delays and avoid cost overruns.


Manage multiple projects with user friendly project tree hierarchies

    You can specify different properties for each project task, You can keep your customers updated with timely and such as start/end date, capacity load or the relationship accurate progress reports, since customers who feel between tasks. You can also schedule tasks for work well-informed are less likely to dispute invoices and center groups or work centers. A Gantt chart is provided more likely to pay on time. If a customer’s requirements to give you an overview of capacity load. change throughout the course of a project, you can add

    revenue by easily adding revenue-producing The solution helps you manage day-to-day consumption to the project in progress or additional on administrative financial tasks and deal with unforeseen account transactions. delays by letting you and your employees estimate and

    record the completion percentage of activities. With Microsoft Axapta Project, you can also link back Employees can register their time easily on-site or office systems with companies with which you have both remotely using the Internet. That way, you can have an a customer and vendor relationship, in order to offset updated view of the employee hours spent on a project balances and save time and money in administration. whenever you need it.

    Improve productivity Improve cash flow management Microsoft Axapta Project can define new projects quickly, Microsoft Axapta Project serves as a central data by pulling data from the central Microsoft Axapta repository where your employees can keep relevant database. You can also speed project creation by using project status updated. Having accurate information lets templates recycled from previous projects. A single view you shorten the billing cycle since you can generate of all current and planned projects helps you anticipate invoices immediately and get paid for projects faster. bottlenecks before they appear. Invoices can appear in the currency of your choice, to

    suit the needs of your customers and vendors in The improved efficiency of Microsoft Axapta Project may projects or sub-projects. You can also bill multiple also let you move back office resources from supporting projects for one customer by creating a single invoice current projects to supporting sales to help increase event whenever you need to. The solution helps you new business. avoid delays and predict major cash outflows by

    planning when you will need to acquire chargeable

    equipment and materials throughout a project.


    For more information about Microsoft Axapta

    To learn more about Microsoft Axapta, contact your local

    Microsoft Business Solutions office, a Microsoft Certified

    Business Solutions reselling partner, and/or visit

    About Microsoft Business Solutions

    Microsoft Business Solutions, a business group of

    Microsoft, offers a wide range of integrated, end-to-end

     business applications and services designed to help Calculate your hourly selling price basis in a variety of ways small, midmarket and corporate businesses become

    more connected with customers, employees, partners Obtain strategic business insight and suppliers. Microsoft Business Solutions applications Microsoft Axapta Project lets you build meaningful optimize strategic business processes across financial hierarchies and categorize projects using sorting criteria, management, analytics, human resources management, so you can understand the true costs of the services you project management, customer relationship render, and get an accurate and detailed view of management, field service management, supply chain profitability. The solution can give you actionable data to management, e-commerce, manufacturing and retail help you identify market trends, take on the right management. The applications are designed to provide projects, and avoid committing to projects that you can’t insight to help customers achieve business success. staff or that won’t be profitable. More information about Microsoft Business Solutions

    can be found at Microsoft Axapta Project also lets you use account

    categories to map parts of a project to general ledger Address accounts, in order to get a more detailed analysis. You Microsoft Business Solutions can summarize by project or cost category type, or you Frydenlunds Allé 6 can define your own posting structure. You can also 2950 Vedbaek categorize transactions based on hours worked, costs Denmark incurred, items issued and revenue to be billed. Tel +45 45 67 80 00

    Fax +45 45 67 80 01 Accounting analysis dimensions provide a powerful way to run detailed analyses without complicating your chart

    of accounts. Microsoft Axapta Project also gives you a flexible report generator with multiple options.

    You can obtain insight either from the overall project

    statistics window, where you can filter among related

    projects and budget versus actual transactions, or from

    standard reports, where you can specify various data

    ranges. Using optional OLAP analysis services, you can

    present data in pivot tables.

    Part of a total solution

    Microsoft Axapta Project is part of Microsoft Business

    SolutionsAxapta, a customizable, scalable and global

    enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that

    supports connectivity with your business community and

    provides you with a fast and powerful way to gain a

    competitive advantage.


    Data sheet summary

Key Features (Project I) Description

    EASY TO USE ? Intuitive layout and structure with user-adjustable menus, forms and reports with built-in help RECORD IMPORTANT DETAILS ? Enter hour via the Internet and cost, revenue, and item consumption details

    ? Enter project details at any level of the project hierarchy

    STREAMLINED INVOICING ? Direct invoicing from projects or use invoice proposals (draft of invoice information for review)

    ? Invoice multiple projects in a single invoice

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT ? Time and material and internal projects

    ? Use templates to copy project structures and have unlimited sub-project levels ACCOUNTING CONTROL ? Tight integration with Axapta General Ledger with project or employee transaction identifiers INQUIRY, REPORTING AND ? Standard queries and advanced report generator for reporting with load and save facilities ANALYSIS ? Graphical overview of project hierarchy structure with available Gantt charts

Key Features (Project II) Description

    HANDLING LARGE CONTRACTS ? Fixed-price projects

    ? Invoicing based on a payment plan

    PROJECT COSTS AND ? Calculation of work in process

    PERFORMANCE ? Calculation of a completion percentage on fixed price projects

    POSTING ? 14 posting principles - completed contract or percentage to be applied according to needs

System Requirements

    TO OBTAIN ALL OF THE FEATURES ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta 3.0

    MENTIONED IN THIS FACT SHEET, ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta Project I & Project II

    THE FOLLOWING MODULES AND ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta Financial I

    TECHNOLOGIES ARE REQUIRED ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta Trade & Axapta Trade Agreements

    ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta Resources

    ? Microsoft Business Solutions?Axapta Business Analysis

    ? Microsoft Analysis Server 2000

    1 October, 2003

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