Project Management Consultant for NMMLs Digitisation Project

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12 Mar 2010Project Management consultancy will be initially for a period of 9 months (pilot phase), extendable to another 18 months or more,

    Project Management Consultant for NMML’s Digitisation Project

    Request for Proposal (RFP)


    The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), Delhi is a unique repository of personal

    memorabilia of the first prime minister of India, late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. It was founded by the

    initiative of the Government of India under the Ministry of Culture as a gesture to pay tribute to the

    country's first Prime Minister in the year 1964 post Nehru's death. Apart from the various personal

    documents and treasures of the Nehru family the Library is also a treasure trove of books, periodicals,

    photographs and various other relevant materials pertaining to the life of Jawaharlal Nehru tracing the

    different phases of the Indian national Movement. Apart from these historically significant documents,

    the library also has published and unpublished materials relating to the many progressive policies and

    thinking of Nehru who was a great visionary. Housed in the Teen Murti, which used to be the Prime

    Minister's post independence residence, it is a premier research library, which has a stock of many rare

    documents and printed materials.

NMML is the biggest repository in the country for private paper collections of eminent individuals and

    social and political organizations active during the struggle for India’s freedom. NMML’s manuscript

    and historical newspaper collections run into millions of pages. It is an institute of advanced study in the

    area of modern and contemporary history and has one of the largest archives in the country for

    documents relating to the Indian freedom struggle and modern and contemporary India. The Library

    has been designed and developed as a centre par excellence for research on modern and

    contemporary Indian history. It has vast resources of books, newspapers, periodicals, microfilms,

    manuscripts, photographs and videos. The NMML has been designed and developed as a research

    centre for academicians, researchers & general public. Information can be quickly retrieved by using

    catalogue cards and records registers.

Brief Description of the Project

    Nehru Memorial Museum and Library has undertaken a Turnkey Project of Digitization of Archives

    which not only scaning, indexing and metadata creation of around 60 million pages / images but also

    includes a Web-based Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) to be implemented to work

    as a digital library, for both internal and external users. A turnkey Solution Provider for this purpose has

    already been selected. The Solution Provider will be responsible for scanning and digitizing the

    NMML’s holdings, creating of metadata, and porting the entire digitised collection into a readymade

    IDMS solution through which the scanned documents can be managed, catalogued and searched.

Considering the importance of the materials to be digitised, a dedicated team of Project Management

    Consultants is required to work closely with NMML, to supervise and carry out quality assurance of the

    work performed by the Solution Provider.

Consultancy Objective

    The key objective of this TOR is to define the scope of work for the Project Management Consultancy

    (PMC) firm, which would be responsible for project management, quality assurance, and supervision

    of digitization work on behalf of NMML. The actual digitisation work is being carried out by a separate

    vendor on a turnkey basis.

Eligibility / Qualifying Criteria

    Bidders who meet the following eligibility criteria are invited to submit their technical and financial thproposals in a sealed envelope, latest by 4:00 PM on 12 March 2010.

    1. Bidder should be preferably an ISO 9000 certified firm.

    2. Bidder must have a minimum turnover of Rs.50 lakhs from consulting, in each of the last three


    3. Bidder who has worked as a Project Management Consultant / Bid Process Consultant in at

    least one large Library or Archive will be given preference.

    4. Bidder must have relevant consulting experience in handling ICT / E-governance projects.

Project Location

    The project location will be at NMML premises at Teen Murti, New Delhi.


    Project Management consultancy will be initially for a period of 9 months (pilot phase), extendable to

    another 18 months or more, subject to the satisfaction to NMML However, NMML reserves the right to

    terminate the contract at its discretion at any stage..

Conflict of Interest

    Bidder shall furnish an affirmative statement as to the existence of, absence of, or potential for conflict of interest on the part of the bidder for having any relation with the selected solution provider for


Selection Process

    The Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBS) Process will be followed by NMML for evaluation of

    the Bids. Financial bids will be opened for those Bidders who are short listed during the Technical


Technical shortlist shall include only those Bidders who score more than 90% marks as per their

    Technical Proposal. The Least Cost Bidder amongst the technically short-listed bidders, shall be

    awarded the contract.

Evaluation Criteria

    The technical proposals shall be primarily evaluated based upon the following criteria:

    ? Approach and methodology proposed (no more than 6 pages)

    ? Resumes of the key professionals mentioned

    ? Track record of the firm / consortium in executing similar projects

The entire technical proposal (excluding resumes and supporting documentation for each of the criteria

    defined in the Eligibility / Qualifying Criteria section above) should not be more than 10 pages.

For the services rendered by the full team mentioned above, the Bidders are required to

    quote :

    1. A consolidated monthly fee rate for the Pilot Phase, expected to last 6-9 months ; and

    2. A consolidated monthly fee rate for the Implementation Phase, expected to last 18

    months or more and include 40-50 million pages / images;

    Prices must be inclusive of all taxes, rates, duties etc. except Service Tax which shall be paid extra as per prevailing rates.

Bidders are required to submit their financial quote as per the format provided in Annexure A.

    For L1 purposes the financials would be evaluated as follows:


    Per month cost in the Pilot phase (X) 9 months

    + (PLUS)

    Per Month Cost after Pilot phase (X) 18 months

Payment and Contract Terms

    ? Invoices would be submitted by the selected consultant on the first day of every month (for

    work done in the preceding month) .

    ? NMML shall carry out a review of the work done by the Vendor at the completion of the Pilot

    Phase and may at that stage, request the PMC Consultant to modify its scope of work for the

    implementation phase. Such change may involve readjustment of the monthly quoted figure,

    upon mutual consent of both parties.

    ? NMML reserves the right to terminate the contract at any stage.

Closing Date: thThe last date of technical and financial Bid submission is 4:00 PM on 12 March 2010.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “PMC for Digitisation” and addressed to the

    The Director, NMML”. This envelope should contain two sealed envelopes containing Technical and

    Financial Proposals respectively, and each marked clearly as such.

NMML reserves the right to reject any tender without assigning any reason whatsoever.

    Terms of Reference The Project Management Consultant (PMC) team will work closely with NMML staff and report to the

    Project Coordinator, Digitization, NMML. The PMC will check and approve all artefacts so that they

    can be made available on NMML’s Live Server and the Solution Provider’s monthly payments can be

    released. Appropriate metrics for testing digital resolution will be put in place by PMC to ensure that

    the Quality of the images submitted by the Solution Provider can be checked.

It is virtually impossible to estimate the exact quantum of material or number of pages / manuscripts in

    NMML’s holdings and any estimates mentioned below are at best a very rough guess of the volume.

    Items to be digitised Approximate volume

    Manuscripts 45 million pages

    Photographs 0.3 million photos

    Microfilms* and micro fiches 14 million images

    The Solution Provider is required to meet a daily minimum target of 12,000 pages / images. The PMC’s role would include quality assurance of the digitised documents.

    PMC’s work will be divided into two phases – pilot phase and implementation phase. Pilot phase is expected to last around 6-9 months and implementation phase is expected to last 18 months or more.

The broad scope of work for the consulting organization will be:

    Pilot Phase

    Using a representative sample of NMML artefacts, not less than 1.5million pages/images, a pilot of the

    Digitisation process will be conducted. The purpose of the pilot project is to gauge the ability of the

    proposed work plan and workflow to digitise artefacts with the required speed, quality of digitised

    records and care of original artefact. IDMS will be implemented and data incorporated from the digitised

    artefacts during the Pilot.

The list of activities to be completed during Pilot phase is described below. The Project management

    consultants shall ensure and assist NMML that these activities are completed successfully. The pilot

    phase is likely to be completed within 6-9 months.

PMC to oversee that during the pilot phase a fully equipped digitization centre. i.e. all the required

    hardware/software and supporting equipment (servers, computers, scanners, cameras, etc.) required

    to set up a Digitisation and/or Microfilm Centre is operationalised. The required IDMS software and all

    other systems and supporting software required to carry out the digitisation work and implement the

    IDMS will be installed and get operational in the pilot phase. The PMC to check that all IDMS searches

    must return results within a maximum time of 5 (five) seconds and ALL pages of the IDMS must open

    (on NMML’s intranet) within a maximum time of 3 (three) seconds. Stress Tests shall be conducted with

    simulated test data to evaluate the performance of the system at full load at the project completion.

    Passing this stress test shall be one of the key prerequisites for considering the Pilot successful and

    going ahead with the rest of the project.

The functionality and performance of the IDMS will also be assessed. The criteria by which the Pilot

    Project Digitisation processes are assessed:

    ? Number of artefacts digitised per day (according to the figures stipulated in the Expected Time


    ? Quality of digitised records and metadata (records conformity with image Technical

    Specifications and agreed metadata standards will be assessed).

    ? Care of artefacts (reports from NMML staff in supervisory roles will gauge level of care).

In addition to the above three broad criteria, a detailed User Acceptance Criteria for the Pilot shall be

    prepared jointly by NMML before the commencement of the Pilot. The Pilot shall be considered

    successful or otherwise based upon the detailed acceptance criteria so agreed.

The assessment of the IDMS in terms of functionality and performance will be conducted as per the

    solution provider’s response to the IDMS Functionality Matrix submitted in the technical proposal.

The detailed scope of work during the pilot phase shall include:

Digitization of Artefacts Quality Assurance and verification

    ? Carry out Quality Assurance checks to review quality of approximately 1.50 million digitised

    artefacts (images, data & metadata files) received from the digitisation vender

    ? Assist NMML in setting the digitization quality parameters/ quality standards.

    ? Advising NMML for ensuring availability of artefacts for digitization

Integrated Document Management System

    ? Verify availability of required functionality as per the project Terms Of Reference

    ? Verify IDMS searches show results within the stipulated time.

    ? Supervise the Solution Provider in creation and monitoring of test cases and verify the results

    acceptability based on standards

Other Tasks

    ? Review training manual on operations for digitization, file conversion, and application to

    describe contents.

    ? Review adequacy of capacity building of NMML staff by training provided by solution provider

    ? Review design and recommend suggestions in metadata creation process for the proposed


    ? Assist NMML with compliance issues related to digitization standards and guidelines.

    ? Assist in technical verification of deliverables from the digitization vendor.

    ? Report to steering committee members regarding the progress of the project.

    ? Organise steering committee meetings.

    ? Escalate any matter that is beyond the control of the consultants and suggests alternatives.

    ? Verify the Solution Provider is following standards :

    ? BS 5454:2000 standards for storage and handling of all Archival documents

    ? ISO 17799 standards for data security and protection

    ? ISO 27001:2005 standard for Information Security Standards

    ? Verify disaster recovery plan submitted by the solution provider.

    ? Verification and approval of technical and functional manuals.

    ? Verify all project deliverables

    ? Assist NMML in all project related issues

It is expected that a total of at least one and a half million artefacts / pages would be covered in the pilot

    phase. These artefacts (for the Pilot) would be selected in a manner to ensure that all kinds, types,

    categories and condition of artefacts are included in this sample (e.g. the papers which are unlisted and

    unpaginated shall also be included) so that this sample is adequately representative of the complete


The main objective being to streamline and finalise all manual and automated work procedures and

    resolve most technical issues so as to ensure smooth work during implementation phase. Therefore

    the role of the PMC during the Pilot Phase would be to provide project management and quality

    assurance services on ALL technical aspects of the work done by the Digitisation Service Provider

during the pilot phase. The pilot phase shall include all activities mentioned below for the

    Implementation Phase, but for at least 15 lakhs artefacts.

Successful completion of the pilot shall be the prerequisite for going ahead with the remaining


    Team / Skills Required The following team / skills would be required during the Pilot Phase:

    Team Leader An expert having extensive experience in ICT and E-Governance Projects, and experience of implementing best practices in the IT projects is desirable.

Project Management Specialist - An Expert in ICT and having excellent Project management skills.

    S/he should have experience in managing large and complex ICT projects.

Digitization Specialist - An expert having experience in digitization projects, s/he should have

    excellent knowledge about scanning, microfilming, metadata creation and IDMS. S/he must have

    excellent knowledge of latest scanning equipment, tools and techniques. She/he should also have

    good knowledge of document/records management and IDMS solutions and capable of addressing all

    technical issues related to digitization of artefacts.

IDMS / ERP Specialist - An expert having experience in IDMS / ERP / MIS projects. S/he should have

    excellent knowledge about implementing and managing IDMS / ERP / MIS projects. S/he should also

    have good knowledge of documents / records management and IDMS solutions.

Quality Assurance Specialist IT Professional having relevant experience on Quality Assurance

    Projects. S/he is expected to ensure the quality of digitized artefacts (all images, data, and metadata).

    (B) Implementation Phase (After completion of Pilot Phase)

    This phase shall primarily include carrying out Quality Assurance checks to review the quality of

    approximately 50 million digitised artefacts (images, data & metadata files) received from the

    digitisation vender, at a minimum rate of 12,000 images per day, and as per mutually agreed QA Plan.

    Team / Skills Required Once the pilot phase is over, a smaller team would be required, primarily to Quality Assure scanned

    images which will be delivered at a minimum rate of 12,000 documents per day. The following team

    / skills would be required to continue from the Pilot Phase:

    ? Project Management Specialist

    ? Quality Assurance Specialists

NMML Support

    NMML shall provide a single point of contact for the PMC through its Digitisation Coordinator who shall

    ensure all administrative and logistical support required by the PMC for the completion of tasks

    assigned. NMML shall also provide the necessary office space and office equipment required by the


Annexure A

Financial Proposal Format

    Description No. Of Monthy Total Amount

    Months Rate (in Rs.)

    (in Rs.)

    (A) Consolidated monthly fee rate for the 9

    Pilot Phase, expected to last 6-9

    months and include at least 1.5 million

    pages / images

    (B) Consolidated monthly fee rate for the 18

    Implementation Phase, expected to

    last 24 months or more and include

    40-50 million pages / images

    TOTAL EVALUATED BID PRICE (A + B) In Figures : Rs. In Words : Rupees

Prices quoted above are inclusive of all taxes, rates, duties etc. except Service Tax which shall be paid

    extra as per prevailing rates.

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