PLC directional selection in the elevator control on the application layer _423.doc

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PLC directional selection in the elevator control on the application layer _423.doc

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    PLC directional selection in the elevator control on the application layer Set the direction of the elevator, by the stopping time T control relay, which pull in an elevator running, open the door to stop the elevator after the delay of release. LC control the implementation of

    microprocessor-based programmable controller technology combines computer technology, automation technology and communication technology, with user-oriented programming language, is a complete, general purpose industrial control devices. Relay logic control system based on electrical schematics, determine the control flow, logical

    relations,moncler italia, and input and output signals work. The system selects the Mitsubishi F-40M PLC, the preparation of an external input and output signals in turn control and PLC code corresponding to the input and output relay code table,goedkope uggs, the I / 0 allocation table 1

    (see Table 1y. - -14-- mechanical and electrical equipment 3, 1999 Field 2 Field 3 line orientation and layer selection inside the car, landing doors wrap command line control signal code l function of the implementation of PLC input element code code code function 1AX400 PLC output within the first level instruction SFJY430 car Run up the car in 2AX401 section = instruction XFJY431 layer running down the car in the third layer 3AX402 instruction HsJY432 the fourth floor for arrest 4AX403 the car in the car in order ZYJY433 priority 5AX404 instruction instruction ZSJY434 fifth floor inside the car straight on the first floor hall 1SAX405 the door of the car in 2 summon 2JY435 access command to display the 2SAX406 second layer inside the car door and check on the Summoner 3JY436 3 shows 3SAX407 access instructions on the third floor landing door sedan summon 4JY437 4 pick in the fourth floor landing door instructions on the display 4SAX4l0 Office of the Summoner summon 1sJY5301 layer shows the second level landing door 2XAX41l layer under the Office of the Summoner to summon 2sJY5312 third floor landing door display 3XAX412 layer under the Office of the Summoner to summon 3SJY53Z3 the fourth floor landing door display 4XAX413 summon 4SJY5334 layer under the

    Office of Show 5XAX500 on the fifth floor landing door summon summon 2XJY5342 layer under the Office of the first layer under the Summoner show 1FKX5O1 Sockets Layer under the Office of the signal 3XJY5353 layer shows 2FKX5O2 summon the second layer signal 4 ? Y5364 Sockets Layer under layer of the Office of the third summon Show 3FKX503 Sockets Layer layer layer of the Office of the signal 5 ? Y5375 fourth floor under the Summoner show 4FKX504 signal 5FKX505 Sockets Layer Sockets Layer signal ZSAX506 fifth floor elevator straight ahead YSKX507 driver control electrical and mechanical equipment 3, 1998 election on the car in the direction of the car in the direction of the Office of the next election Under the direction of selection into the Hall Kids in the direction of circumference 4 ladder Summoner 2 3 edges on the edge of the Office of the Office of the Office of the folded edge on call 4 2 strokes must then summon three edges under the Office of the Office of the Office under the edge summon 4 5 next move cried Hall edge Under the direction of the next move cried then cover the car in the direction of the first mechanical and electrical equipment directive worries 3 1998 election according to the orientation layer of the lift line, inside the car and landing doors summon command line command line, combined with I / O allocation table,jordan shoes, design the

    corresponding ladder diagram (see Figure 4). Taking into account the characteristics of PLC work, in order to achieve reach the floor (a floor signal) can be given for speed signals. At the same time to eliminate cross the bridge in the floor and the landing door Summon the signal, so the additional time and relay the floor in each signal, the signal given by the elimination of exchange rate lags behind the signal, K must be greater than the value of a calculation period (the average time required for the implementation of a means exaggerated × the number of users of instructions), the system K> 12s × 241 step by 2.89ms. So take time to relay K Sheng small 0.1 seconds. time is set for Speed 2 seconds, and the command car priority from the beginning to open the door for Speed is set to 4 seconds after the delay. According to this ladder and the F-40M PLC programming instruction sheet statements, procedures, a total of 241 steps (a little). by the programmer to program Enter the PLC, the external signal input, PLC in accordance with procedures that can automatically run. 4 In the study, the control system functional requirements,uggs kopen,

    combined with I / O allocation table and the ladder, use the appropriate components, the external wiring diagram drawn PLC ( Figure 5). connected to PLC power supply, the \various features of the original system, and ensure the flexibility of the control system and simplify the original control system, improve system stability and reliability. circle 5PLC external wiring diagram 5 More articles related to topics?

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