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It is also realized that renewable energy development has a multiplier effects To elaborate on the potential and capacity of renewable energy in Youth





    SEPTEMBER, 2006.

THEME: Creating markets: unleashing entrepreneurship in 8 emerging

    employment sectors for Youth.

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    E-mail: Prepared & presented by Edwin Zulu

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    (i) Cover (ii) Table of Content 1 Background

    2 Introduction

    3 Main Objective

    4 Specific Objectives

    5 The Potential and Capacity of renewable energy to

    contribute to sustainable youth employment creation 6 The Potential and Capacity of Information

    communications technology (ICTs) to contribute to

    sustainable youth employment creation 7 The Potential and Capacity of Business and Project

    development support services to contribute to

    sustainable youth employment creation 8 The need and benefit of Global Youth employment

    creation and equity through mutual multi-sectoral


    9 Conclusion

    10 Recommendations

    11 Case studies in Zambia and India

     12. Youth ICT-based enterprises development

     methodology or approach

     13. Glossary 2


ELIF and the Proprietor Edwin Zulu in the last few years have been involved in various

    Business and Project development support services to underserved communities which

    include : Youth , Women and SMEs. ELIF ‘s Vision is to provide: Leadership in Media

    Communications , Marketing and Business or Project development.

The Author is a Zambian citizen born on 20th July, 70 in Ndola Town. Did his Primary

    School in Kabwe Town, at 10 in grade five was appointed School Red Cross club

    Chairman at Chibwe Primary School. During this time as Chairman , he was monthly

    assigned by the School Patron or Teacher in-charge of the club by the name of Mr.

    Mwaanga asked to represent him at monthly & quarterly Provincial Patrons meetings

    which were held in Kabwe Town. It was at this time that the Author went in to Public

    life and started being involved in planning and development meetings.

    At the same time Author also initiated his first Project initiative to help create revenue

    for the sustainable operations and management of the School Red-Cross club and this

    Project was about buying flour and making bans and fritters which were sold to fellow

    students. He was helped by the Provincial Red - Cross Secretary, who was also the

    Provincial labour officer at the time, who introduced him to the Regional Manager for

    Kabwe National milling, who later. Introduced him to the Managers of the former :

    ZCBC, Mwaiseni stores and the National wholesale e.t.c.


It was during this interaction and doing business with these Executives that he was

    adequately mentored, inspired and encouraged to stay Visionary. Later in the Years at

    High School at Chiwala Technical High School, he initiated the re-establishment of the

    JETS club which was temporary closed and become the Secretary and Chief organizer

    from grade Ten to Twelve 1986 1989. During this time he initiated School visits to

    Production, Scientific, Engineering and Technical Businesses and Companies.

After high school he joined the former ZCBC and was later appointed as Business

    Administration Management trainee at NIEC School of Business Studies and also

    sponsored to do marketing with CIM and worked as a Shop Manager 1991 1994.

In 1994 after leaving the former ZCBC, he joined Chibote meat Co-operation as a Sales

    Rep only for six months and established his own Roan Minimart & Butchery , which

    turn out to be the best shopping point in Chelston at that time for bread, meats ,eggs and

    other groceries 1994 1997. it was at this time that he was invited by the former Director and Permanent of the Ministry of Youth Sport and Child development Mr.

    Bernard Simpokolwe and formerly invited him to be involved in the Youth programmes

    that Government was working on i.e: by then the established Constituency Youth

    Project fund. Here he initiated and was funded a K1,500,000 to promote : Kabanana

    Youth Poultry Project.

At the same time he worked with a group of women and the Community to initiate a

    Rural Investment Fund Project, Chawama Agro Marketing Project (CAMP) and managed

    to acquire a project funding of USD35,000 =00 in 1997 and put a 240 metric tones


storage shed, with a conference room for 30 plus people, a 9m x 5m shop and an

    executive office in Mukonchi farming area. Between 2000 and 2006, Edwin has worked

    on a number of Marketing, Business and Project development activities on advisory and

    Consultancy basis.

In 2003 he was trained by the World Bank Group in carbon finance/ CDM project

    formulation in Maputo , Mozambique and also appointed to be part of the World Bank

    Group Y2Y renewable initiative (Youth to Youth Renewable Initiative) which is a Global

    forum encouraging Youth Professions at the World Bank Headquarters and around the

    World to network and develop new ideas on renewable energy and new technology

At the same time during the same time he has worked on information communication

    technology for development projects focusing on helping youth and women developing ,

    establishing and managing their own ICT based enterprises, which he and his company

    ELIF Won an Award 2005 from Manchester University for supporting developing women ICT based enterprises and given an opportunity to be part of the team to

    contribute to development of a developing Women ICT based enterprise hand book at an

    international conference which was held in Trivadrum, Kerala, South India August

    September 2005.

ELIF in coming up with this initiative , realizes and appreciate the Zambian Government

    Vision of contributing to National Social Economic development through the putting

    aside of K8 Billion for ICT4D rolling out to the under served Communities and Rural

    areas of Zambia through the Communication Authority of Zambia (CAZ). At the same


the Government of Zambia in its 2006 budget declaration of the zero rating of all

    importation of all computer parts as away to contribute to ICT4D development i.e:

    computer assembly and related works and bridging the digital divide.



This paper presentation is an initiative to launch a Global Youth Employment Creation

    programme: “ELIF Global youth employment creation 2006 initiative ‘to be launched

    during the Kenya Yes-Global Summit. This programme has been developed in line with

    one of the summit’s sub – themes: creating markets: unleashing entrepreneurship in 8

    emerging employment sectors for Youth.

    This paper‘s presentation is expected to focus on three main areas based on the authors real- life background and experiences with National ,Regional and Global Policies and

    Projects and these sub-sectors which include:

    ? Renewable energy for Youth employment

    ? Information communications Technology for development (ICT4D) for Youth

    employment and

    ? Business and Project development support services for youth employment.

     This initiative is to be Co-ordinated by ELIF Business Solutions in Zambia in close

    collaborations with all would be established Country Youth Employment - networks,

    National Universities, Colleges, ICT/IT Companies, the UN and all interest in Youth

    employment creation.

    Here ELIF realizes that sustainable Youth Employment creation can be achieved through

    effective Youth Renewable Energy and ICT4D entrepreneurship promotion and

    development. It is also realized that renewable energy development has a multiplier


effects on development and Youth Employment creation, since access and effective use

    of Energy or Power helps the Community and Nations to achieve social economic


We also realize that both renewable energy and ICTs are labour intensive, also needs

    flexibility, energy and high intellect, while the Youth are at the same time we see the

    Youth to be the most energetic, flexible and with flesh minds to take up the new energy /

    power and ICT Technological advancements for the benefit of all, the nation and the

    World at large.

We also realize that the efficient use and applications of ICT4D has the potential and

    capacity to contribute to mass Global Youth Employment both for the less developed,

    developing and developed World.

ELIF in this initiative aims to contribute to solving this global Youth unemployment

    through the promotion and establishment of multi-stakeholders partnership with the

    Youth, NGOs, CBOs, Governments, the Cooperating partners, Donors, Bilaterals , Multi-

    laterals, the Yes Country Networks and the YES Global in promoting and ICT4D Youth businesses and Projects in Zambia, COMESA Region, whole of Africa and

    Globally. Here ELIF aims to reach out to the all World through the concept of

    franchising , strategic partnerships and sub contracting of specialized Consultants and the effective use of ICTs in Business and Projects development.


Therefore, ELIF emphasis the need for concerted efforts with out jealous and

    discrimination. But equity for all based on self Interest, willingness and commitment to

    take up the challenges that this program or initiative brings ii our Global efforts to

    counter the current global Youth unemployment and poverty.


    To promote and facilitate Global Youth Employment creation and equity through

    renewable energy, information communication technologies for development (ICT 4D),

    Business & Project development support services.


    o To elaborate on the potential and capacity of renewable energy in Youth

    employment creation.

    o To elaborate on the potential and capacity of information communications

    technologies for development (ICT4D) for youth employment creation.

    o To elaborate on the potential and capacity of business and project development

    services in Youth employment creation.

    o To elaborate on the need and benefit for Global Youth Employment Creation,

    equity and mutual multi sectoral partnerships i.e: private sector , NGOs, CBOs,

    Co-operating partners , Governments and Youth.




    Zambia like many developing Countries has a low electricity or energy penetration with a total of 22% and only 2% covering our vast rural areas. At the same time lack of energy limits the penetration of development and technology advancements.

    Hence the renewable energy has the potential and capacity to contribute to sustainable Youth employment creation development. Here Youth can either be renewable

    entrepreneurs and employees and these activities may include:

    Biodiesel production has potential to create up to 300 direct and indirect jobs out of every 1000 ha of Jatropha cultivated, solar energy panels production and marketing. Developing of mini- Hydros in various parts of Zambia and all other Countries that are using foils fuels i.e: Diesel for electricity generation. Production and use of biomass / biomass to electricity / gasses, molasses to methane e.t.c

    At the same time, following the Kyoto Protocol, Zambia and other developing Countries have an opportunity to tap in other new resources and opportunities under the carbon finance or CDM to carry out a number of activities with at least 50% support available through the World Bank Group carbon finance programme, other bilateral and

    multilateral donors through carbon credits trading.

    It is also interesting to note that the energy or renewable energy industry has a lot of successful and ready proven Technologies for use or replication with only the pre sort

    permission or on consultancy basis.


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