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To be responsible for the project management of the Short Breaks programme across LA, and the transformation of Short Break services in line with the

Job purpose and scope

    To be responsible for the project management of the Short Breaks programme across LA, and the transformation of Short Break services in line with the ‘Aiming High for disabled children: better support for families’ report.

    To have responsibility for ensuring effective stakeholder involvement and consultation relating to each of the work streams within the overall programme. This post will involve significant liaison with the parents of disabled children, and colleagues within Children’s Services, Primary Care

    Trusts, and the Private, Voluntary & Independent Sector.

To develop and implement a supporting communications plan.

    To regularly report to the LA Disabled Children Strategy Group, and related groups, progress on the programme.

Organisational relationships

    Accountable to: LA Disabled Children’s Strategy Group and established subgroups

    Line manager: Programme Manager

    Professional supervision by arrangement

    Accountable for: project admin / support staff.

Principal Responsibilities and duties

    To take responsibility for the project management of the Short Breaks programme including the maintenance and re-design, as necessary, of the project management structure.

    To ensure that the programme and all constituent work streams progress within the PRINCE 2 project management methodology

    To develop and implement the communications plan for the LA ensuring that key stakeholders are effectively involved throughout the process and that Council and Primary Care Trust requirements for consultation are adhered to.

    To ensure that the programme produces a result that is capable of achieving the Full Service Offer defined in the Aiming High for Disabled Children: Short Breaks Implementation Guidance.

    To produce project initiation documents for the overall programme and each of the work streams along with terms of reference for all stakeholder reference groups.

    To plan and monitor the overall programme ensuring that all work streams progress in accordance with the overall project plan and project initiation document

    Title 1 Date

    To develop and maintain a risk register for the programme including the development of contingency plans and the initiation of corrective action where necessary

To deputise, as appropriate, for the Programme Manager.

To prepare reports for the LA Disabled Children’s Strategy Group and established subgroups.

To provide project support to specific work streams as appropriate.

To liaise with the parents of disabled children, and colleagues within Children’s Services, Primary

    Care Trusts, and the Private, Voluntary & Independent Sector and all other key stakeholders identified through the stakeholder analysis.

To liaise and collaborate with partner Short Breaks LAs

    To represent LA at regional and national meetings concerning the Short Breaks LA as appropriate.

    To organise and make arrangements for visits from other local authorities regarding the progress of the LA Short Breaks programme.

To be responsible for and manage allocated budgets and resources.

To maintain full and accurate records (including electronic records).

To ensure that health and safety requirements are met.

    To ensure that services are provided in accordance with equal opportunities standards.

Author 2 Date

Person specification

    Criteria required by the appointee to ensure job effectiveness.

E = Essential criteria D = Desirable criteria


Educated to degree level E

    Relevant professional / management qualification E Relevant experience within a project management discipline E PRINCE 2 project management training D


    Experience of leading project work from brief to implementation using project management skills and techniques E

    Experience of working in partnership with a diverse range of parents and young people E

Experience and working knowledge of disability,

    particularly relating to children E

Direct experience of inter-agency work E

    Ability to analyse both quantitative data and qualitative information E

    Ability to effectively organise and lead project groups E

    Awareness of financial issues related to significant cross-service project work E

    Experience of evaluation, audit and quality assurance E

    Good working knowledge of disability and childcare legislation, research and regulation across all statutory sectors D

Experience of commissioning and contracting work

    and performance monitoring D

A commitment to, knowledge and understanding of:

    Title 3 Date

    ? equal opportunities policy

    ? anti-discriminatory practice

    ? user involvement E


    Evidence good organisational and project management skills E

Have a sense of vision, grasp complex concepts and think strategically E

Apply exceptional interpersonal skills E

    Show willingness and aptitude to develop the necessary skills to take

     a high public profile and demonstrating leadership skills and determination in pushing programme of work streams forward E

    Demonstrate excellent communication skills, both oral and written and including presentation techniques E

    Evidence well developed inter-agency and inter-disciplinary networking skills at all levels E

Promote a positive attitude to disability E

Evidence exceptional time management abilities E

Demonstrate good IT skills ability to use and design software solutions E

Problem solve


    Represent the participating agencies in a responsible

    and effective manner E

Manage and control budgets E


Provide suitable transport E

Required to work some ‘unsocial hours’ E

    Author 4 Date

A positive and flexible attitude to change and development in service E

    The criteria are subject to reasonable adjustment to enable disabled candidates to fulfil the requirements of the job.

    Author 5 Date

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