Colon therapy instrument for treating constipation and to prevent the recurrence of Nursing_6422

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Colon therapy instrument for treating constipation and to prevent the recurrence of Nursing_6422

    Colon therapy instrument for treating constipation and to prevent the recurrence of Nursing

     Key words Colon therapy instrument Abstract Objective: To explore the

    treatment of constipation Colon therapy instrument to prevent the recurrence of care

    points. Methods: 82 cases of colon means of therapeutic equipment used in patients with constipation were divided into two groups. Treatment group, routine care, the observation group to join health education. Results: All patients had symptom improvement after three months with the anti-treatment group, 19 were recurrence of

    constipation, the observation group had one person. Conclusion: Colon therapy instrument with care operations, treatment of constipation effect is good. And effective health education is an after treatment to prevent recurrence of the key to constipation.

     Key words Colon therapy instrument constipation recurrence of Nursing

     Colon therapy device can in this way through the colon to clear the intestine of toxic substances and pathogens, to promote bowel movements, abnormal bowel movements can return to normal. Our hospital in recent years, using the instrument with care and treatment of constipation, and obtained satisfactory results. Are reported below.

     A clinical data

     This paper were collected by the outpatient treatment of Colon 82 cases, 40 cases were male and 42 female, aged 16 years to 82 years, duration of 15 days to 6 years. In addition to this group of patients with constipation, there is no other organic diseases,

    but have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and fruit guide Runchang bowel enema and other drug treatment invalid. Were randomly divided into two groups: treatment group 40 cases, according to conventional operation. The observation group

    42 cases, routine operation to health education.

     2 treatment group routine operation methods and care

     2.1 How conventional liquid injection method using low strictly the indications and contraindications, and conscientiously perform operational procedures. Instrument is

    up to the medical device company Shunde KANG KYD-238B produced by means of

    treatment of colon machine and supporting a one-time catheter in patients with colon

    hydrotherapy. Pre-boot, will connect into the water treatment machine inlet. Excretory

    duct connecting sewage pipes. Set the Operation indicators: the general time 30 ~ 40 minutes, pressure 2 ~ 9KPa. Temperature of 36 ~ 37 ? flow 40L / h. Before the

    operation, Zhu Huanzhe first emptying urine, for a good disposable underwear left

    lying. Treatment for patients who wear finger for anal examination, and to Vaseline lubricated anus. Vaseline coated catheter will be a one-time in order to rotate clockwise

    to slowly insert the anal canal in patients with anal, water poured into the patient's

    colon. When patients have intended, it will be in patients with colon water discharged through the sewage pipes. When the outfall, only the slow discharge of water, or in patients with gut feeling is no longer water and pressure, and then Filling, repeat. Five

    days of treatment time, three times as a course of treatment.

     2.2 General Care

     2.2.1 asked about medical history and physical examination at the first colon means of pre-treatment should be asked in detail about patient history, medical examination,

    such as the temperature pulse blood pressure, heart and lung function. Transanal local checks, including the Hope clinic and DRE. Colon therapy has a certain taboos. Such as severe heart disease, severe hypertension, aneurysm, severe anemia, anal fissure,

    colorectal cancer, pregnancy, cirrhosis of the liver, intestinal surgery, renal insufficiency, etc., are unable to use this instrument operation.

     2.2.2 Psychological care and music therapy, can be relaxed and happy music playing

    throughout. At the same time to introduce Colon therapy in patients with common sense, treatment feeling with the way the time required. So that patients have adequate mental preparation and stability of mood. Undergraduate rooms all operations of the

    medical and nursing staff have received Colon therapy can experience their own personal interaction with patients, communication and answering questions. And the timely lifting of patient discomfort. Because patients with nervous, irritable bowel wall will shrink, lumen narrowing, to the treatment of difficult. Therefore, let the patient in a relaxed environment for treatment.

     2.2.3 condition observed in the course of treatment and close monitoring of patients looking, pulse, the nature and quantity of excreta. At the same time watch for

    abdominal pain, and so on. Once the intestinal wall contraction, the patient severe abdominal pain, Cullen significant uplift. Let patients with eyes closed, the operator placed one hand on the patient's abdomen, to enable patients to do deep breathing

    exercise. Allows them to quickly quiet down. In the red filling process, to observe the temperature, pressure, flow rate changes. An over 11KPa pressure, the treatment instrument will automatically shut down to avoid intestinal perforation

     2.2.4 abdominal massage in the whole course of treatment, massage is very important. Because constipation is reduce the number of bowel movements, defecation difficulties or endless row flu, dry and hard feces [1] side of the treatment, while massage, on the

    one hand is a comfort to the patient may be to stabilize the mood. On the other hand can stimulate bowel movements, so that faster and diluted with water dry hard stools. To facilitate a smooth stool excreted. Specific method: In the water into the intestines

    before carried out with the palm of your hand from left to right the entire intestine, and then from right to left, a few back and forth in massage, for the treatment ready for it. When the water entering the intestinal tract, the massage area to the sigmoid colon

    mainly in the water state, the massage should be directed to anti-clockwise direction

    along the light-water massage. In the drainage state, the massage should be oriented towards the direction of cis-clockwise slightly heavier drainage massage. Traveling with

    the intestines and the massage gradually to the transverse colon, ascending colon slow shift. Massage according to specific conditions to be adjusted accordingly. Such as obesity massage forced heavier, weight loss when the force were a little light massage.

    More feces, the force of light. When there are fewer feces, forced slightly heavier and so on. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3 Observer Group to the normal operation of health education

     3.1 to develop good bowel habits in patients with good interpretation, public notice of their regular life and cultivate the importance of good bowel habits, advised the patient to get up every morning as far as possible in a timely manner after defecation, as the

    morning easily cause stomach - colon reflection, this time training, defecation, easy to set up a conditioned reflex. Sometimes, even without it meaning, we should also go to the toilet every day regularly squat 10 to 20 minutes, the course of time will be the

    establishment of regular bowel habits. Also note that there will be intended to tell the patient usually does not exercise restraint and patience when

     3.2 to ensure enough water every morning to drink a cup of warm water, adequate

    water intake, can achieve the purpose of the software feces receive better preventive effect of constipation. The early morning of drinking water can not only remove residual intestinal toxins, but also to stimulate the gastrocolic reflex to achieve the

    purpose of defecation. Particularly in patients with drinking water should be asked from time to time quantitative, do not wait until feeling thirsty before drinking water: In the hot midsummer, a daily intake of at least ensure that the water reaches 2000ml,

    to provide lubrication gut is conducive to defecation.

     3.3 Adequate intake of dietary fiber a reasonable diet, adjusting the diet, increasing fiber in the diet the amount of cellulose are hydrophilic, can absorb moisture, so that food residues and the formation of lubricating gel swelling in the intestinal propulsion; residue can be to stimulate peristalsis and promote defecation. Therefore, patients in the diet should contain adequate amounts of cellulose. Such as the leek, celery, sponge

    gourd, lotus root, grapes, plums, bananas, tomatoes and so on. Past history of constipation of the patient, add soaked with honey to drink, or black sesame, apricot kernels, walnut meat, honey, etc. Yan Mo washed clothes [2]. Sweet potato soup can be slowly consumed.

     3.4 to promote bowel movements in order to promote bowel movements, can be abdominal hot pack, hot water immersion, abdominal massage, acupuncture and massage. In the nursing process, we used abdominal massage, this method is simple and

    easy to learn easy to accept. Methods: The hands overlap in a clockwise direction around the navel pushed hard by the abdomen. On the afternoon massage one time, and do levator ani abdomen movement.

     3.5 the correct position and posture during defecation to take the appropriate posture

    and gestures that will help the action of gravity in order to increase intra-abdominal

    pressure. Such as in bed with the bedpan, the visual situation will bed into a high-

    elevation slopes supine help defecation. We give each of the basic points of live

    independently in patients with a special stool, both sides have armchair, the patient may be comfortable sitting defecation, and the great convenience of the elderly frail patients.

     3.6 appropriate amount of exercise an appropriate amount of body movement to

    increase the peristalsis, to encourage patients to participate in whatever physical activity. Such as walking, doing gymnastics, tai chi and so on. Guide the patient to strengthen abdominal and pelvic floor muscle exercise

     4 Results

     Application of Colon therapeutic apparatus for treating constipation a course of treatment, in all cases the symptoms were lifted. Three months later were followed up, recurrence of constipation were 20 people, 19 man-treatment group. A man-made

    observation of patients of health education.

     5 Discussion

     Colon therapy device can in this way through the colon, using a large number of repeated infusion of warm water to soften dry hard stool inside the intestine for the first time be able to completely remove stranded Supian intestine, promoting bowel movements, so that abnormal peristalsis restoration normal. Patients feel relaxed immediately comfortable. To prevent the recurrence of constipation and thorough treatment of constipation, health education and the patient's active cooperation is the key. The group of 82 cases, three months later with the defense, the observation group who had recurrence of constipation 1. After the treatment one way or because they have been completely cleared of Supian remaining intestine. Could not insist on the implementation of health education content.

     The treatment group, 19 were recurrent constipation, both after treatment, but also to

    restore to the previous diet and bowel habits, so effective health education to prevent recurrence after treatment of constipation important measures. .


     [1] Chen Hao Zhu. Practical in Science [M]. 11th edition. Beijing: People's Health

    Publishing House, 2003,1816.

[2] Zhu Hong, Wang Lixin, Li, et al. Elderly constipation TCM Nursing [J]. Chinese

Journal of Nursing, 2001,36 (2): 135.

Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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