VitaC plusTM

By Josephine Hudson,2014-05-18 23:38
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VitaC plusTM


    VitaC plus

    ?ester-C skin perfecting complex

antioxidant moisturizing anti-aging anti-wrinkle green tea based

    topical serum

    rejuvenates refines renews restores

A high-grade skin care created to restore youthful skin and prevent

    premature aging and wrinkles using totally natural substances

     TM?VitaC plus is the latest anti-aging anti-wrinkle skin care using Vitamin C (Ester C) concentrates with a moisturizing formula.

    Skin aging is principally caused by excessive free radical activity. Recent scientific studies have shown that Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is capable of preventing and even reversing the

    effects of aging in the human skin. It is for this reason that Vitamin C is used. If topically used, a

    high dose of Vitamin C would also help prevent and treat dry skin.

Other ingredients of VitaC plusTM include the following:

    ? CoQ - a totally natural substance found in every cell of the human body especially the heart. 10The CoQ used is harvested from a unique alga source produced in Japan. It is removed 10without damaging the algae, which is then able to recover and consequently can be re-

    harvested continually. CoQ acts like a strong antioxidant. It prevents production of free 10radicals through controlled and efficient use of Oxygen and Hydrogen electrons. This helps to

    prevent rapid depletion of antioxidants;

     ?Pycnogenol - a natural plant extract from the bark of the Maritime Pine (Pinus maritima)

    found along the coast of southwest France. It is a water-soluble bioflavonoid extract with

    high levels of procyanidins, catechins, taxifolins and the typical spectrum of phenolic ?acids. Pycnogenol has numerous benefits for the body. The primary role here is that it

    binds collagen fibers, realigning them to produce more youthful undamaged structures. ?Elasticity and flexible strength is consequently restored to connective tissue. Pycnogenol is

    also a powerful antioxidant;

    TM? Bio Ferm - is a blend of selected herbs that includes Jojoba, Yucca Root, Aloe, Soapbark,

    Horsetail, Rosemary, Kelp, and Chamomile with Green Tea providing the liquid base.

    Each herb is carefully selected for it's natural constituents and blended to maximize its effect TMto complement the other ingredients in VitaC plus.

? Extraction is made with purified and filtered water to preserve the integrity of the herbs. An

    enzymatic process is then used to enhance the herb extracts. Finally a carefully monitored

    fermentation process of the extracts is allowed to mature before being filtered (3x) to produce TMthe Bio-Ferm solution. These herb extracts have been selected for their qualities that are

    most beneficial to the skin in maintaining its integrity and enhancing its youthful appearance.

    TMBenefits derived from using VitaC plus include: ? improving sun-damaged skin;

    ? reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;

    ? improving skin tones;

    ? preventing ultra-violet sun rays from aging the skin;

    ? unclogging pores of the skin;

    ? boosting collagen production to the skin;

    ? maintaining skin elasticity;

     TMVitaC plus is designed to counteract time, the environment, and the forces that are harmful to skin

    complexion. At the same time, it protects and prevents skin damage by promoting cell renewal,

    boosting collagen production. It also ensures that there are sufficient antioxidants to counteract

    excessive free radical activity damage to the skin. It is a most effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

    non-oil based liquid medium for a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Below is image of Vita-C Plus

    Each bottle contains 30 ml and if used in a normal manner it should last between 2 -

    3 months

    The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.

    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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