Agenda - Plantation Pipeline Company Project Management Process

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23 Sep 2009Identify purpose (what we are expected to accomplish); Create project mission statement (language will represent the result or goals that we

    Santa Barbara County

    Prop 84 Project Selection Process

    Workshop #1 Agenda

    Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009

    City of Goleta, City Council Chambers

Review of Prop 50 Project Selection Process (participation is optional) 9:30 30 min.

    Introduction 10:00 30 min.

    Welcome and opening remarks

    ? Meeting objectives:

    ? Charter the team define project purpose, team mission (adds broad measurable

    result to purpose), operating guidelines, challenges to project, and measures of

    group success

    ? Initiate Project Selection Process background on “multi-criteria decision-making”,

    reach agreement on process for scoring projects, identify regional conflicts, needs,

    objectives (draft list created), review and fill out “short” project info form

    ? Introductions name, role in your organization, and role for this process

    ? Review agenda, process, and overall schedule ? Review ground rules for the meeting

    ? Team member responsibilities

    ? Compliance with Prop 84 Guidelines

    Project Purpose, Mission, Operating Guidelines, and Challenges 10:30 40 min.

    ? Identify purpose (what we are expected to accomplish) ? Create project mission statement (language will represent the result or goals that we

    want to achieve)

    ? Operating Guidelines

    ? Challenges for the process

    Measures of Group Success and Challenges 11:10 20 min.

    ? Identify measures of success

    ? Challenges to be overcome

    BREAK FOR LUNCH (Brown bag) 11:30 20 min.

    Background on Multi-Criteria Decision-Making 11:50 25 min.

    Process for Scoring 12:15 25 min.

    ? Agree on process for scoring

    Identify Regional Conflicts, Needs, Objectives 12:40 60 min.

    ? Review consultant’s “starting point” list of conflicts, needs, objectives (use 2006 IRWMP

    as starting point) C:\CONVERT\TEMP\55408749.DOC 9/18/2009 11:32 AM ? Group to modify

    Review next meeting location, time, and agenda 1:40 20

    Distribute and Discuss Project Information “Short” Form

    2:00 ADJOURN - thank you for your participation!

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