Victorian Seniors Festival

By Laura Ferguson,2014-05-18 23:07
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Victorian Seniors Festival

    Celebrate the 2007 Victorian Seniors Festival at the Melbourne City Baths:

    ththSunday 7Sunday 14 October

     ththththth Mon 8 Tue 9 Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12

    8:45am Pilates Movement

    8:45 9:45am Unlimited (land)


    9:00am Introduction to Living Stronger

    9-10am Qigong


    9.30am Prime Movers




    Unlimited (land)


    10.00am Anti-Aging Living Stronger One Step Tai Chi

    10-11am (90min) Seminar


    10.30am Movement Prime Movers

    Unlimited (water) (water)

    10:40-11:30am 10:30-11am 11.00am Living Stronger Living Stronger

    11-12pm 11-12pm 11.30am

    ththththth Mon 8 Tue 9 Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12

    Other Activities & Services Neck & Shoulder Bone Density Testing Glucose & Bone Density Testing Glucose & massage 11-12pm 8:30-12:30pm Cholesterol testing 8:30-12:30pm Cholesterol testing

     9:00-10am 8:30-10am Morning tea from Glucose & Morning tea from 10:30am Cholesterol testing Neck & Shoulder 10:30am Morning tea from

    8:30-10am massage 9-10am 10:30am

    Neck & Shoulder Morning tea from

    massage 10:30-10:30am


    Morning tea from


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