Congratulations on making it to Meet Season

By Danny Riley,2014-11-13 13:36
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Congratulations on making it to Meet Season

    Congratulations on making it to Meet Season! Here is some important information.

Getting ready for the meet . . .


     Hair should be wrapped up nice, tight, and out of the way. Please use hair spray and/or gel. We turn upside down in gymnastics and we don’t want hair in the way.

    Remember, we all do backward rolls on floor, so anything to big on the back of the head may be awkward. Buns and French braids work well at a meet. If your child is a Level 2, please do not have them wear a bun.

    Hair ties should match the leo. Please no bows or ribbons. A touch of sparkle hair spray is okay, but not too much. See your coach for further questions pertaining to hair.


     The only jewelry allowed without deduction is one stud earring in each ear. That means no rings, necklaces, toe rings, bracelets, anklets, and hoop or dangling earrings. Fingernail and toenail polishes are not allowed.


     Please make sure your Athlete eats a good meal before the competition. A meet will take approximately three hours. We don’t want to run out of gas on the last event.

When you arrive at the meet . . .

    Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the designated stretch time.

    Occasionally, the meet is running early and sessions will start before the scheduled time to avoid overlap later. Parking can be time consuming, as there are often sessions before you that are letting out when you are arriving.

    It is best to arrive fully dressed and ready. This includes being dressed in the competition leo, warm up and slides. Gym restrooms are often small and have a line. Warm-up suits should be worn to warm ups and awards. The Coaches will decide when to take warm up off. It is a good idea to have her name on the inside of the warm up jacket and pants. They will often get mixed up during the competition.

     At the start of the competition, the Athlete should find their coach on the gym floor for further directions. Athletes are to stay with the team until every competitor has finished.

     If something happens and the Coach is late, the Meet Director will be notified and the kids will be allowed to stretch. Parents will not be allowed on the gym floor, so please do not ask. Your Athletes are trained and will know what to do.

The Learning Years . . .

     These first several years of competition, Athletes will learn many things besides gymnastics routines. Athletes will learn “meet rules” and “meet behavior”. They will begin learning about competitive focus, as well as dealing with good events and bad events. They will also be learning sportsmanship and how to compete as a Team.

     The Coach will be learning how each Athlete handles the “excitement” of competition, and what changes need to be made in the gym.

Parents . . .

    Please be supportive of all athletes in the competitions. You may not always understand the score given. Refrain from talking negatively about other gyms, coaches, or judges. We do not need to find excuses; rather we will concentrate on what we can work on in the gym.

     Please refrain from “coaching” your child. The Coach may have one point of focus or goal for the Athlete. In your attempt to help, you will confuse and add additional pressure to your child.

     Coaches and judges have made mistakes before. After the competition, I hope you will refrain from speaking negatively about other teams, judges, or coaching decisions in front of your child. If you have any concerns, please come bring them to my attention.

     Your Athletes will surprise you. They will make things look ten times better than they do in practice. Then they will fall on something they always make---twice. Please enjoy the effort these Athletes make. Be encouraging to your Athlete as well as her Team members after the meet. The Coaches and Athletes will talk about the positives and the things we “need to spend more time on” when they return to the gym.

Other things to have . . .

    ; Roll of tape--- Do not apply tape yourself. Coach will decide if tape is needed.

    Please let the Coach see the injury or rip beforehand to decide if tape is necessary.

    ; Extra leotard---you never know.

    ; Snack bar/bottled water---good to have in gym bag. Please no candy bars or


     Cameras and Video cameras are very beneficial to the athlete. However, no flash photography is allowed during competition or warm-ups. The flash is considered a safety hazard to all athletes. If the awards are given in a room separate from the competition floor flashes will then be allowed.

Thank you all for your support and commitment to our program.


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