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James Coddington ? Art Director, Project Management, Senior Designer and Production Artist. Email - Website -

    James Coddington Art Director, Project Management,

    Senior Designer and Production Artist

    Email -

    Website -


    Professional Strengths and Skills: Proven ability to conceptualize and engage multiple

    creative projects in a fast-paced environment with keen concept design, 3D, lighting, rendering,

    and special effects skills.


    ? EA Games ? Northrop Grumman ? NASA

    ? Intel ? Qwest Communications ? GNOME

    ? Charter Cable ? Cloud 9 Studios ? Seko

    ? Applied Minds ? Gatorade ? US Department of


    01.10-Now: Advanced Design and Prototyping The Magellan Group, Denver CO

     Design Consultant and Art Director

     Software: Maya/ After Effects/ Photoshop/ Flash

    01.08-Now: Advanced Design and Prototyping Could 9 Design Studios, Los Angeles CA

     Production Art, 3D Models, Advanced Rigging, Animation and more for secret

    government projects. I have worked many interesting and exciting jobs through Cloud 9.

     Software: Maya/ After Effects/ Photoshop/ FCP and more. I have been at this

    position for 2 years.

    06.09-Now: Concept and Production Art MakerBeam, San Francisco CA

     Concept and production art for a new open source hardware tool called Mini-T. I

    am responsible to creation of 3D parts and animations showing the parts in action.

     Software: Maya/ After Effects

    03.09-05.09: Production Art MeniThings Studios and Snoot Entertainment, Los Angeles CA

     Production Artist for feature film “Bunraku.”

     Software: Maya/ After Effects/ Photoshop

01.09-02.09: Concept Art EA Games, Seattle WA

     Freelance Concept Art and 3D for new Sims Game

     Software: Photoshop, Maya

    10.08-11.08: 2D/3D Motion Graphics Soaringbrain Studios Orcas Island WA

     Freelance Animator for GNOME Asia summit and GNOME load in screen.

     Duties Include: 2D/3D Animation and Creative Design using assets provided

     by client and agency.

     Software: After Effects

    04.06-11.08: 2D/3D Motion Graphics CreativeLift Los Angeles CA

     Freelance Animator for TV Commercials

     Duties Include: 2D/3D Animation and Creative Design using assets provided

     by client and agency.

     Softwares: After Effects

    04.06-04.08: Design and Art Direction Morgan Source Valparaiso IN

     Design for Web.

    09.07-04.08: 2D/3D Animator Fly Design Chicago IL

    Advertisement for Seko High End Motion Graphics

    Duties Include: Art Direction, 2D/3D Motion Graphics and Animation,


    Softwares: Maya, After Effects, FCP, Digital Performer, Flash, and Photoshop.

    04.08-09.07: 2D Motion Graphics Vantos Inc Seattle WA

    Online Multimedia Solutions Vantos Website

    Duties Include: Art Direction, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics and Design.

    Softwares: After Effects, Flash, and Photoshop.

    11.07-04.08: 3D Environments Bosco Productions Chicago IL

    Advertisement for Qwest Communications Sporting Events Featured on

    Various Jumbotron Video Screens around the Nation

    Duties Include: 3D Environments, Lighting and Rendering.

    Softwares: Maya.

    10.07-11.07: 3D Dynamics and Modeling Bosco Productions Chicago IL

    “Gap Hitter” Infomercial

    Duties Include: 3D Animation, 3D Dynamics, Lighting and Rendering

    2D Motion Graphics.

    Softwares: Maya, After Effects, FCP, Digital Performer, Flash, Photoshop.

    08.05-02.08: Multimedia Game Developer 01Insights Chicago IL

     Game Development “Pyramid Poker,” “Money Drop,” “Pizza Poker”

     And More…

     Duties Include: Ongoing Freelance to this Date, Rendering, 2D Animation and

     design, Sound Design. Softwares: Maya, After Effects, FCP, Digital


    04.07-08.07: Freelance Art Director Olive Films Chicago IL

     Web Development, 3D DVD Intros

    Duties Include: 3-D Animation, Web Banners, Graphic Design, 3D Animation,

    Sound Design, DV Editing, Concept Design. Bad Employer.

    Softwares: Flash, After Effects, Final Cut, Illustrator, Maya, Digital Performer,

    Final Cut

    12.0504.07: 3D Animation, Modeling Foundation Post Chicago IL

     “Breathe TV” Spec work, also Gatorade Spec Work

     Duties Included: 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 2D Motion Graphics.

     Softwares: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop

10.0412.06: 3D Animation, Modeling, Videography, and Compositing

     Acme Avatars Chicago IL

     “Bull Run” “RoxClock”

    Duties Included: 3D Animation, 3D Dynamics, Concept Design, 3D Modeling,

    Directing Video Shoots, Compositing Green Screen Footage, Low Level

    Programming with Flash/ActionScript

    Softwares: Maya, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Flash (ActionScript) and



     I received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Technology from the School of the Art

    Institute of Chicago in 2004

     Ancient Projects:

     Midwest Backline 2001

    Setup and Troubleshoot Audio Gear for Celebrities, Symphonies and Everything


     Qwest Communications 2001

    Ring Operations Network Management (Managed Worldwide and Government

    Fiber Optic Networks)

     Nextel Communications 1999

     Manager of Local Cell Service Area (Seek Radio Holes and Dispatch Crews)

     GTE Communications/ TeleTech - 1998

     Trouble Shoot Internet Connectivity over the phone

     Apple Computers 1997

    Trouble Shoot All OS, Internet Connectivity, Printer and Hardware over the


     Greeley Weld County Airport 1996

     Refuel Aircraft Work Tower Radio, Overall Management of small airport.

On the Side:

    01. 96present

     Sound Design, Produce Electronic Music, DJ and Audio Engineering

     Softwares: Digital Performer, Peak Audio, Ableton Live

     Hardwares : Kurzweil K2500, Nord Lead, MOTU 828, MIDI Fastlane

     Record labels I have original music released on:

     Nobot Recordings, Dorje Records

    My URL


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