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By Shannon Smith,2014-05-27 14:58
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on technology



     A) Technology Is Changing Our Lives

     Light and lamps extend the daytime, putting more leisure at our disposal as well as stealing our precious resting hours. Trains and buses shorten the distance on land, but thousands of people are killed and mutilated each year in traffic accidents. Drug and surgeon enormously prolong the expectation of life. However, the abuse of medicine is also staggering. Computer and internet transform the earth to a village, meanwhile convenient accesses are offered to hackers. Consequently, your health, privacy, even life are constantly endangered. Puzzled, we are facing such situation: a bitter fruit in one hand and a delicious one in the other, both from the tree of advanced technology. The prices are high. As a matter of fact, we have not only paid, but paid a lot. We can??t help broaching the question, are they worth it? Inevitably, our attitudes towards technology also changed along its progress. This seemingly reasonable action cannot afford further deduction. "Everything has two sides." Technology should be regarded as a sword with two blades. With serious consideration, there exists no

     difficulty to define that its advantages far over weigh its disadvantages. After all, it is not the technology itself that is to blame for, but the souls who wield it. Technology itself is neither a blessing nor a curse. We are its master rather than slave. In my point of view, B) Technology and It??s Effect on Society Technology is constantly changing, and it is changing us as well. In the past, some of these changes have been difficult to cope with. In the future, these changes are going to be happening faster, with less time

     to prepare. Unless we are well informed of the consequences, we will make the wrong choices, and our technology will destroy us. Since man started using tools, technology has in turn shaped human society. Even in the beginning these changes were drastic. Stone tools opened up new sources of food, enabling primitive man to expand in population and territory. These tools also changed the social structure of primitive man, putting more emphasis on males to capture large game. Ever since, advancing technology has changed our society, transforming how we conduct our daily lives. The Effects and Influence of Technology on Society and Human Kind Some of the most obvious problems caused by technological advances lie in the IT industry. At a time when we did not have computers and electronic bank services, people took money with them and paid by cash. If they were stolen, only the amount they had with them was lost. But now credit cards are more commonly used in

    shopping malls and other places, crimes again us have become more serious and caused greater losses to people. A thief may tape the code of your credit card and make a copy of it. Then he could safely withdraw all your money from an ATM machine. Crimes such as this are very sticky to solve because there is no witness and the surveillance cameras give little help to the police.

     2. Whether technology has made the world a better place to live is a prevalent topic undergoing serioius debate. After pondering it from several aspects, I totally agree it is true that technology has made the world a better place to live. This I support with the following reasons: As we know, firstly technology can help people to live a longer life. A small example can give some light to this point. At the stone age, our ancestors?? average age is about 25. Due to the development of medical technology, now people??s average age is two or three times of that time. Another reason why I prefer to this choice lies in the fact that technology ameliorate the environment in which people living in. for example, thousand of yeas ago people lived in caves, which are cold in winter and hot in summer. With using Architectural technology, people build up houses, skyscrapers. Living in them, people enjoy the comfortable lives without worrying about the whether it is hot cold or rainy outside.

     Finally I want to mention that technology has bring our lives more and more convenience. For instance, many people like music, classic music or pop music. At the beginning, people must go to the theater whenever he wanted to hear a song. Today, by using great technologies, walkman and discoman are supplied for the music fans. Then they can enjoy their favorite songs anywhere and anytime. From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw the conclusion that technology has made the world a better place to live. 3. With the development of technology, there have been a lot of changes to our life. Admittedly, some of these changes are bad, causing many environmental and social problems. However, most of these changes contribute to making our life more convenient, more comfortable and more wonderful. First of all, due to the improvement of technology, people can enjoy more convenience than ever. For example, it only takes travelers or businessmen several hours to go to other countries by jet plane, which makes the world seem to be much smaller. With the help of Internet, people at different corners of the world can communicate with significantly high speed and low cost. It is technology that has cleared away the barriers that once prevented people from leading a convenient life. Secondly, technology has made our life as comfortable as we can imagine. Sitting in airconditioned rooms, people do not have to suffer the extremely cold or hot weather any more. Whatever vegetable or fruit we want to eat, we can always find it in a supermarket without worrying about the season.

    We can also go to work in a place far away from our homes by using automobiles or public transportation tools. In addition, technology provides us many choices to spend our spare time. Listening to music by using an MD, MP3 or walkman, surfing the internet or watching digital movies, all of these entertainments make our life wonderful. In conclusion, although technology has brought about some problems, such as air pollution caused by increasing automobiles, ethnic problems caused by cloning human beings, the benefits of technology far outweigh its bad influences. So it is safe to say that technology has made the world a better place to live.


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