What can chinese learn from the world

By Fred Kelly,2014-05-23 14:40
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What can chinese learn from the world

    What can Chinese learn from the world?

    Do you remember the fierce competition between the Confucius

    and Avatar? The competition came to the end with the bombing at

    the box office of the Confucius. Did it mean that our great man

    Confucius was no match for the virtual character Avatar? I think

    that was not the confrontation between the Confucius and Avatar, but

    between the Chinese filmdom and westerner. Our Chinese movie

    industry was much behind the Hollywood’s and our filmmakers

    seldom won big prize in the world award ceremonies. So it is quite

    necessary for us to learn the advanced film production from others.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. In many other aspects, such as

    science, technology, economy, education, and legislation and so on, we

    still have a lot to learn from the world. Comparing with the previous,

    our country’s status has rise, but it doesn’t represent that we are

    more flouring than other countries and we have no examples.

    What I want to say is that we must thank our great man Deng

    Xiaoping. If it were not for his China reform and open policy, our

    country would fall behind the present. A man who is conservative

    and isolated with others cannot make great progress. So does a

    country. The reform and opening up opened the new page of Chinese

    history. Chinese people have the access to expose to the world and the

    chance to learn from others’ merit. Actually, we have learned a lot

ranging from the manufacturing, agriculture and medical science to

    the aerospace industry. Take the aerospace for example, at first our

    country is a nobody in this filed, but after several decades’ learning

    from the aviation giant America and Russia, our country has been

    way ahead. The Shenzhou Missions, a series of spaceships and

    satellites mark the milestone of Chinese astrological development.

    Now we are still learning

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