University Memorial Center Board Agenda

By Jimmy Burns,2014-05-18 21:42
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University Memorial Center Board Agenda

    University Memorial Center Board Minutes thTuesday February 10 2009

    UMC 245 5:30 pm

I. Call to Order

II. Approvals

     thA. Tuesday February 10 2009 Agenda Approved by Acclimation thB. Tuesday January 27 2009 Minutes Approved by Acclimation

III. Open Hearing - None

IV. Chair’s Report

    A. Office checks

    B. Scholarship committee report

    a. Original recommendation

    i. 8 $500 scholarships and 3 $1000 scholarships

    b. Carlos suggestion

    i. 6 $500 scholarships and 4 $1000 scholarships

    c. Marketed in Buff Bulletin and on digi signs

    d. Applications due March 8

    C. Policy committee

    a. Next meeting Tuesday 5/17/09 at 5:30

V. Director’s Report

    A. Budget update

    1. Budget changed 3 times and will be changing

    2. No decisions made at Saturday’s FB meeting

    3. 0 + unduckables tentatively approved with first 2 enhancements stnd4. Nightride scenario tentatively approved with 1 enhancement and 2

    enhancement scenario B nd5. Hopefully 2 reading approved tonight

    6. Didn’t approve student wage increase – should be unduckables

    1. Student employment forces an increase

    2. Merit based part

    7. UMC lacks the passion aspect of student employment = harder to retain student


    8. Tri-exec Ryan B. tried to add an enhancement funding for training ESL

    employees: SWAP, but FB suggested that be taken up with Leg Council

    9. Overtall UCSU Student fee may rise approximately $14 = 3.8% increase

    10. No more than 4% increase is what is desired by the Tri-execs

    11. 2 changes (1) used wrong % for professional exempt salary unduckables

    120,000 to 112,000 (2)eliminate all classified salary increasess and change in

    GAIR unduckables for UMC = $32,271 (.6% increase) enhancements more

    likely to be passed

    12. Student IT position: Is it a UCSU responsibility not a UMC one? Should be a

    UCSU IT person to do that for student groups might be in his current job

    description: maybe not in job description so if UMC is volunteering to do this,

    may be UCSU is willing to fund it.

    B. Food service renovation\

    1. VC for Admin might be willing to provide funds are there strings attached?


VI. Program Council th concert Modest Mouse SOLD OUT 1. Feb 28th2. March 15 concert will be announced ASAP st3. Miramonte 1 week in Mar w/3 events in one day

    4. Seating issue?

    a. Balch usually stand in compliance with CUFF

    b. Regents policy: all concerts have to have seated tickets; exception can only be

    made by chancellor

    c. Begin to address this week plan is to try and get blanket approval

    VII. CU NightRide

    1. Staying busier than last semester

    2. Need to get another car = finance board SOR

    IX. Food Services

    1. Request = healthier alternative to French fries = fruit cup/fresh fruit th2. Fri 13 start delivering to the connection

    3. Styrofoam elimination $$ tentatively approved by FB

    X. Environmental Center

    1. Rocky mountain sustainability summit starts

    2. Top 10% for recyclemania goes thru March XI. UCSU

    XII. CUGold

    1. Leadership conference got full funding from Parents Fund

    2. About 300 students will participate th3. April 14

    4. Recognition reception

    5. Workshops in a box started last yr about 20 workshops

    6. CLP went to mountains with 80 students and 7 facilitators (newly trained)

    7. 2 general sessions you can go sit in

    a. Wed 5:30

    b. Thur 4:30

    XIII. Old Business

    IXIII. New Business

    1. Programs associated with Distinguished Speakers Board can buy tickets at


    IXV. Adjournment

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