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Marine Technology



     OTE 2010 Preview GE Invests Big in Offshore Wind Subsea Salvors Need New Tech


     R E P O R T E R

     April 2010 www.seadiscovery.com

     See ??Stiletto?? at OTE ??10

     The Growing Role of AUVs in Post Hurricane

     The Stiletto Maritime Test Platform ?ª and five additional boats conducting live, in-water underwater technology demonstrations ?ª will be on display at OceanTech Expo in Newport, RI this May 25-27, 2010.

     Rig Inspection


     Capex Projection to 2014

     Offshore Project

     Soliton Early Warning System



     April 2010

     Marine Technology Reporter ? Volume 53 ? Number 3


     18 Deepwater Prospects through 2014

     $167 billion Capex estimated through 2014 for the offshore deepwater. ? by Thom Payne, Douglas-Westwood

     22 Autonomous Vehicles Take Center Stage

     Chevron, Lockheed Martin advance the use of AUV??s in post-hurricane rig inspection. ? by Brian Braun, Chevron Energy Technology Company & Brian Tilton, Lockheed Martin MS2

     26 Soliton Early Warning System (SEWS)

     Fugro Geos system on a semi-sub to keep drilling safe, profitable. ? by Martin Goff & Dr. Gus Jeans, Fugro GEOS

     Pictured above is John Gallagher, Peter Stephens, Aberdeen City Lord Provost and Steph McNeill pictured in one of state-of-the-art Diving Support Vessel (DSV) Seven Atlantic??s ??next generation?? saturation diving chambers. For full details on this amazing vessel, which features Six ROVs, turn to page 14. Pictured on the Cover is an artist??s illustration of the Lockheed Martin AUV MARLIN performing structural inspection of a platform. For the full story, turn to page 22.

     (Courtesy of Lockheed Martin)

     34 BIRNS: Innovating Underwater Since 1957

     BIRNS has a long, colorful history ?ª and promising future ?ª

innovating underwater.

     39 Preview: OceanTech Expo (OTE) 2010

     Set for scenic Newport, RI, OTE offers a full slate of exhibits, conferences and in-water demos. 2 MTR

     April 2010

     the Authors

     Thom Payne is a Senior Analyst at Energy Business Analysts, Douglas-Westwood. See his article on page 18

     Martin Goff, CSci CMarSci MIMarEST, Senior Oceanographer, Fugro GEOS. Goff is a Senior Oceanographer providing metocean measurements for design and operating criteria applications in the offshore industry. He has been with the Measurements Division of Fugro GEOS for more than five years, working in the UK, Singapore and Australian regional offices as a project manager. Involved in all areas of the company including site work and data analysis, Goff specializes in realtime buoy based systems. Dr Gus Jeans, CSci CMarSci MIMarEST, Consultancy Manager, Fugro GEOS. Dr Jeans is the Fugro GEOS UK consultancy manager, providing metocean design and operating criteria to the offshore industry worldwide. He has been with Fugro GEOS for over 12 years, where his work has included numerous projects to characterize and predict solitons for commercial applications. His oceanography PhD was on internal waves and solitons. See their article on page 26





     Brian Braun is a Subsea Intervention Specialist for Chevron Energy Technology Company. Brian has been supporting Chevron??s Autonomous Underwater Strategic Research Program for the past 2 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Brian Tilton is an Engineering Project Manager for Lockheed Martin MS2. Brian has been supporting Lockheed??s Undersea Systems Line of Business for the past 25 years. He holds a Master of Science of Science Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Connecticut. See their article on page 22

     also in this Edition

     39 43 OceanTech Expo Preview New Products People & Company News MTR Marketplace Advertising Index Incredible Images


     Thrusters: Brushless, Magnetically Coupled. Color & B&W Cameras

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     (Courtesy of Lockheed Martin)


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     ow that we are a full 12 months removed from the abyss of what is widely regarded as the financial meltdown in a generation, it is a good time to reflect and plan ahead. I have had hundreds of conversations regarding the economy and its effect on this business in the past year, and while it is foolhardy to draw singular conclusion, I can say that those that weathered the storm the best and recovered the quickest are those with diversified technology and client sectors. This month at the Offshore Technology Conference, tens of thousands of visitors will mill through the exhibition halls at Reliant Center in Houston. With the Obama Administration??s recent push to open additional oil and gas drilling sites off the U.S. coasts and the proliferation of offshore wind energy projects, it is a safe bet that an investment in finding and/or harnessing energy in the offshore environment is a good addition to your plan of action in the coming decade. Next month in Newport, Rhode Island is the Third Annual OceanTech Expo (OTE), an event which brings together the subsea defense, offshore and science communities for two and a half days of exhibit, conference and in-water technology demonstrations. We (New Wave Media, publishers of MTR, also produces OTE) are particularly excited for this year??s OTE, first and foremost because the event has moved from Providence to the docks of scenic and

    historic Newport, Rhode Island, a move that provides the opportunity to walk directly ??from the booth to the water.?? In addition, we are honored to welcome John Westwood, Chairman of DouglasWestwood, London, as our keynote speaker. Douglas-Westwood is an acknowledged leading source of market data and information for the offshore energy and subsea sectors, delivering a stable of timely and authoritative reports, such as the ??The Global Deepwater Market Report - 2010-2014?? which is excerpted in part starting on page 18. Also featured at this year??s OTE will be a small fleet of vessels ?ª six in total ranging from 22 to 165 ft. and including the Maritime Test Platform Stiletto ?ª on hand to serve as the platform for a full slate of in-water technology demonstrations. Finally, we are pleased to offer OTE for all of New England and our neighbors up north in Newfoundland as a platform to showcase advances in subsea technology in the cradle of what is arguably the most dense region for subsea expertise in the world.


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     6 MTR

     April 2010


     Marine Technology Reporter 7

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     Deepstar ?C Technology Development for

     Deepwater Research - Phase IX

     The DeepStar project is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves. Phase IX is the current phase of the project.

     The DeepStar project is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves. Phase IX is the current phase of the project. DeepStar Phase IX commenced in January 2008 with nine Oil Company Participants. DeepStar participants represent a strong mix of large and mid-size operators, US and non-US based, drawing in a rich array of diverse expertise to address common deepwater challenges. DeepStar currently has over 50 service and vendor company Contributor Members. The Phase IX focus is the following key deepwater challenges: ? Ultradeepwater development: Consisting of Seafloor boosting, Subsea systems, Risers in 10,000?? water depth and Unconventional flowlines. ? Enhanced well productivity and recovery: Consisting of Subsea boosting & artificial lift and Remote well test pressure monitoring. ? Flow assurance: Consisting of Asphaltene deposition simulation & validation,Hydrate kinetics & plugging and Cold Restart. ? Drilling, completion and inter8 MTR

     vention paradigm shifts.

     Phase IX Projects

     9000 ?C Geosciences Committee 9001 ?C Improved Subsalt Imaging Using a Multi-component Propagator and Converted Waves This project will develop a method to improve sub-salt imaging using an MC elastic propagator and converted wave paths. ? 9100 ?C Regulatory Committee 9101 ?C Permit Cycle Risk Reduction?ªEmerging Technologies To review the new proposed Early Production Systems and sub systems like risers, artificial lift,etc. against the existing regulatory framework and specific industry standards and specifications to determine if any gaps exist and to outline an action plan on addressing those (regulatory) gaps. ? 9200 ?C Flow Assurance Committee 9201 ?C Asphaltene Deposition: Simulation Tool and Test Protocol Develop test methodology and simulation tools to forecast the occurrence and magnitude of asphaltene deposition. Mechanisms of deposit formation including kinetic effects, agglomeration, and deposit morphology

     will be modeled and tested. Develop test methodology and simulation tools to forecast the occurrence and magnitude of asphaltene deposition. Mechanisms of deposit formation including kinetic effects, agglomeration, and deposit morphology will be modeled and tested. ? 9300 ?C Subsea Systems Committee 9301 ?C AVU Project Scope of Work Redirected. Overall objective to utilize AUVs for tasks typically performed by ROVs. ? 9400 ?C Floating Systems Committee 9402 ?C Determine Remaining Life of Polyester Rope Moorings Confirm a hypothesis (from MMS work) to determine that a polyester mooring system??s life will safely exceed the project??s design life. "20-hurricane" cycling test results are needed from other rope manufacturers besides the one used in the MMS tests. The hypothesis is based on a maximum strain theory, rather than the stress based theory used in API RP 2SM. Excerpted from a blog posted by Claudio Paschoa on his ??Brazilian Subsea Blog?? on www.MaritimeProfessional.com

     April 2010


     Sigma Offshore Wins Nido Contract

     includes the delivery of a 480m (almost a third of a mile) floating hose ?C a key part of the marine export system ?C as Nido begins early well testing in its Tindalo Field. Alistair Dornan, President and CEO of Sigma Offshore, said: ??This is Phase One of a planned extended well test. Should the well test prove successful and the field reserves be sufficient for a Phase Two, then we are hoping that Sigma Offshore will be well placed to assist Nido for the full field development.

     Alistair Dornan, President and CEO, Sigma Offshore

     Sigma Offshore won a $1.2 million order with Australia??s Nido Petroleum, an exploration and production company whose business activities are focused on the Philippines offshore Palawan Basin. The contract for Sigma Offshore

     CCGS Viola M Davidson

     The CCGS Viola M Davidson, an 18.5 M (61??) Fisheries Research Vessel was launched March 3, 2010 on the high tide in the UNESCO town of Lunenburg Nova Scotia. The vessel was designed and built by ABCO Industries Limited. Following completion of extensive trials the CCGS Viola M Davidson will be operating out of St Andrew's, New Brunswick. This fully modern vessel is outfitted with state-of-the-art electronics, electrics, hydraulics and fishing gear to accomplish her mission. There is a large scientific laboratory aft of the wheelhouse. Propulsion is by twin screw with hydraulic bowthruster assist.

     www.seadiscovery.com Marine Technology Reporter 9


     Renewable Energy

     GE Marks Major Investment in European Offshore Wind Expansion

     RINA in Renewable Energy Initiative RINA confirmed its participation in the European offshore renewable energy initiative ORECCA (Offshore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms Co-ordination Action), which came into operation on March 1, 2010. ORECCA is a project developed under the EU??s 7th Framework Program for R&D, and brings together 28 partners comprising individual companies, technology centers and universities from 12 EU countries in a scheme to develop deepwater structures which can exploit wind, wave, tidal and ocean current energy sources. It will last 18 months and will receive a financial contribution from the EU of $2.1m. ORECCA aims to create a framework for knowledge sharing by developing a research roadmap for activities in the context of offshore renewable energy. This will help define strategic investment opportunities, R&D priorities and the regulatory and socio-economic factors which need to be addressed in order to achieve a strategy for a European policy on development of the offshore renewable energy sector.

     GE announced plans to invest approximately $455m to develop or expand its wind turbine manufacturing, engineering and service facilities in four European countries ?ª the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Germany ?ª signaling GE??s long-term commitment to the promising European offshore wind sector. ??Offshore wind will play a vital role in meeting the growing global demand for cleaner, renewable energy and has a bright future here in Europe,?? said Ferdinando (Nani) Beccalli-Falco, president and CEO of GE International. ??These investments will position us to help develop Europe??s vast, untapped offshore wind resources, while also creating new jobs for both GE and our suppliers.?? While offshore wind is arguably the most advanced of all offshore renewable energies, the technology to develop and deliver is still considered to be in its infancy by many ana-

     MCT to Deploy New Tidal Farm

     Marine Current Turbines secured approval for a lease from The Crown Estate to deploy its award-winning SeaGen tidal current technology off Brough Ness, on the southern most tip of the Orkney Islands (South Ronaldsay) and north east of John O??Groats. The company plans to have its first phase of SeaGen tidal turbines deployed during 2017 with the whole scheme operational by 2020. Marine Current Turbines (MCT) is planning to install 66 SeaGen tidal turbines in three phases over a four year period in a site area of 4.3 square km. The Brough Ness tidal array will have a total generating capacity of 99MW. Martin Wright, Managing Director of MCT, said: ??The Pentland Firth and Orkney waters are strategically the most important marine energy areas in Western Europe so we are delighted to have secured approval for a lease by The Crown Estate.?? Subject to financing and final agreements with The Crown Estate, Marine Current Turbines is aiming to secure planning and environment consents for Brough Ness by 2015, to start construction in 2016 and the first phase of deployment in 2017. The timing of construction and deployment will be dependent on the local grid infrastructure being strengthened.

     April 2010

     10 MTR

     lysts, though investments by global corporate titan??s such as GE will expedite the development. At the core of GE??s European expansion plans is the development of GE??s next generation wind turbine, a 4-MW machine designed specifically for offshore deployment. As the largest wind turbine in GE??s fleet, it will incorporate advanced drive train and control technologies gained through GE??s acquisition of ScanWind. The 4-MW wind turbine will feature GE??s technology that eliminates the need for gearboxes. This technology is already being demonstrated at a test site in Hundhammerfjellet, Norway, where the first ScanWind direct drive unit has been operating for more than five years. The European Wind Energy Association expects that Europe??s offshore wind sector will grow more than 70% in 2010, with continued growth forecast over the next several years. If all of the offshore wind projects currently in development are completed, they could produce 10% of the European Union??s total electricity while avoiding 200 million tons of CO2 emissions each year. Overall, offshore wind is expected to make a major contribution in helping the European Union reach its goal to have 20% of its energy produced from renewable resources by the year 2020. Some specifics of the GE plan include: ? GE will add to its existing presence in Norway with plans to create a new Offshore Technology Development Center in Oslo and expand its demonstration unit production and service facilities in Verdal. GE also has joined the Nowitech Research Center in Norway to participate in joint research projects on offshore wind topics. ? In Sweden, GE will expand its offshore wind

    facilities by developing a Conceptual and Systems Design Center in Karlstad. A technology demonstration unit is planned to be installed in Gothenburg harbor, and GE also will join the Chalmers Wind Energy Center in Gothenburg. ? A new engineering center in Hamburg, Germany. GE also plans to expand its resources at its existing wind turbine manufacturing facility in Salzbergen, as well as the GE Global Research Center in Munich. ? GE plans to establish its offshore wind turbine manufacturing in the United Kingdom. In addition, GE will locate application and service engineering resources in the country and will bring partners and suppliers of towers, blades, nacelles and other offshore wind components to the manufacturing facility.



     SeaGen Tidal Project On a visit to Northern Ireland??s Strangford Lough, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, the UK??s Energy Minister, congratulated Marine Current Turbines (MCT) on its achievements to design, deploy and operate its SeaGen tidal current energy system. SeaGen is the largest grid-connected marine renewable energy system in the world and which last month exceeded 1000 hours of commercial operation. The 1.2MW tidal current turbine, which was deployed in April 2008, has achieved a capacity factor of 66% and so far delivered more than 800MWh of electricity into the National Grid. ??The recent investment in MCT made by global engineering company, Siemens, underlines the commercial potential and engineering quality of our patented SeaGen technology but a significant step change in the financing of marine energy projects will be necessary if we are to deploy the UK??s first tidal array by 2012,?? said Martin Wright, Managing Director of Marine Current Turbine. Siemens Energy??s investment in Marine Current Turbines was announced in February 2010. New investment in the company from the Carbon Trust, EDF Energy and other shareholders was secured in December ??09 and February ??10.

     Renewable Energy Contract for a

     German Offshore Wind Farm

     Keppel Verolme and consortium partner AREVA Energietechnik GmbH, a German subsidiary of French energy company AREVA, have secured a $82.7 million contract from Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy GmbH (Wetfeet Offshore) to build a Mobile Offshore Application Barge (MOAB) for a new offshore wind farm in the German Exclusive Economic Zone in the North Sea. This self-erecting floating platform will be deployed at the Global Tech I Wind Farm that is being built and operated by Wetfeet Offshore. Using the patent-pending solution of AREVA Offshore Platform, the MOAB will host the transformers and high voltage switchgears to collect and convert electricity generated by the wind turbines for delivery to Germany??s national power grid. It is also equipped with

    critical control systems to serve as a backup power supply for the wind farm in case of emergencies. ??Germany aims to raise its percentage of electricity generated from renewable energy sources to at least 20% by 2020 and 50% by 2050,?? said Harold Linssen, Managing Director of Keppel Verolme. ??A major element in achieving this target is to further develop the capacity of its offshore wind sector.?? The Global Tech I wind farm will be located about 110km northwest of Cuxhaven (Germany) in the German Exclusive Economic Zone in the North Sea consisting of 80 5-Megawatt (MW) class wind turbines. When fully operational in 2013, this wind farm will be capable to generate some 1.4 billion kilowatthours (kWh) of electrical energy annually, supplying one million people with clean energy. It is also expected to help cut some 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. MOAB will provide permanent accommo-

     dation for up to 32 personnel operating the wind farm. By serving both energy transmission and wind farm maintenance functions, MOAB helps to enhance the operational reliability and efficiency of Global Tech I, contributing overall to a greener environment. Keppel Verolme will carry out the detailed engineering and construction work on this new platform designed by Overdick GmbH & Co, while AREVA designs, fabricates and installs the transformers and other high voltage equipment. The vessel is targeted for completion in the fourth quarter of 2011.

     12 MTR

     April 2010


     Innovative Ship Pair Debuts

     The vessel has six ROVs onboard and is designed for inspection, repair and maintenance

     2,000-ton Cable Shipment for Belwind Wind Farm Wilhelmsen Ships Service??s (WSS) Project Logistics team at Lysaker, Norway completed two shipments of heavy duty electrical cable to Belgium, for use in the Belwind offshore energy project in the North Sea off Belgium. The cables were produced in Tonsberg at Parker ScanRope AS, and loaded onto 56 reels. The cable will be used to connect the turbines together. Each reel weighed between 18 - 45 tons, and contained in total 43,722m of cable, totaling 2000 tons. Despite the sub-zero temperatures and frozen sea, the vessel was able to leave ahead of schedule. In addition to arranging the loading and securing of the reels, WSS was responsible for arranging the port call at both ends of the journey, in Tonsberg (Norway) and Zeebrugge (Belgium). The Belwind wind farm is nearing completion. When completed, giant wind turbine project will have a capacity of 330MW and will produce 1.1 TWh of electricity on an annual basis.

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