How to Save Water

By Clara Phillips,2014-03-30 16:57
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    How to Save Water

    Good morning, judges, teachers and fellow students. My name is Tom. My family and my friends call me Little Tom. Because I used to be a short boy when I was little.Today, little boy is not little any more! I am

    a 12 years old and tall boy! And now, its Toms time! Please enjoy it.

    First, I have a riddle for you. It has no colour, but you can see it. It can run, but it has no legs. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its soft. It can

    be good to people and save peoples lives, but it can also be bad to people

    and kill peoples lives. Its so important for everyone, every day! If you

    are thirsty, drink it! Can you guess what it is? Bingo!!! It is water. Water

    is so important, but how can we save water? My speech today is how to save water.

    How to save water? We should turn off the water when after we wash our hands. We also shouldnt play with water. Because water is so

    commendable. Now there is not so much clean water in the earth. If people dont save water, it will disappear one dayPlease dont make the

    last drop of water become the tear of human.

    We should save water. For you, for me, for every one, what we need to do is to change our bad water-using habit and fall into a good one. Maybe its only a piece of little thing to do it, but little by little, as we know, many drops of water make a river, we should save every drop of water! Lets move on! Thank you for listening.

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