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Conveniently located near to frequently visited establishments such as cash and carry trade warehouses - this allows you to recycle while you shop.

     thPRESS INFORMATION 8 July 2010

North West’s first Trade Recycling Centre good news for businesses and the environment

The North West‟s first Trade Recycling Centre (TRC) in Haydock is now open for business making

    recycling waste easy and cost effective for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) via a fixed price bring your waste facility. The new TRC is based on the hugely successful Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) concept, which businesses cannot freely access.

    Envirolink Northwest, the organisation that supports the development and growth of the Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) sector in the North West, has worked on the WRAP supported project as part of a consortium with Centrol Recycling Group and Gordon Mackie Associates. The pilot TRC project will help users tackle the many barriers to recycling trade waste through a bespoke recycling centre.

Amy Glover, Business Development Manager, Envirolink Northwest said: „The disposal of trade waste

    has traditionally presented a difficult challenge to local businesses. This facility will provide an invaluable business resource and make it so much easier for SME‟s to recycle waste, in effect it will improve the

    region‟s recycling rates. We are confident that the pilot site will be a success setting the standards for more TRCs to appear across the North West.‟

     thDesigned exclusively by Centrol Recycling Group the TRC pilot project opened on the 8 June 2010 and

    is projected to service 5000-6000 businesses in the area. Over 35 people from various sectors including local authorities, environmental services, and interested customers attended the launch event.

Rachael Oborn, Group Chairman, Centrol Recycling Group commented; “TRC sites are the only place

    where you can legally dispose of your business waste without paying a penny in „landfill tax‟. Businesses

    can now recycle over 28 different waste streams at the centre, many of which would end up in landfill sites, at a huge cost to both businesses and the environment. By offering members fixed cost recycling and flexible access, we are confident TRC will become an invaluable tool for SMEs to recycle more waste in a cost effective way.”

    Businesses interested in obtaining further information on the TRC project should contact Amy Glover, Business Development Manager at Envirolink Northwest:

    For more information, to become a member and to significantly reduce your waste costs please visit:


    For media enquiries please contact: Suzanne McGuckin, Communications Officer, Envirolink Northwest on 01925 855768 email

    Note to editors:

    Key Features of Trade Recycling Centres:

    ; Conveniently located near to frequently visited establishments such as cash and carry trade warehouses

    - this allows you to recycle while you shop.

    ; Entry to TRC facilities is controlled, to ensure the Centres are used only by our members.

; Joining is simple, quick and efficient, visit the Join TRC section for details on how to join. With a choice

    of 4 payment plans - business waste recycling just got a whole lot cheaper.

    ; TRC sites are recycling centres that means we won't charge you landfill tax... ever.

    ; TRC offers fixed price membership of ?7.95 per week, no hassles and no hidden charges. What you see

    is what you pay.

    ; TRC membership allows unlimited visits to our facilities, unlimited volumes of recyclables, and we are

    open 7 days a week, 362 days per year.

    ; Unlike many waste management companies, we do not charge for Waste Transfer Notes or Duty of Care

    Administration - TRC does everything for you and for free.

    Envirolink Northwest is the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) funded

    organisation whose aim is to develop the North West of England‟s environmental technology

    and services sector by making it a competitive force to provide sustainable solutions to

    environmental problems. Its aims and objectives are to: raise the profile of the North West‟s

    environmental technologies and services sector in local, national and global markets; help the

    North West‟s environmental suppliers to find and win new business; stimulate the formation of

    partnerships and consortia to address market opportunities; provide a forum for the exchange of

    knowledge and experience; improve the competitiveness of the sector; and assist in links with

    the NWDA and other regional/national bodies.

    The Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) works to deliver economic success in

    England‟s North West by building the competitiveness of businesses, people and places.

    Leading the region towards a low carbon economy by ensuring the Northwest reduces its

    environmental impact, adapts to climate change and capitalises on key business opportunities.

    For further information visit

    The European Regional Development fund in the North West

    Between 2007 and 2013 the North West of England will receive a total of ?521million

    (dependent on exchange rate) from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

    Managed by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), this funding will enhance

    the competitiveness of the region‟s economy by supporting growth in employment and


    Key targets for the Northwest Operational Programme (NWOP) include:

    ; Creating 26,700 net additional jobs by 2015

    ; Generating ?1.17bn additional annual GVA by 2015

    ; Supporting a 25% reduction in additional C02 emissions generated by the ERDF


    For further information please visit

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