Unit 16Scientists at work

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Unit 16Scientists at work

    Unit 16 Scientists at work


    1.I believe weve met somewhere before.

    No, ______. isnt the same cant be true

    C.I dont think so D.Id rather not

    2.Im taking my driving test tomorrow.


    A.Cheers B.Good luck

    C.Come on D.Congratulations

    3.Ive got your invitation.


    A.Thanks a lot. B.Can you come?

    C.Ill take it. D.May I help you?

    4. Do you happen to have 50 dollars with you?


     I want to buy a small recorder.

    A.Do you want it B.How much

    C.What will you want to do D.What for

    5.Youve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs Wang. ______.

    A.Oh, Im afraid I didnt cook very well

    B.Im glad you enjoyed it

    C.Come again, when you are free

    D.Its not necessary for you to say so


    6.The number of people that he invited ______ large but a number of them ______ absent.

    A.were;was B.was;were

    C.was;was D.were;were

    7.______ his son was ill,he felt very worried.

    A.Being known B.Knowing

    C.Known D.To know

    8.During the long journey,he ______ a most amusing companion.

    A.was proved B.proved

    C.had been proved D.has been proved

    9.She found her calculator ______ she lost it.

    A.where B.that

    C.when which

    10.The game ______ two hours.At last,our team won the game.

    A.lasted B.kept on

    C.had on D.carried on

    11.In hot summer,dark glasses will ______ you from the sunlight.

    A.prevent B.stop

    C.kept D.protect

    12.If the light goes out,it means you should get the battery ______.

    A.charged B.charging

    C.charge charge

    13.______ do the experiment,Franklin needed four things:a kite,a key,some really bad weather and condenser.

    A.So as to B.In order that

    C.So that D.In order to

    14.The fire spread quickly in the building but everybody ______ escape from it.

    A.had to B.could

    C.was able to D.tried to

    15.I believe in Jackson.______ that he will come to help us.

    A.It is no doubt B.There is no doubt

    C.There is no need D.It is no use

    16.There are laws to protect the animals but some hunters ______ them.

    A.keep B.make

    C.get D.break

    17.You havent been to Beijing,have you?

    ______.How I wish to go there!

    A.Yes,I have B.Yes,I havent

    C.No,I havent D.No,I have

    18.The missing boys were last seen ______ near the river.

    A.playing play be playing

    19.The world is ______ seven continents and four oceans.

    A.made out of B.made up of

    C.made from D.made in

    20.Can I help you?

    Well Im afraid the box is ______ heavy for you,but thank you all the same. B.very

    C.much D.too

    21. She changed so much that I hardly her.

    A. knew B. recognized C. found D. found out

    22. The magazine is reading, so he advised me it.

    A. well worth; to buy B. very worth; buying

    C. worthing; buying D. worthy; to buy

    23. She has Jim for nearly 10 years.

    A. married with B. married to

    C. been married with D. been married to

    24. I called his house, but he wasn’t in. so I left a message telling him I would call

    him the next day.

    A. on; on B. at; at C. at; on D. on; at

    25. I don’t believe that she has done so much in a week, ?

    A. do I B. don’t I C. has she D. hasn’t she

    26. good time she had at the palace ball?

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

    27. She and it looked wonderful her.

    A. tried on it, with B. fitted it on, with C. tried it on, on D. fitted on it, on

    28. It is of time and money to build such a hotel in this town.

    A. a waste B. the waste C. unnecessary D. worth

    29. How much will you for this bike?

    A. ask B. charge C. spend D. buy

    30. There was no that she was a good teacher.

    A. reason B. fact C. doubt D. wonder

    31. He saw the beautiful little girl in .

    A. poor B. tears C. tears D. poors

    32. The medicine is ; Wei Fang feels much better.

    A. working B. doing C. affecting D. taking

    33. I always have the doors and windows carefully .

    A. fastened B. fasten C. fastening D. to fasten

    34. They spent money on musical instruments.

    A. a large number B. a good deal of C. a great deal of D. amount of

    35. The guide the tourists round the museum.

    A. visit B. make C. pick D. conduct

    . 单项填空(本题共20小题,计20分)

    1.I believe weve met somewhere before. No, ______.

    A. it isnt the same B. it cant be true C.I dont think so D. Id rather not

    2.Im taking my driving test tomorrow. ______!

    A. Dont worry B. Good luck C. Come on D. Congratulations

    3.Ive got your invitation. Oh, good.______

    A. Thanks a lot. B. Can you come ? C. Ill take it. D. May I help you?

    4. Do you happen to have 50 dollars with you? ______? I want to buy a small


    A. Do you want it B. How much C. What will you want to do D. What for

    5.Youve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs Wang. ______.

    A. Oh, Im afraid I didnt cook very well B. Im glad you enjoyed it

    C. Come again, when you are free D. Its not necessary for you to say so

    6.The number of people that he invited ______ large but a number of them ______ absent.

    A. were; was B. was; were C. was; was D. were; were

    7.______ his son was ill, he felt very worried.

    A. Being known B. Knowing C. Known D. To know

    8.During the long journey, he ______ a most amusing companion.

    A. was proved B. proved C. had been proved D. has been proved

    9.She found her calculator ______ she lost it.

    A. where B. that C. which D. in which

    10.The game ______ two hours. At last, our team won the game.

    A. went on B. kept on C. had on D. carried on

    11.In hot summer, dark glasses will ______ you from the sunlight.

    A. prevent B. stop C. kept D. protect

    12.If the light goes out, it means you should have the battery ______.

    A. charged B. charging C. charge D. to charge

    13.______ do the experiment, Franklin needed four things: a kite, a key, some really bad

    weather and


    A. So as to B. In order that C. So that D. In order to

    14.The fire spread quickly in the building but everybody ______ escape from it.

    A. had to B. did as much as possible to C. was able to D. did what they could to

    15.I believe in Jackson. ______ that he will come to help us.

    A. It is no doubt B. There is no doubt C. There is no need D. It is no use

    16.There are laws to protect the animals but some hunters ______ them.

    A. keep B. make C. get D. break

    17.You havent been to Beijing, have you?

    ______.How I wish to go there!

    A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I havent C. No, I havent D. No, I have

    18._______ a few more minutes and he will finish his report.

    A. Wait B. To wait C. Wait D. Waiting

    19.The world is ______ seven continents and four oceans.

    A. made out of B. made up of C. made from D. made in

    20.The research is so designed that once _______ nothing can be done to change


    A. beginning B. to begin C. began D. begun


    (产品, 发现, 缺点, 必要, 电流, 撕坏, 怀疑, 传导, 结论, 残酷)

    51.Is it _________ to spend so much money on clothes?

    52.Everything has its own advantages and ____________.

    53.Setting up a car factory here can help develop the _____________ in this area.

    54.In the 18th and 19th centuries scientists made many important ____________.

    55.A condenser is used to collect and store _____________.

    56.They have drawn different ___________ from the facts.

    57.Do you know what material ______________ electricity and heat best?

    58.Don't pull the cloth so hard. It ______________ easily.

    59.How do you feel animal experiments? Do you think it _________.

    60.There is no _________ about his honesty.

    一、Write the key words or phrases from memory(默写重点单词与词组)10

    1.火焰_________ 2.实验_________

    3.发动机_________ 4.经济_________

    5.安慰,舒适_________ 6.操行,引导_________

    7.充电_________ 8.震动_________

    9.证明,证实_________ 10.手帕_________

    11.锋利的_________ 12.扎牢,拴紧_________

    13.丝带 _________ 14.解释,说明_________

15.洗发精_________ 16.药物_________

    17.怀疑_________ 18.残酷的_________

    19.轮子 _________ 20.结论_________

    二、Word spelling(单词拼写)10 1.It's _________(不必要)to spend so much money on clothes.

    2.Everything has its own advantages and d_________.

    3.Setting up a car factory here can help develop the e_________in this area.

    4.In the 18th and 19th centuries scientists made many important _________(发现).

    5.A condenser is used to collect and store e_________.

    6.It usually takes four hours to get my cell phone fully c_________.

    7.Do you know what material _________(传导)electricity and heat best?

    8.Don't pull the cloth so hard.It _________()easily.

    9.How do you feel animal experiments? Do you think it c_________.

    10.There is no d_________ about his honesty.

    三、Rewrite the following sentences(句型转换)5

    1.My cell phone is power off.I have to store power into it.

    I have to _________ my cell phone fully _________ before I use it again.

    2.If a medicine works with animals there is a high chance that it also works with people.

    If a medicine has _________ _________ animals,it _________ _________ _________ that it

    has _________ _________people.

    3.How do you feel about the animal experiments?

    What do you _________ _________ the animal experiments?

    4.Doctors can learn a lot of skills from working on animals.

    Doctors can _________ more _________ from working on animals.

    5.I think Maglev train costs too much money.

    In _________ _________,Maglev train is _________ _________ expensive.

    四、Multiple choice(单项选择)15 1.It looks as if they are going to _________ us a lot of money for the concert hall.

    A.demand B.cost

    C.charge D.ask

    2.They had to_________ before they finished the course because they were not well


    A.drop in B.drop out

    C.drop off D.drop by

    3.At midnight the enemy attacked _________.

    A.without warning B.without notice

    C.without permission D.A or B

    4.You'd better get all the work _________ before you leave.

    A.finishing finish

    C.finished finished

    5.I didn't like aunt Lucy,who __________ without warning and bringing us presents.

    A.always turned up

    B.has always turned up

    C.had always turned up

D.was always turning up

    6._________ no need for everybody to discuss the problem again since it has already been


    A.It has B.There has

    C.We have D.There is

    7.Plastic and rubber won't _________ electricity,but copper will. A.have

    C.pass D.conduct

    8._________ that he had fallen behind,he tried to work harder.

    A.Having realized B.Realized

    C.Realize D.To realize

    9.The key _________ the string was put into the door to stop the kite _________. A.tie to;flying away

    B.tying to;fly away

    C.tied to;flying away

    D.tied to;fly away

    10.There is _________ that her daughter will pass the exam to go abroad to study. A.chances B.likely

    C.a high chance D.possible

    11.Arguments happen when people _________ each other's views.

    A.go against B.go for

    C.keep D.have

    12._________ that it's very cruel to kill wild animals for money. A.It is no doubt B.There is no doubt

    C.It is not doubt D.There is not doubt

    13.Every minute should be _________ lessons.

    A.made full use to learn

    B.made use of learning

    C.made use of to learn

    D.used of learning

    14._________,they'll carry on the work until they can get the money they need. A.As I think B.In my opinion

    C.In spite of D.To my view

    15.Do you think we can get there on time? Yes,_________ the bus does not break down.

    A.even if B.unless

    C.until long as

    II. Translation:

    1、利用 2、保护不受的侵害

    3、把系到之上 4、浪费时间

    5、以平局结束 6、导电

    7、用丝绸做的风筝 8、反对某人的意愿

9、在上做实验 10、防止风筝飞走

III. Write from the memory, reading Franklins Famous Kite Experiment(the

    fourth paragraph). The first few words have been given. 12%

     To do the experiment you need four things: _____________________________

IV. Multiple Choice.

    1. I dont think the plan will ____, for it is short of consideration of the workforce.

    Whats your ____?

     A. go; idea B. work; opinion C. do; mind D. make; thought

    2. Dont do that again. Dont you think it ____ time?

     --But it may ____ to be successful.

     A. waste of ; turn B. wastes of; turn in

     C. waste of ; turn up D. a waste of ; turn out

    3. Every penny should ____ to carry out such a big project with so little money.

     A. make full use B. be made full use

     C. be made full use of D. make full use of

    4. Such difficult experiments ____ you did that day need much patience ____


     A. like; as well as B. as; as well as

     C. for; as well D. like; as well

    5. All the experiments ____ by Mr Johnson turned out to be failures, but he would not

    give up.

     A. conducted B. conducting C. had conducted D. conduct

    6. ____ people who lost homes reached as many as 250000, but thanks to the great

    help of the government ____ them built their homes soon.

     A. A number of; the number of B. The number of; a number of

     C. A number of; a number of D. The number of; the number of

    7. All these ideas may seem strange to you, but scientists are working hard to ____

    them one by one in time.

     A. come true B. realize C. make D. produce

    8. The trees are not ____ to live through this kind of hurricane(飓风).

     A. strong enough B. enough strong

     C. strongly enough D. enough strongly

    9. Have you seen a horse ____ the pole over there?

     A. tying at B. tie to C. tied by D. tied with

    10. ____ work had been finished when they got there.

     A. A number of B. The number of C. A great deal of D. A good many

    11. On the long journey, Peter ____ a most interesting guide. We all had a wonderful


     A. pratised B. behaved C. proved D. conducted

    12. ____ the film before, they decided to stay at home that evening.

     A. Having seen B. Seeing C. So as to see D. Seen

    13. There is no doubt ____ youll win the match if you go on like this.

     A. if B. why C. that D. how

    14. Every worker appeared ____ harder in the presence of their boss.

     A. working B. to be working C. to have worked D. to work

    15. Before you go camping somewhere, youd better get your cellphone.

     A. fully charging B. full charged C. full charge D. fully charged



    21. --- I wonder if I could use the instrument.

     --- _____________.

     A. I wonder how B. I dont wonder

     C. Sorry, its out of order D. No wonder, here it is 22. --- If you need me, just let me know.

     --- I will. _____________.

     A. Thats all right B. Thank you C. All right D. Not at all

    23. --- How many students are there in your classroom?

     --- ________________.

     A. Nobody B. Nothing C. None D. No one

    24. He got to the station early, _______ missing his train.

     A. in case of B. instead of C. for fear of D. in search of

    25. --- How is Dennis getting along with his work?

     --- Well, he could always _______ a new idea for increasing sales.

     A. come up with B. come about C. come on D. come over

    26. They have ______ most carefully the time and money needed to complete the project.

     A. picked out B. taken out C. left out D. worked out

    27. In the 8th century a ______ factory was set up in the middle East, ______ paper was sent all

    over Europe.

     A. paper-made; from which B. paper-making; which

     C. paper-made; which D. paper-making; from which

    28. He dropped the ______ and broke it.

     A. cup of coffee B. coffees cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup

    29. I dont doubt ______ the conference about world population will be a successful one.

     A. whether B. that C. if D. what

    30. ______ for a long time, but he managed to catch up with his classmates at last.

     A. Having been ill B. Being ill C. He was ill D. Though ill

    31. --- Why doesnt he make notes?

     --- He has no pen ______. He seems ______ it.

     A. to write; to forget bring B. to write with; to forget to bring

     C. to use with; to have forgotten bring D. to write with; to have forgotten to bring

    32. In my opinion, its the best use that could be ______ this machine.

     A. made into B. made from C. made of D. made with

    33. --- You are the world-famous scientist, arent you?

     --- You ______, I think. I am still a student.

     A. cant be serious B. mustnt be serious C. must be right D. might be funny

    34. When the boss ______ in, the project ______.

     A. came; had been discussed B. had come; was discussed

     C. was coming; was discussing D. has come; had discussed

    35. Since this term he has made ______.

     A. much progress B. many progress C. a lot of progresses D. some progresses 36. Use the umbrella to ______ yourself from the rain.

     A. prevent B. keep C. save D. protect

    37. They knew her very well. They had seen her ______ up from childhood.

     A. grow B. grew C. was growing D. to grow

    38. Father will not ______ us to use his computer.

     A. have B. hope C. agree D. allow

    39. We will have to stay inside unless it ______ tomorrow.

     A. stops raining B. will stop raining C. stops to rain D. will stop to rain 40. --- How did you like the cloth?

     --- Oh, it ______ soft.

     A. was felt B. feels C. is felt D. had been felt

    第一节: 单项填空(15小题;每小题1分,满分15)


    21It’s ___ your advantage to get along well with him.

     A. on B. over C. to D. about

    22.The number of the books in the library ___ increasing ,and a number of students ___ there to

    read books.

     A. is, goes B. are, go C. are, goes D. is , go

    23. His son will take ___ of the company after he retires.

     A. place B. charge C. position D. the place

    24. We need an ___ fan to cool the room .

     A. electric B. electrical C. electricity D. electrically

    25. His theory ___ true.

     A. is proved B. was proved C. proves D. is proving

    26. Crying, the girl tore ___ his letter.

     A. up B. off C. down D. away

    27. The street party went on , getting louder and louder and more ___ .

     A. under control B. in the control C. beyond control D. out of control

    28.___ all the words in the poem that suggest despair.

     A .Pick up B. Pick on C. pick out D. pick off

    29. You should have had the ___ to turn off the electricity before touching the wires.

     A. idea B. sense C. understanding D. knowledge

    30.We have got a bird’s ___ of the football stadium from our office window.

     A. view B. sight C. scene D. scenery

    31. Don’t ___ conclusions—just because they are late doesn’t mean they have had an accident.

    A. come at B. arrive at C. lead to D. jump to 32. The English play___ my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success.

     A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which

    33. He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes ___ the strong sunlight.

     A. by B. from C. to D. in

    34.You had better ___ Joe ___ telling them about it .

     A. stop, against B. prevent , by C. stop, from D. keep, /

35. There is some doubt ___ John will come .

     A. if B. whether C. that D. which


    1 带把伞可防晒。

    Taking an umbrella will ________ _______ ________ ______ -______.

    2 毫无疑问,他在说谎。

    ______ _______ ______ _______ that he is lying.

    3 意识到他一个人干不了这件事,他向我求助。 _______ ________ that he couldn’t do it himself, he asked me for help.

    4 那位老师对全班的学生进行了数学测试。 The teacher ________ the whole class ______ maths.

    5 请你帮我选出一本杂志好吗?

    Will you ________ _______ a magazine for me?

    6 我们可以在大厅拍照吗?

    ______ ______ ________ ______ take pictures in the hall?

    7 请在咖啡中加点糖。

    Please ______ some sugar ____ the coffee.

    8 妈妈开始做家务。

    Mother is _________ ______ ______ her housework.

    9 什么也阻止不了我们到这里来。 Nothing will __________ us _______ ________ here.

    10 他没有勇气违背他父亲的意愿。 He has no courage ______ ______ _______ his father’s will. 11 穿上这件外套。它可以御寒。

    Put on this coat. It will _______ you ________ the cold.

    12 这些酒瓶是用玻璃制造的。

    These wine bottles __________ glass.

    13 这种酒是用葡萄酿造的。

    This kind of wine __________ grapes.

    14 注意在实验开始之前把一切都准备好。 ________ _______ that everything is prepared before the experiment begins.

    15 每个队都有两次得分,比赛不分胜负。 Each team scored twice and the game_______ ______ ______ _______.

    16 为什么学生在闻从瓶子里冒出来的气味时要小心?

    Why should students _______ _______ ________ from bottle?

    17 如果你眼睛里进了东西,该怎么办? What ______ _____ ______ ______ when something gets into your eyes?

    18 它实在太昂贵了。

    It is ______ ______ expensive.

    19 它既快又干净,而且不产生噪音,就像飞机一样。

    It’s fast and clean and it does not make any noise, _____ ______ ____.

    20 那对经济(发展)有好处。

    It ______ ________ ________ the economy.

    21 你使用的几乎每一种药都曾在动物身上试验过。

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