Alternative to PLANIT for Agency IT planning information

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Alternative to PLANIT for Agency IT planning information


     IT Plan Submittal FY2005-FY2006

    Detail and Format for Executive Agency/Department

    As a result of changes in the CIO statute and the need to update the Executive Branch Strategic IT Plan, the IT planning process is modified for FY2005.

    The CIO’s Office has worked with the agencies to refine the agency IT plan format and requirements. The finalized requirements have been submitted to the rule-making process for adoption as required under Utah Code Section 63D-1a-303.

Formal Review Process for Agency IT Plans

    ; Agency Submits IT Plan July 1, 2004 to CIO’s Office

    ; CIO’s Office sends a copy to ITS and to OPB

    ; CIO and ITS review plans

    ; Distribute ITS plan to agencies

    ; ITS sends written review to CIO by August 1, 2004

    ; CIO reviews plans and has dialogue with agencies

    ; Plan approved or not approved by September 17, 2004

    General instructions for submitting agency IT plans to the CIO

    Due date: July 1, 2004.

     Format: MS Word and

     MS Excel (Tables & Matrices -double click to open in Excel )

     The Excel templates are provided in a separate Excel file.

     Plan Year: FY2005 and preliminary FY2006 information

     Submit Plan to: CIO’s Office

    Amending Plan: A Plan Amendment shall be submitted for any significant change

    in a project(s)or if an IT supplemental appropriations is requested during the

    budget process.

    IT Plans should include the following three sections:

    I. Executive Summary

    II. IT Plan Details

    III. Proposed Projects

    Provided as separate documents are the (1)Verification Form, (2) Excel

    spreadsheets and (3) Risk and Severity Worksheets.


    I. Submit an Executive Summary

    The Executive Summary is a brief two-page summary of IT accomplishments and plans supporting your vision and a summary of your IT budget. Questions 2, 4 and 5 can be answered for each Division rather than at the Department level. All other questions should be answered for the entire Department or Agency.

    1. Department/Agency Mission Statement

    2. List Your Department/Agency Business Objectives that have IT projects

    supporting them (top 5-10)

    3. Statement of IT Vision/Mission

    4. Accomplishments of 2003

    5. Describe IT alignment with business objectives by completing the following

    matrix of proposed project and business objectives.

    Place an “X” where each Proposed Project supports specific Business

    Objective(s); a brief statement of each business objective should be

    included in the matrix. (Double click on matrix below to open in Excel or

    go to template provided in the separate Excel spreadsheet.) Example Matrix: Proposed Projects and Dept./Agency Business Objectives (check all that apply)

    ...Business Objective 1

    Project AXX

    Project BXX

    Project CBusiness Objective 2

    Project DX

    Project EX

     Business Objective 3

    Business Objective 4 2

    6. IT Budget Summary for your Department/Agency

    (Double click on table below to open in Excel or go to template provided in the Excel


DP Current Expense$0$0$0

    DP Capital Expense

    IT Salaries & Benefits**


    *Round to nearest 000's

    **Base on IT class code positions

    7. Executive Official’s Verification

    To be valid the Verification form must be sent to Jeannie Watanabe from the email box of the Department Executive Director or in the case where the executive agency that is not a department, by the highest ranking official within that agency. This document shall be considered part of the Department/executive agency’s IT Plan submittal. The “Verification” is provided as a separate document.


    II. Submit IT Plan Details

    Instructions: Agency IT plans will be reviewed for alignment with and support of the Executive Branch Strategic IT Plan. Please reflect this in the presentation of your agency IT plan. ITS will also review agency IT plans so future infrastructure needs can be anticipated. IT Plan details may be submitted for each division; however, the preferred format is information provided at the department level.

    ; Complete sections 1 through 6.

    ; Complete a project description for each IT project using the “Proposed Project


1. IT Assets

    a. Inventory of Dept./Agency applications

    Check boxes that apply to each application and list the business objective(s)

    supported by the application. (Double click on table below to open in Excel or

    go to template provided in the Excel spreadsheet.)

    Inventory of Department/Agency Applications (complete for each application):

    Check the information that applies



    within last year)Name:

     MaturePurpose (limit to 25 words):



    t within next


    Supports UCA


    Dept. Busines

    Objective that is



    b. IT Personnel Summary

    (Double click on table below to open in Excel or go to template provided in


    IT Management0.00

    Computer Support Specialists

    Technical Support Specialists

    Information Analysts

    Information Technology Analysts

    DP Security Specialists

    Telecommunications Specialists

    IT Storage Management Specialists

    Other IT Staff


    the Excel spreadsheet)

2. Security Plan

    __ Department has a written security plan that is followed.

    __ Department is preparing a written security plan.

    __ There is no current security plan.

3. Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Plan

    __ Department has a written plan that is followed.

    __ Department is preparing a written plan.

    __ There is not current disaster recovery/business resumption plan.

    4. FY2005: If a supplemental IT appropriation is anticipated, describe.

    5. FY2006: Describe anticipated changes in objectives, projects or initiatives.

6. FY2006: If a building block request for an IT appropriation is anticipated, describe.


    III. Template for Proposed Project

    Definition of “Project”: A project is investment in development of a new application/system or to upgrade or enhance an existing information system.

1. This project is a

     ___ Division (or other dept. sub-unit) project; identify ___________

     ___ Department project

     ___ Cross-department project

2. Project Name:

3. Project Manager:

4. Proposed Project Purpose (check all that apply):

    ___ Maintain/enhance existing infrastructure

    ___ New infrastructure

    ___ Maintain/enhance existing application/product

    ___ Develop new application/product

    ___ Support of UCA 46-4-503

    ___ Pilot project

    ___ Implement/enhance GIS

    ___ Collaboration with local government

    ___ Public/private partnership Other, please specify:______________________

    5. Supports Executive Branch Strategic Goals (check all that apply)

    ___ Government services online

     ___ Integrated enterprise information systems and infrastructure

    ___ Maintain a competent IT workforce

     ___ Availability of high-speed Internet access

     ___ Improve IT governance

    ___ Measure, track and report performance/satisfaction for delivery of services

     ___ Ensure confidentiality, integrity, privacy and availability of data

    6. Proposed Project Description (Describe project and its anticipated benefits.)

    7. List any performance measures used by the agency for implementing the agency’s

    information technology objectives.

    8. Check the impact on ITS services that may result with the development of this project.


    (Double click on table below to open in Excel or copy template provided in the Excel




    No ChangeNo ChangeApplication ConsultingApplication Hosting (Linux)Consulting Services (Other Technical)Application Hosting (Mainframe)

    Less UseLess UseDatabase Administration (DBA) ServicesApplication Hosting (UNIX)Network PlanningApplication Hosting (Windows)

    Phone TechniciansDatabase Hosting Services (ADABAS)Security ConsultingDatabase Hosting Services (DB2)Systems DevelopmentDatabase Hosting Services (Oracle)Web Site Design ServicesDatabase Hosting Services (Other)Wireless Installation ServicesSunOne Application ServerWiring and CablingWeb Hosting Services (Colocated)

    Web Hosting Services (Managed)Dialup ServicesWeb Hosting Services (Shared)

    Directory Services (UMD Integration)WebSphere Application ServerDSL Service

    ISDN ServiceAutomated Backup Services

    Video ConferencingCOOP Services (Business Continuity)VoIPManaged Disk Storage

    Mainframe Disk StorageAsset Management & TrackingTape Storage (Mainframe)Desktop Management ServicesTape Storage (Open Systems)Server Administration Services

    Actuate Reporting ServicesApplication and Server Monitoring ServicesMainframe Line PrinterSecurity MonitoringMainframe Laser Printer (Simplex)Capacity Planning ServicesMainframe Laser Printer (Duplex)Call ManagementApplication Support

    Long DistanceInfrastructure Support

    Voice Mail

    Voice Recognition

    9. Project Estimated Start Date: ____________

    End Date: ____________

    10. Estimated Project Cost:

    (Double click on table below to open in Excel or copy template provided in the Excel



    Fiscal YearLabor CostsHardware CostsSoftware CostsContract ServicesOtherTotal Cost Est.FY2005$0


    11. Estimated Annual Operation/Maintenance Costs: _$____________

    To determine a Risk and Severity Level for the proposed project use the attached worksheets.

12. Risk Level: ____High ____Medium ____Low

13. Severity Level: ____High ____Medium ____Low


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