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26, CHAN OI KWAN, 81, Elected. 27, MAR YUET HAR, 75, Elected (1) It was alleged that the banners displayed at the Shek O bus station and the


    Appendix I

A List of 28 Functional Constituencies and 38 Election Committee Subsectors

     (their relationship and whether an elector/voter has a choice)

(A) FCs and corresponding subsectors, if any

     Choice of

     Name of “optional

     corresponding subsectors” Name of FC Type Choice of FC subsector(s) in specified cases Remarks

    (Note 1) (Note 2) (Note 2)

     Part 1 of Schedule 1

     to the LegCo Ord

    1. Urban Council Individual No no Yes



    2. Regional Individual No no Yes

    Council corresponding


    3. Heung Yee Kuk Individual No Heung Yee Kuk Yes If eligible for UC or

    RC FC, must be so


Part 2 of Schedule 1

    to the LegCo Ord

    4. Agriculture and Body No Agriculture and Yes

    Fisheries Fisheries

    5. Insurance Body No Insurance Yes 6. Transport Body No Transport Yes

Part 3 of Schedule 1

    to the LegCo Ord

    7. Accountancy Individual Yes Accountancy Yes

    8. Architectural, Individual Yes Architectural, Yes

    Surveying and Surveying and

    Planning Planning

    9. Commercial Body Yes Commercial Yes

    (First) (First)

    10. Commercial Mixed Yes Commercial Yes

    (Second) (Second)

    11. Education Individual Yes (i) Education Yes Subject to the

    (ii) Higher choice of “optional

    Education subsectors” in

    Note 2, if eligible

    for both


    subsectors, must be

    registered in the

    Higher Education

    subsector 12. Engineering Individual Yes Engineering Yes 13. Finance Body Yes Finance Yes 14. Financial Mixed Yes Financial Yes

    Services Services

    15. Health Services Individual Yes Health Services Yes 16. Import and Mixed Yes Import and Yes

    Export Export

    17. Industrial (First) Mixed Yes Industrial Yes


    18. Industrial Body Yes Industrial Yes

    (Second) (Second)

    19. Information Mixed Yes Information Yes

    Technology Technology

    20. Labour Body Yes Labour Yes 21. Legal Individual Yes Legal Yes 22. Medical Individual Yes Medical Yes 23. Real Estate and Mixed Yes Real Estate and Yes

    Construction Construction

    24. Social Welfare Mixed Yes Social Welfare Yes

    25. Sports, Mixed Yes (i) Sports Yes

    Performing Arts, (ii) Performing

    Culture and Arts

    Publication (iii) Culture

    (iv) Publication

    26. Textiles and Mixed Yes Textiles and Yes

    Garment Garment

    27. Tourism Body Yes (i) Tourism Yes Subject to the

    (ii) Hotel choice of “optional

    subsectors” in

    Note 2, if eligible

    for both


    subsectors, must be

    registered in the

    Hotel subsector.

    Hotel subsector is

    also a “listed

    subsector” (Note 3).

    28. Wholesale and Mixed Yes Wholesale and Yes

    Retail Retail

(B) EC subsectors for which no election is required (Note 4)

Name of subsector Type

    (Note 1)

    1. Religious Individual

    2. National People‟s Congress Individual

    3. Provisional Legislative Council Individual

(C) EC subsectors without a corresponding FC

     Choice of subsectors Name of subsector Type listed in Note 2 Remarks

    (Note 1) (Note 3)

1. Catering Mixed Yes

    2. Chinese Individual Yes


    3. Chinese People‟s Individual Yes a “listed subsector”




    4. Employers‟ Body Yes a “listed subsector”

    Federation of

    Hong Kong

    5. Hong Kong and Individual Yes a “listed subsector”



    District Boards

    6. Hong Kong Mixed Yes a “listed subsector”




    7. New Territories Individual Yes a “listed subsector”


    District Boards

Note 1 : (a) „Individual‟ denotes an FC / a subsector which consists only of natural persons;

     (b) „Body‟ denotes an FC / a subsector which consists only of bodies; and

     (c) „Mixed‟ denotes an FC / a subsector which consists of both natural persons and bodies.

    Note 2 : A subsector bearing the same or similar name as an FC is called a “corresponding subsector”. Section 8(7)(c) of Schedule 2 of the LegCo Ord

    provides that a person who is registered, or has made an application to be registered, as an elector for an FC with a corresponding subsector may be

    registered only as a voter for that subsector (whether or not the person is eligible to be registered as a voter for any other subsector), except that, if the

    person is eligible to be registered for any of the following 8 subsectors :

     (a) Catering;

     (b) Chinese Medicine;

     (c) Chinese People‟s Political Consultative Conference (also a “listed subsector”);

     (d) Employers‟ Federation of Hong Kong (also a “listed subsector”);

     (e) Hong Kong and Kowloon Provisional District Boards (also a “listed subsector”);

     (f) Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (also a “listed subsector”);

     (g) Hotel (also a “listed subsector”); and

     (h) New Territories Provisional District Boards (also a “listed subsector”),

     the person may choose to be registered as a voter in the corresponding subsector or in one of the above 8 subsectors for which he is eligible. The

    choice of subsector will not affect a person‟s registration in an FC. The above 8 subsectors are referred to as “optional subsectors” in Part IV of the

    EAC (R) (FCSEC) Reg.

    Note 3 : Out of the 8 “optional subsectors”, there are 6 “listed subsectors” referred to in Part IV of the EAC (R) (FCSEC) Reg. These “listed subsectors” have

    a small potential electorate. A special notification arrangement is provided for in section 15 of the EAC (R) (FCSEC) Reg to register as many voters

    out of the small potential electorate of these subsectors as possible.

    Note 4: The Religious subsector is to return its EC members by nomination. The Hong Kong deputies to the NPC and Members of the PLC are ex-officio EC


Appendix II (A)

1998 Voter Registration :

    Analysis of Objection and Claims

    Heard by Revising Officers

A. Notice of Objection: 1

    Ruling of Revising Officer Nature of Objection Total

     Allowed Dismissed Appointment of authorized 1 0 1 representative for functional

    constituency and subsector

    Total 1 0 1

B. Notices of Claim

    I. Geographical Constituencies (“GC”): 27

    Ruling of Revising Officer Nature of Claim Category Sub-total

     Allowed Dismissed Registration as an (a) non-permanent residents 17 1 18 elector in GC (b) application received after - 2 2

    the statutory deadline

    (c) application was not received 1 2 3

    by REO

    (d) former electors on omissions 4 - 4

    list due to outdated

    residential address

    Total (GC) 22 5 27

    II. Functional Constituencies (“FC”) and Election Committee subsector: 160

    Ruling of Revising Officer Nature of Claim Category Sub-total

     Allowed Dismissed

    (Note) 1. Appointment of (a) AR already appointed by 3 42 45 authorized another body representative (b) AR appointed is not a 0 19 19 (“AR”) permanent resident of

    Hong Kong

    (c) AR already registered as 0 4 4

    elector in same FC

    (d) incomplete particulars of 0 6 6

    AR appointed, or missing


    (e) appointment received after 0 10 10

    statutory deadline

    (f) no notice of appointment 0 26 26


    Sub-total 3 107 110 2. Registration in (a) change of FC/subsector after 3 0 3 an FC and/or voter registration deadline subsector (b) proof of eligibility received 13 0 13

    after statutory deadline

    (c) not eligible for registration 3 12 15

    (d) application received after 0 17 17

    statutory deadline

    (e) application was not received 0 2 2

    Sub-total 19 31 50 Total (FC and subsector) 22 138 160 GRAND TOTAL: Claims for GC, FC and subsector 44 143 187

Note: When an appeal regarding the appointment of AR is dismissed, the appellant is allowed by section 20(7) of the Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration) (Electors

for Functional Constituencies) (Voters for Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) (Legislative Council) Regulation to appoint a substitute AR.


    Appendix II (B)

Changes made to the 1998 Provisional Register

    with approval of the Revising Officer under

    Section 18 of the Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration of Electors) (Geographical Constituencies) (Legislative Council) Regulation and Section 34 of the Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration) (Electors for Functional Constituencies)

     (Voters for Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) (Legislative Council) Regulation

     Changes made to the Registers („+‟ = additional entries, „-‟ = removal of entries) Nature Geographical Constituencies Functional Constituencies Subsector 1. Voter registration applicants whose permanent +220 +18 +18

    resident status was established after the

    registration deadline of 16.1.98

    2. Notification for registration returned +3,425

    undelivered although the persons were eligible

    3. No notification for registration were sent +827

    because the electors were considered not

    eligible, but eligibility were subsequently


    4. Persons ceased to be eligible -46 5. New CPPCC term +32


     No. of entries revised 220 64 4,322

    (a) (b) (c)

Total no. of entries revised (a)+(b)+(c): 4,606

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