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    Thermowatt (Wu Xi) Electric Co., Ltd.

Implementation of General Ledger in BPCS CEA Module

     Jan. 10 2000

    The Project Progress Table is as below:

Task Name Date Status Confirmed Remark


    ndCheck and modify the ATP(G/L) Dec. 2, 1999 Lisa Zheng ? The G/L basis setup

    coding was finished on Chen Xi Nov.18 1999

    ? Through checking, the

    whole COA and G/L setup

    is the same as MTS China ’s,

    which is easy to consolidate

    between TW and MTSC if it

    is necessary in the future

    ? Created and defined in

    the new independent

    environment by Therowatt

    management, separate with

    environment of MTSC

    ? Inputting part G/L

    basis setup coding into

    BPCS system

    rdInstallation and configuration Dec. 3, 1999 Lisa Zheng ? Finished Basis setup

    Coding and configuration

    Thermowatt (Wu Xi) Electric Co., Ltd.

    in BPCS

    ? Inputted part journal of

    Nov. 1999 into BPCS thInput COA, CC and Opening Balance Dec. 17, 1999 Lisa Zheng ? Finished journal of Nov.


    ? Finished COA and

    other basis setup’s update thCheck and compare the result Dec. 30, 1999 Lisa Zheng ? Inputted part opening

    balance of Dec. 1999

    ? Setup year-end

    model/event, period, book

    of 2000

    ? Checked balance of

    Nov. 1999

    thPrepare to go live Jan. 7, 2000 Lisa Zheng CEA900B is ? Finished opening

    renamed balance of Dec. 1999 and

    CEA900BKchecked them is correct

    K in ? Finished Year-end V64PTF processing, checked the

    Confirmed result is correct

    by Chen Xi

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