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(ii) A certificate in original from the nearest military hospital that the individual Oi/c polyclinic will arrange for procurement of medicines in such cases. 0172-2701947(O). 09888880566 (M). 31, 00. Rajya Sainik Board



    1. It has always been our endeavour to provide up-to-date information on policy matters, welfare schemes, rehabilitation, pension policies, health care and other associated issues to the retired naval community and widows/ dependents. Year 2007 was declared as „Year of Naval

    Families‟ (YONAF). Details of short and long term activities undertaken

    during YONAF at Commands and NHQ level have been included in this issue.

    2. In order to resolve complexities involving timely release of pension, children education, vocational courses for spouses, rehabilitation of widows of naval personnel and to reach out to maximum numbers of affected families, a Data Bank is being prepared with required details. At present data in respect of 1500 widows has been compiled with the aim to reach out to every widow to provide necessary help.

    3. Over the years, Navy has taken number of steps to fulfill its obligation towards its Veterans. The retired officers have the Navy Foundation as a forum for maintaining contact among its members, representing problems/ issues pertaining to the retired officers and their families. However, there was no equivalent organisation for retired sailors. In deference to the wishes of ex-sailors and to espouse their cause, a Veteran Sailors Forum (VSF) has been established by Naval Headquarters at Delhi on 10 Apr 08. Similar forums will be established at all the Commands by 15 Sep 08. Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations on VSF have been widely circulated. Relevant information has been included in this issue.

    4. Medical facilities for self and dependents has been a critical requirement of retired personnel. In order to outreach maximum number of retired service personnel, ECHS facilities are being provided through 106 Armed Forces Clinics at military stations and 121 new polyclinics at non-military stations. The specialised medical treatment is being provided through recognised medical institutes. Provision has also been made for free cardiac check up at recognised institutes. Updated information specifically relevant to ECHS beneficiaries has been included in this issue.

    5. Various queries are often raised by the retired community regarding Air Force Naval Housing Board, recruitment into the Navy, Raksha Mantri Discretionary Fund, latest details on NGIF schemes and INBA,

Sponsorship Scheme for sailors entry etc. Relevant information on

    these aspects has also been included in this issue.

6. List of Important Websites.

    (a) This website is maintained by the

    Information Resources and Facilities Centre at IHQ, MOD (Navy).

    Information regarding VSF is hosted on DESA page.

    (b) This is the official website of the Navy.

    (c) This website is maintained by the Director

    General, Resettlement and contains valuable information

    regarding resettlement opportunity, employment assistance

    provided to ESM, various forms and news from the Kendriya

    Sainik Board.

    (d) This is the official website of the Naval

    Pay Office.

    (e) The website of Ministry of Defence.

    (f) The website of Ministry of Personnel,

    Public Grievances and Pensions.

    (g) The website of the Principal

    Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Drupadi Ghat,


    (h) E-mail Id.

     (i) DNPF -

     (ii) DPA -

     (iii) DESA -

    (iv) CABS Pension Desk -

    (v) VSF Delhi -

     (vi) ECHS -




    1. Improvements in the INBA Welfare Schemes. The following

    decisions have been taken during Annual General Meeting of INBA

    held at Kochi on 19 Feb 08 and improvements in the existing benefit

    schemes will be admissible to naval personnel wef 01 Apr 08:-

    (a) Rate of Scholarship. Rate of scholarship in respect of

    children of serving naval personnel has been enhanced upward

    from the forthcoming academic year ie 2008-09 as under:-

    (i) Boarders - 20,000/- pa

    (ii) Day Scholars - 10,000/- pa

     (b) Education Loan. Quantum of education loan applicable to

    eligible serving naval personnel would henceforth be subject to

    the actual expenditure of the course and the availability of

    sufficient repayment capacity of the applicant as per the norms in

    vogue recoverable in maximum of 96 installments.

    (c) Merit Scholarship. Merit scholarships are admissible for

    graduation courses to children of all naval pensioners. Besides

    these, scholarships for recognized vocational courses of 50

    weeks or more duration are also given to sailors‟ children only.

    The rates of scholarship per annum are Rs 6,000/- for day

    scholars and Rs 10,000/- for boarders. Eligibility details are as



     Officers‟ Children Sailors‟ Children

     Sc Stream Hum Stream Sc Stream Hum Stream


    For Graduation

    Marks in 10+2 Board 80% 75% 65% 60%

    For Post Graduation

    Marks in Graduation 70% 65% 65% 60%

    For Vocational Courses

    Marks in 10+2 Board - - 65% 60%

    Renewal 60% 60% 60% 60%


    (d) Duration of Merit Scholarship.

    (i) Duration of merit scholarship has been extended to 6

    years for post 10+2 prospective higher course provided

    there is no break in the study.

    (ii) Application form for scholarship is available with naval

    authorities, NCC units, Zila Sainik Boards and Secretary

    INBA. Typed/hand written applications are to reach Naval

    Headquarters by 01 Nov.

(e) Scholarship for Physically Challenged Children of

    Retired Naval Personnel. Scholarship for physically challenged children of retired naval personnel are admissible for first two

    school going children between ages of 3 and 18 years ie. for a

    period of 15 years. The rates are as follows:-

    (i) Day Scholars - Rs 200/-pm

    (ii) Boarders - Rs 400/-pm

(f) Lump sum Grant on Death of Naval Pensioner. The

    lump sum grant-in-aid to next-of-kin on death of a pensioner after

    retirement is as follows:-

     (i) Officers - Rs 20,000/-

    (ii) Sailors - Rs10,000/-

(g) Grant for Marriage of Children. Next-of-kin of naval

    personnel, who die in harness and as pensioners, are given grant

    as under per child up to maximum of two children:-

     (i) Officers‟ Children - Rs 20,000/-

     (ii) Sailors‟ Children - Rs 10,000/-

(h) Remittance of Benefits from INBA. Remittance from INBA

    would be directly transferred to applicant‟s bank account provided the bank account details including MICR and IFS codes are

    furnished in the application.

    (j) Travel/ Incidental Expenses. Naval pensioners required to be transferred from one service hospital to another out station

    service hospital for medical treatment have to incur substantial


expenditure. To alleviate this financial hardship a grant of Rs

    500/- as travel/incidental expenses is given on recommendation

    of concerned service hospital.

    (k) Rehabilitation Grant. All sailors on invalidment from service due to TB/Paraplegia/Leprosy etc. are given a rehabilitation grant

    of Rs 7500/-

(l) Assistance for Self Employment. Financial assistance up

    to Rs 20000/- is given to ex-sailors in indigent circumstances for

    starting self help economic venture like KIOSKS besides supply

    of sewing machines etc to widows.

    (m) Rate of Subscription. The rate of monthly subscription to INBA from members has been enhanced wef 01 Apr 08 as


     (i) Officers - Rs 100/- per month

     (ii) Sailors - Rs 40/- per month

    2. Naval Group Insurance Fund. The following major decisions were

    been taken during Annual General Meeting held at Kochi on 19 Feb 08

    for implementation:-

     (a) General Group Insurance Scheme (GGIS).

    (i) Death Whilst in Service. Insurance cover under General

    Group Insurance Scheme enhanced to Rs 20 lacs for officers

    and Rs 10 lacs for sailors/naviks wef 01 Apr 08 against

    revised premium of Rs 2000/- pm and Rs1000/- pm


    (ii) Post Retirement Death Insurance Extension Scheme

    (PRDIES). Insurance cover under the PRDIES scheme

    stands at Rs 4.5 lacs for officers and Rs 2 lacs for sailors

    against non refundable premium of Rs 20778/- on pro-rata

    basis and Rs 15500/- respectively for a period of 30 years

    after retirement or up to attainment of 75 years of age

    whichever is earlier.

    (iii) Aviation, Submarine and IMSF Cadre Personnel. A

    widow/ NOK/ nominee of Aviation/ Submarine/ IMSF cadre

    personnel is entitled to Rs 4 lacs and 2 lacs for officers and


    sailors respectively in addition to the (a)(i) above, under

    additional GGIS.

     (iv) Disability cover has been enhanced to 75% of insurance

    cover for 100% disability and on pro-rata basis up to 20%

    disability on invalidment from service. The disability cover is

    applicable to those members, who are discharged before the

    completion of engagement period.

3. House Building Advance (HBA). House Building Advance

    (HBA) enhanced to Rs 25 lacs for officers and Rs 12 lacs for sailors

    subject to repayment capacity of member. Other conditions remain


4. Termination of UTI - SCUP. The UTI Mutual Fund, the sponsors of

    UTI SCUP Scheme, post restructuring of the Unit Trust of India, have

    decided to terminate the UTI SCUP scheme wef 18 Feb 08 and offered

    an alternate health insurance product of New India Assurance

    Company (NIAC) to the members who are below 58 yrs in lieu of UTI

    SCUP. It has, therefore, been decided that:-

    (a) All naval personnel who are below 58 years of age and are

    members of UTI SCUP scheme should withdraw from the SCUP

    scheme immediately. Members who have not yet withdrawn from

    the scheme are requested to submit the same to Secretary, Naval

    Group Insurance Fund at IHQ, MOD (N) for submission to UTI

    Head Office at Delhi for refund.

    (b) Members who are 58 years of age and above to continue

    with UTI SCUP scheme. They will be entitled to utilise the

    empanelled hospitals as hitherto.

5. Issue of Mobility Equipment. The Kendriya Sainik Board provides

    Tri-scooters to the disabled ex-servicemen, whose disability has been

    accepted as attributable to military service. Modalities to avail this

    assistance from Kendriya Sainik Board are as follows:-

     (a) Application on prescribed proforma, available at ZSB/RSB,

     is to be submitted to DESA along with following documents:-

    (i) Copy of the CDA (P), Allahabad PPO, under which

    disability has been accepted as attributable to military

    service duly attested by the Zila Sainik Welfare Officer

    (ZWSO). Copy of pension book is not required. Percentage

    of disability may also be mentioned.


    (ii) A certificate in original from the nearest military

    hospital that the individual can move effectively only with

    the help of motorised tricycle.

     (iii) Copy of Identity card duly attested by the ZSWO.

    (iv) Copy of Discharge Book of ex-servicemen duly

    attested by ZSWO.

     (v) Nearest railway station of the individual.

     (b) Application, along with the above documents, is to be

    submitted to DESA duly routed through Zila Sainik Board/Rajya

    Sainik Board with specific recommendations.

6. Railways Travel Entitlement and Validity on Complimentary

    Card Passes - Clarification thereof.

    (a) Complimentary card passes are issued to different categories

    of persons under various schemes approved by Ministry of

    Railways from time to time. The conditions of entitlement and

    validity of these card passes vary from one category to the other.

    (b) With a view to checking misuse of the card passes it is essential

    that ticket issuing/ checking authorities are properly educated of the

    validity and travel entitlement of the card passes issued. The

    following table depicts various categories of persons being issued

    complimentary card passes, their validity and travel entitlement etc.

     Whether Valid

    S No Category Issued Facility of Valid in for Valid

    From Companion Rajdhani/ travel ity

    Shatabdi in

     Arjuna Awardees/ (i) Olympic Medalist/ Board‟s One only after No First Two Asian & Common- Office the card holder Class/ years Wealth Gold Medalists/ attains 65 years IInd AC Dronacharya of age


     Winners of Param Vir (ii) Chakra, Maha Vir Zonal Rly HQ One Yes First One Chakra, Gallantry and offices of class/ year awards. DRM‟s IInd AC

     Winners of Ashok (iii) Chakra, Shaurya Zonal Rly HQ One No First One Chakra & Kirti Chakra and offices of Class/ year ndGallantry awards DRMs II AC

    (iv) Bharat Ratna Awardees Board‟s office One Yes Ist AC Life

    . Time


    (c) Card passes which do not have the endorsement either in print

    or with rubber stamp showing Rajdhani/Shatabdi travel are not valid

    for travel by such trains.

7. Air Travel Concession. Following categories of personnel are

    eligible to the following concessions in fare for air travel in domestic

    flights of the Indian Airlines:-

    (a) 75% concession to recipients of Gallantry Awards of Class

    II & I viz PVC, Ashok Chakra, MVC and Kirti Chakra, Victoria

    Cross, George Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Military Cross,

    Distinguished Flying Cross and George Medal.

    (b) 50% concession to permanently war disabled officers who

    have been invalidated out of service and the dependent members

    of their families.

    (c) 50% concession to war widows of post independent era.

8. Admission to Professional Colleges. At present 28 seats in

    MBBS and 1 seat in BDS under Central Government Nominee quota

    are available through KSB for wives/widows and wards of categories of

    Defence personnel in the following order of priority:-

    (a) Killed in action.

    (b) Disabled in action and boarded out from service.

    (c) Died while in service with death attributable to military


    (d) Gallantry Award/ other award winners.

9. Prime Minister‟s Scholarship Scheme for Wards of Ex-

    servicemen (PBOR) and Widows of Personnel Who Died in

    Harness. To encourage higher technical and professional education

    for the wards of widows and ex-servicemen of Armed Forces, Prime

    Minister‟s Scholarship Scheme was introduced from the Academic year



(a) Eligibility

    (i) Wards of ex-servicemen and their widows (below

    officers rank).

    (ii) Wards of widows of ex-servicemen died in harness

    due to causes attributed to military service.

    (iii) Widows of ex-servicemen died in harness.

    (iv) The scheme is open only for widows and unmarried

    wards of ESM/ Widows. However, marriage/re-marriage at

    a subsequent date would not disqualify the awardee.

(b) Courses Eligible for Scholarship. First Professional degree

    programme in engineering, medicine, dental, veterinary, MBA,

    MCA, pharma, nursing, B Ed, M Ed etc duly recognized by the

    respective government regulatory bodies, such as All India

    Council of Technical Education/ Medical Council of India etc.

    (c) Academic Requirement. At least 60% marks at the 10+2 level for the initial sanction. For renewal in subsequent years,

    50% marks each year.

(d) Duration of the Scholarship. Two to five years as approved

    by the concerned regulatory body for that programme.

    (e) Amount of Scholarship. The amount of scholarship would be as follows:-

     (i) Rs 1250/- per month for boys (paid annually).

     (ii) Rs 1500/- per month for girls (paid annually).

    (iii) Application form and further details can be downloaded



    10. Revised Financial Assistance From Raksha Mantri‟s

    Discretionary Fund (RMDF). The financial assistance, to be provided

    to needy ex-servicemen, widows and their wards from RMDF for

    various purposes applicable wef 10 May 07 is as indicated below. The

    applicant should submit his/ her application along with Financial

    Condition Report form to the concerned RSBs/ ZSBs. Application

    forms and FCR are available at RSBs/ZSBs. Details are given below:-

    S No Purpose for Grant Existing Revised

     (Rs) (Rs)

     a Marriage of daughters of ESM/ 8,000/- 16,000/-

    widows in penury/ widows re-marriage

     b Assistance (monthly grant for 2 years) 1000/- 2000/-

    to old, infirm ESM.

     c Assistance to ESM/widows in penury:-

    (i) Staying at home(above 75 years) Nil 500/- per


    (ii) Staying at old age home (above 70 Nil

    years) 500/-per


    Certificate from old age home


    (iii) Orphan child of ESM with 100% Nil

    disability grant on yearly basis based

    on certification by military/ civil 500/- per

    Hospital month

     d House repairs grant:-

    (i) ESM/ widows in penury or Nil 20000/-

     or 100% disabled ex- servicemen

    (ii) Orphans daughter of ESM of all Nil 20000/-

    categories (only one daughter)

     e Children education grant:-

     th(i) Up to 12 standard for 2 children 100/-pm 200/-pm for


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