College Student Association of the standard management and scientific guidance_2164

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College Student Association of the standard management and scientific guidance_2164

    College Student Association of the standard management and scientific guidance

     Papers Key words management to guide student groups

     Abstract student organizations are college students spontaneously, independent activities of the main form. At present the development of student organizations exist in the short, chaotic, fragmented and, therefore, standardized management is a prerequisite for student organizations exist, science is to promote student organizations to guide the orderly development of the necessary guarantees.


     With quality education, innovation and the deepening of education, university students within the campus community more and more. Amateur student organizations to enrich student life and improve their own quality of students, active cultural

    atmosphere on campus is playing an increasingly important role. The university campus, a student society is indispensable to the unique landscape. However, the fun of group activities are also numerous when discord broke, should arouse the attention of

    student workers.

     1. Disorderly behavior and student societies

     Student organizations to establish more than the students spontaneously, sometimes overnight, there will be a few clubs, a poster, when posted, that is, the date of the

    establishment of a society. Some colleges and universities student societies strict management, development of community management practices, the establishment of associations, change, cancellation need to register. Some colleges and universities

    because of enrollment, student organizations have been unable to take into account management, how many student organizations, community is what the nature of how the internal management of associations, neither statistical nor guidance, is a

    completely fend for themselves the disorder .

     2. Student organizations short-term phenomenon

     Study its causes, mainly three points: First, seasonal nature of societies, due to a fad or a whim established community, the results of passage of time, society will not exist;

    second time the person in charge of society, the responsible person graduated, associations also "graduated" a; third, the establishment of stochastic community, originally Jiantuan on no foundation, once Huabutouji, and do not appreciate, we will

    be pursuing their own course, society will disappear.

     3. The utilitarian the phenomenon of student organizations

     Due to social utilitarian thinking, the formation of community college students also with a utilitarian overtones. Some students do not take the class, students and cadres, on the adoption of other means to seek for themselves a chance to show that the formation of associations can still express themselves. Some students believe that the formation of societies to meet some of their own desire to do a good job that can join the party, were commended and so on. The performance of yourself to find a way, this is nothing wrong, but human to join the utilitarian overtones, it will create a bad atmosphere, is an excessive peers.

     4. The phenomenon of small groups and student societies

     Three of five people a society, dozens of people a society, culture, art, scientific research, sports and classification is unknown, no constitution to follow. While most

    community organizations is the norm, but also that there exists an informal organization of small groups of associations, some members of the association are all fellow, is in essence the "Association." Some members of the association between the

    weight of private feelings, tell a friend loyalty, these small groups will directly affect the normal classes and faculties work in evaluation first, concepts will be appraised activities have a negative impact.


     The situation urgently demands that the new associations to regulate the

    management of students and scientific guidance. To do this work, we must first have a clear understanding of corporate features.

     1. Student organizations self-fertility

     All the work the school has an educational, university education is the soul of

    education, "provides an opportunity for you to be a better person place." Means the cultivation of students into his education and self-education. Student organizations is a

    form of self-education, with a strong self-fertility. First, associations to develop features

    of collectivism. Since college classes are now widespread use of mobile classrooms, class group has lost some fixed basis, on time and into the classroom, on time away from the classroom, the lack of opportunities to communicate with each other. Students several years, could not utter the name of the phenomenon often exists. The student organizations are closely connected, solidarity is better to form a new whole, all for the establishment and development of this collective effort, collective integration and cohesion are also a result of community for us. Second, is to develop a spirit of collaboration. A society is a "team", selfless collaboration to help the spirit of the performance of these groups, "all the sake of our community," is the common

    aspiration of members of the association, their unity and cooperation, common progress, in order to achieve the best image of this community stand on campus.

Through the organization and implementation of club activities, community members

    of the ideological quality, cultural and professional qualities to varying degrees to improve their management capacity and coordination of capacity in community based activities have also been strengthened. Community members, community and between

    communities, societies and classes, student organizations, and useful interaction between the normal contact, both members of the association of exercise capacity, but also improve their personality.

     2. The autonomy of student organizations

     And student societies was first built entirely from spontaneous behavior of students. Some of the students share a common interest, hobbies, or a common preference for a particular discipline, will directly contribute to the establishment of a society, the

    agreement between them are also a spontaneous, voluntary. From the student community to establish the real point of view, student organizations for students self-

    confidence, self-reliance of the direct product is independent of the class, students

    outside the self-organization, with strong autonomy. The establishment of the

    Constitution, such as associations, community development planning, internal management, sources of funding, the determination of active content, community

    selection of the person in charge, as well as the absorption of the principles of community members and so on, are almost always self-completion. In addition, most

    members of student organizations from student activity is in the students, therefore, group activities, to a certain extent, a student aptitudes, aspirations and "emotions" in the most direct "boards," members of their community student status can be in and around the students to communicate effectively in order to quickly and vividly reflect

    the aspirations of the students themselves. Faculties of the management of student organizations is only reflected in the guidance, rather than in leadership.

     3. The professional student organizations

     Student organizations to build more in the faculty, grade or class in the. On the one

    hand, the similarities between members of the professional, familiar with each other, contact facilities are conducive to the activities carried out; other hand, some organizations set up based on actual conditions, and some only in this class, the

    faculties in the formation, which determines the professional characteristics of student organizations. In addition, the student's main task is to learn, which makes student organizations with a "studied with" stamp. The beginning of the establishment of

    associations, they will seek the views of many teachers, associations established, respected, or they will hire a teacher to do community Xueyouzhuanzhang advisers and guidance teachers, students, community development and the teacher's attention and

    guidance are inseparable.

     4. Student organizations with innovative

     "Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, is an inexhaustible motive force for national prosperity." The core of higher education, technical and personnel training,

    should "have the intellectual creativity." Student organizations have been in form and content innovation. Now the activities of student organizations have been included on the direction of cultural development prospects of art in the form of further exploration

    as well as the latest attempt at the form of research activities, these activities than the former community have some improvement. Some of the old associations, but also to pay close attention to the activities of new content and form of teachers and students

    appeared in front of the old associations forever always new. These things depend on

    that spirit of innovation, and this spirit of innovation is often a direct promotion of faculty in the further development of cultural activities on campus.

     5. The research of student organizations

     Student organizations of scientific research depends largely on the school's research environment, research and rich atmosphere of colleges and universities, student organizations and a strong R & D color followed. Various types of scientific lectures, the subject project, the students have completed research projects to help teachers, as well as "culture, science and technology, public health," the "three rural areas" activities in the sciences and so on, are student organizations reflect the character of scientific research. Of course, not all of the student organizations are of a scientific nature. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     6. Student organizations in the service

     Based on campus, serving the community, is one of many community groups in the formation of the principles and purposes of office. Obligations of advocacy, voluntary counseling, voluntary transmission of information, obligation removal service is

    completely sense of service and cultural organizations, performing organizations, research associations carried out various activities shown more indirect services, is a to the performance or transmission of radiation in the form of spiritual culture, a higher

    sense of service.


     An objective view of the above characteristics of student organizations, student organizations to strengthen the scientific guide and standardize the management have been ignored. How to make the healthy development of student organizations, how to make a number of organizations getting better requires students to explore workers.

     1. The establishment of charter, regular inspections, pay attention to standardize the management of student organizations

     Any society, need to use the rules for certain constraints and management, to avoid arbitrariness and strengthen normative. All societies need in a learning-based activities

    on the basis, it is necessary to set up community management, charter, to regulate the

    activities of student societies, so that there are chapters Keyi. Second, we must pay attention to the scientific community to guide the students. Although the formation of community for students, but not laissez-faire attitude, attention should be given to

    guide, so that the specific implementation of organizational measures. And ideological work must keep up, especially some highly performing societies, but also pay attention to disciplinary requirements. Third, we should pay attention to the social work

    inspection, review and appraisal. In accordance with certain deadlines, on a regular basis the activities of student societies to assess the situation, inspection, so that the activities of associations to "Road" to "track", a true sense of the "normative society",

    "Star club." Fourth, pay attention to community renewal and elimination. Office of the initiative group of students to be protected, but can not be allowed to continue, for some time very strong, management was not standardized, activities are not the normal

scattered societies, we must promptly clean up.

     2. A sound system, strengthen management, pay attention to the institutionalization of student organizations management

     There are differences between the normative and institutional linkages.

    Institutionalization here mainly refers to two things: First, the organizational system of societies, including the identification of the community charter, the formation of the principles, activities, forms of recognition, time venue arrangements, determine the

    source of funding, have to be according to the system to regulate the management emphasis on results, seek truth from facts, really good job in the formation of customs. Second, communities within the management system, to help the community to develop

    an orderly, democratic internal management systems, from the person in charge of the selection of communities to determine the members to various community development and the management of activity funds should be rule-based , violators are held


     3. The activities of the public, the masses Shen Ping, pay attention to student organizations in the open

     Societies faced with the vast number of students, society's external image of the collective behavior of all members of society is a direct result. Therefore, the association's activities must be open, widely advertised to do. Community autonomy and development should be achieved through the activities of the public, so that everyone Shen Ping, effectively and enhance the purpose of limiting.

     4. Vertically, horizontal linkages, pay attention to the interchange of student organizations

     Since the establishment of a society more in faculty or classes, based on the activities of associations so inevitably there will be some limitations. As a student worker, should be targeted to encourage and support some wonderful organizations out of the departments, leave school, strengthen external relations, in its own vertical development of the horizontal links. This kind of horizontal ties will break the boundaries of professional and school, to learn from each other purpose. The associations in strengthening the links in the process we have to take from the reality of this society, to a higher, stronger direction. Please come in, go out, learn from others and promote themselves.

     5. To survive refinement, its image, pay attention to the activities of a regular student organizations

     Any establishment of a society, have their real foundation. How to continue to

    develop after the formation, how to push the community surrounding the small environment or the larger environment, which is placed in the community before a real problem. The outcome of the majority of student organizations through regular

    activities shown. Should pay attention to guiding the activities in the form of community on a regular basis in order to give the members of this community to play a strong points and sum up the results of the opportunity for non-community members

    have knowledge and learning opportunities, and thus establish the community in the

    surrounding environment, a good image to promote the community work. Activities for community survival point is that societies can be recognized by the public and the

    continued survival of the foundation should pay attention to using activities to promote and enhance community, with activities to enrich and develop the associations, fundamentally speaking, is to use community preservation activities in communities .

    Of course, the society's activities should be regular, qualitative, quantitative, there must be "fine" awareness, we must pay attention from the elite, event type to a universal type, research-based development, so that more students involved, this is the new era Societies trends, these workers also need our students for potential guide Shi, continuous practice. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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