Tasks in the coming two weeks

By Alicia Arnold,2014-04-29 02:52
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Tasks in the coming two weeks

    Tasks in the coming two weeks



    ? Discuss with Thermowatt (Wuxi)s chief accountant and confirmed on the approach

    of the project and then report to Sam Xu and Norman Sze. (11/16) ? Hold a prototyping summary meeting with the key users and end users and prepare

    the meeting minutes. (11/16)

    ? Discuss with Chenxi about the content and the format of the BSM , and the further

    steps in the coming weeks.(11/17)

    ? Receive the billing note from office and push the client to pay as soon as possible.


    ? Talk with Mr. Andereatini about the Thermowatt project. (11/18) ? Finish the MTS project scope/ Meeting Minute with Edward/ Draft of BSM



    ? Finish the prototyping and discussing the following steps in the CRP.(Hold a

    meeting with Edward, Chenxi, Charles) Report to Andereatini and somebody


    ? Talk with Thermowatts boss or Andereatini to work out the feature of the


    ? Report to Norman Sze about the Thermowatt progress and push for the


    ? Finish the draft of the BSM and push office to send out the billing note. (11/25) ? Push the client to settle the programm problem caused by SSA company. (11/26) ? Arrange the resources for the coming one month. (Hold a meeting with Charles,

    Chenxi, and Edward, Sam Xu )(11/26)

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