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Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping



Merloni TermoSanitari ( China ) Co., Ltd.

    BPCS System Implementation Project

    - Phase III -

    Prototyping Summary

    November 17, 1999


Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping

    1. Current Status

From October 25 to November 15, BPCS MRP Prototyping has been processed according

    to the prototyping plan. During these three weeks, AA consultants and MTS project

    team have tested the business scenarios, discussed the business processes, and found

    some problems including system problems and the process problems. The key users

    involved in the prototyping have been familiar with the business processes and the

    related system functions, which is the important basis for the future implementation.

    2. Business Process

During the three weeks of prototyping, AA consultants and MTS project team have

    made the prototyping and finished the design of the business processes in the following


? Item Master Maintenance Process

    ? Manufacturing Data Maintenance Process

    ? MPS/MRP Process

    ? After Sales Service Material Flow

    ? Shop Order Release Process

    ? Costing Process

Detailed processes and description please refer to the Appendix I- Business Flow.


Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping

3. Business Process Realignment

    Function Current Situation Changed to Purpose Purchase Order Purchase department Planner release the To meet the release release the purchase purchase order MRP running

    order according to according to the requirement

    N5003 firmed plan

    generated from the


    SFG shop order Planner released the Production To balance the release shop orders for the supervisor released work load

     SFG the shop orders for

    the SFG

    Purchase order Purchase department A.S.S. warehouse To balance the release for A.S.S. released the purchase supervisor released work load material order for A.S.S. the purchase orders

    material for A.S.S. material Sales forecast Sales department Sales department To ensure the

    provide the 3-month provide the 5-month MRP correctness

    sales forecast to the sales forecast to the

    planner planner

    Item Master Item master is Item master is To keep a Maintenance maintained without maintained with the standard

    the document circulation of Item operation

    circulation Master Data Input procedure and

    Form keep track of the

    data change BOM/Work BOM/Work BOM/Work To keep a Center/Routine Center/Routine are Center/Routine are standard Maintenance maintained without maintained with the operation

    the document circulation of forms procedure and

    circulation keep track of the

    data change Purchase Purchase department Purchase department To meet the contract and does not maintain the should maintain the requirement of quotation contract and quotation contract and the MRP maintenance for the purchased quotation for all the running

    items purchased items


Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping

4. Problems

? After Sales Service FG has not been input the work center.

    ? It is difficult to maintain the sales forecast for five months.

    ? BOM offset time parameter setup.


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