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Course Registration System Glossary

Version 4.2

    OOAD v4.2 Issue: 4.2 Course Registration System Glossary Issue Date: 01/October/1999 57433105.doc

    Revision History

    Date Issue Description Author 22/May/1999 V4.2 Initial Creation Kelli Houston 25/August/1999 V4.2 Generation for release Kelli Houston

Confidential Page 2 ?Rational Software, 1999

OOAD v4.2 Issue: 4.2

    Course Registration System Glossary Issue Date: 01/October/1999


    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction 4

    2. Definitions 4

    2.1 Course 4

    2.2 Course Offering 4

    2.3 Course Catalog 4

    2.4 Faculty 4

    2.5 Finance System 4

    2.6 Grade 4

    2.7 Professor 4

    2.8 Report Card 4

    2.9 Roster 4

    2.10 Student 4

    2.11 Schedule 4

    2.12 Transcript 4

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OOAD v4.2 Issue: 4.2

    Course Registration System Glossary Issue Date: 01/October/1999


    Course Registration System Glossary 1. Introduction

    This document is used to define terminology specific to the problem domain, explaining terms, which may

    be unfamiliar to the reader of the use-case descriptions or other project documents. Often, this document

    can be used as an informal data dictionary, capturing data definitions so that use-case descriptions and

    other project documents can focus on what the system must do with the information. 2. Definitions

    The glossary contains the working definitions for the key concepts in the Course Registration System. 2.1 Course

    A class offered by the university.

    2.2 Course Offering

    A specific delivery of the course for a specific semester you could run the same course in parallel

    sessions in the semester. Includes the days of the week and times it is offered. 2.3 Course Catalog

    The unabbridged catalog of all courses offered by the university.

    2.4 Faculty

    All the professors teaching at the university.

    2.5 Finance System

    The system used for processing billing information.

    2.6 Grade

    The evaluation for a particular student for a particular course offering.

    2.7 Professor

    A person teaching classes at the university.

    2.8 Report Card

    All the grades for all courses taken by a student in a given semester.

    2.9 Roster

    All the students enrolled in a particular course offering.

    2.10 Student

    A person enrolled in classes at the university.

    2.11 Schedule

    The courses a student has selected for the current semester.

    2.12 Transcript

    The history of the grades for all courses for a particular sent to the finance system which in turn

    bills the students.

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