Shadow Web Analyzer

By Raymond Bradley,2014-10-10 19:10
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Shadow Web Analyzer

    Shadow Web Analyzer

     Shadow Web Analyzer是大名鼎鼎的SSS安全扫描器实验室safety-lab出品的一款


     Shadow Web Analyzer

     In the modern world having a nicely set up web site is often one of preconditions for making successful business. However, growing expansion and constant upgrade of web technologies makes it crucial for anyone in charge of web site maintenance to have proper site managing software.

     Bad links, one of the most common problems, can have a highly undesirable effect on visitors forcing them into doubting professionalism of the web-master, if not the whole company particularly if in the net business?。

     ShadowWebAanalyzer will:

     - assist you in analysing your own web site in search of potential errors. The unique technologies it uses will help you to check for bad links, do almost any imaginable searches,

    download whole sites or selected web pages for offline analysis, and re-organise links in downloaded component files.

     - provide with the most full and up-to-date information on status of your web site.

     - save your time and efforts doing for you the job that would otherwise have to be done manually.

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