19th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit

By Jill Davis,2014-11-13 12:50
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19th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit

    th19 Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit: Beijing, April 2010 Report on the Working Group’s Web Site: Paper by SAI-UK

    1. This paper reports developments on the Working Group’s Internet Web Site

    ( since the last meeting in Doha in April 2009.

    2. In the last 12 months, there were an average of 13,915 visits per month. The most popular

    single page on the site in this period was the Home Page. The “Top 10” pages of 2009 are

    listed at the Annex along with the stats on visits per month.

    3. With regards to web site development and maintenance, since April 2009 we have:

    th; Published papers from the 18 meeting in Doha;

    ; Added Editions 28 & 29 of intoIT;

    ; Continued to expand the list of reference material, including the e-government

    audit database and the IT Governance database.

    4. Updating involves cataloguing quality IT-related performance audit material that comes to

    our attention, and adding additional information resources that we believe will be of

    interest or use to IT auditors working in the public sector. We also carry out a review of

    the validity of our pointers to material held on other web sites from time to time and

    remove any links that are no longer valid. We are grateful for the work of member SAIs in

    bringing necessary changes to our attention, and provide revisions and new material for

    the databases.

    5. At previous meetings it was agreed that each SAI would update its own performance audit

    reference material, and continue to contribute more material as it became available. We

    urge all Group members to review existing material and let us have updates and new items

    for inclusion.

    6. We continue to offer a research service and printing facilities on request to those SAIs who

    cannot access the material electronically although demand for this service is almost zero.

    Feedback facilities on the web site allow visitors to comment on the material and this is

    better used.

    7. We also host two databases in support of the Group’s eGovernment Audit and IT

    Governance projects. These provide an opportunity to categorise and present material in a

    more easily searchable format. Working Group members have provided useful material in

    both categories. There has been a surge in material offered recently following

    encouragement from SAI India. However more is undoubtedly available and we urge

    members to review the material already published in this way and fill in the gaps.


    th19 Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit: Beijing, April 2010 8. Unfortunately the e-Government Audit Publications Database is currently offline following

    a recent penetration test which highlighted SQL injection vulnerability. Some work will be

    needed to bring this database back online.

    9. The Committee is invited to

    ; make suggestions for further improvements and the addition of new material.

Angus Waugh

    Head of ICT, UK NAO

    March 2010


    th19 Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit: Beijing, April 2010

    Most popular pages 2009

     Page URL Visits 1 Home Page of the INTOSAI IT 15,870

    Audit Committee

    2 Audit and Best Practice Guides 5,664 3 IT Performance Audit Reports: 2,510

    Other public auditors

    4 IT Performance Audit Reports: 2,483

    INTOSAI members

    5 Philippines,480


    5 Index to intoIT 2,324 6 IT Audit Training Material 1,996 7 Addresses of SAIs,913


    7 Mandate of the Commission of,760

    Audit of the Philippines Mandates/


    8 Comptroller and Auditor General,575

    India dia.htm

    9 Other INTOSAI IT Audit Committee 1,406


    10 Mandates of the SAIs 1,288


    th19 Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit: Beijing, April 2010

    Visits by Month for the last 12 months

    Date Visits April 2009 12,928 May 2009 11,514 June 2009 11,832 July 2009 12,044 August 2009 12,855 September 2009 14,183 October 2009 15,269 November 2009 17,613 December 2009 14,848 January 2010 17,263 February 2010 12,341 March 2010 14,298


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