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Pre-event Press release - ITEAARTEMIS PR ...

Press Release

    Madrid, 29-30 October 2009


    Joint European event reflects drive for open innovation in embedded intelligence and software-intensive systems and services

    The second ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit being organised by ITEA 2 and ARTEMISIA on 29 and 30 October, will be held in Madrid. The Co-summit is part of the ITEA 2 Annual Symposium and the ARTEMIS Annual Autumn Event. This year‟s theme is: „Ecosystems driving open innovation in embedded intelligence and software-intensive systems and services‟. ITEA 2 is the EUREKA Software-

    intensive Systems and Services (SiSS) Cluster and ARTEMISIA is the European association for R&D

    actors in the field of Advanced Research & Development for EMbedded Intelligence and Systems.

    The joint event will involve some 600 R&D actors and policy makers in industry, academia and public authorities from all over Europe. A focal point of both days will be an exhibition with 60 projects showcasing results and achievements with demonstrations. EUREKA, COSINE and several European Competitiveness Clusters will also be part of the exhibition.

    Special focus sessions on standardisation and the digital economy will be held during the morning session of the ITEA 2 Community Day on 29 October. In the afternoon, the ITEA 2 presidium will present programme achievements and successes, review current figures and look to the future. Plenary presentations will be made on the EPAS, SMARTTOUCH and SODA projects, which are in the running for the 2009 ITEA Achievement Awards.

    In the afternoon, the ARTEMISIA General Assembly, the strategic meeting of all members takes place. The General Assembly meets twice a year and it is the official meeting where the members are able to vote on key issues.

    The first day ends with a Grand Dinner for the ARTEMIS and ITEA 2 communities.

    The agenda for the joint one-day Co-summit programme on 30 October includes a plenary session with the Spanish Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade, the Chairman of the EUREKA High Level Group and the Chair of the ARTEMIS JU Public Authorities Board. Furthermore keynote speeches will be given on ‟Vehicle communication eco-systems by Dr. Ralf Herrtwich - Director Infotainment and Telematics, Daimler AG and „Societal applications of large scalable parallel computing systems‟, by Jean-François

    Lavignon - VP Technology Strategy, Bull. In the afternoon there will be parallel sessions held. The closing session will include the ITEA Achievement Awards, ITEA Exhibition Award and ARTEMIS-JU Exhibition Award.

Ecosystems driving open innovation

    “ARTEMISIA thinks that it is important to bring all embedded-systems stakeholders, R&D actors and

    public authorities together in one big event to help build networks for future co-operation and to help achieve effective ecosystems where possible,” says Klaus Grimm, President of ARTEMISIA Association.

    “ARTEMISIA and ITEA 2 are the natural partners to organise this event, and we are happy that the ITEA community thinks the same way.”

    From the start of ITEA, the programme has built an open community in which business-driven innovation is key. Over the years we have seen impressive growth and development in this eco-system, says Rudolf Haggenmüller, Chairman of ITEA 2. The Co-summit with ARTEMISIA marks another step in

    expanding the eco-system and thereby helping confront the current economic and societal challenges and fulfil our ambitions.

Business-oriented innovation is key

ITEA has defined a theme specifically for the ITEA 2 Symposium: Business-oriented innovation that

    strengthens the economy and benefits society. While ITEA has produced many success stories over the

    past ten years, many new challenges continue to appear ahead of us and the speed of change in the business environment keeps increasing. ITEA is ready to address these new challenges and to further strengthen its economic impact. The theme clearly reflects what ITEA will focus on during the decade ahead. As already outlined in ITEA‟s third Roadmap, in 2010 – 2020 ITEA will:

     Pave the way towards societal computing by addressing key social issues such as health, energy,

    transport, knowledge and education;

     Respond to the generalisation of connectivity by addressing the challenge of massive scalability; Support European industry in providing end-to-end solutions including both products and services; Contribute ICT-based innovations to ensure the competitiveness of jobs and businesses; and Address sustainability and efficient use of scarce resources such as energy, water and frequencies.

     Increase even more its market impact, for example by focussing on dissemination by standardisation.

    During the Co-summit, the ITEA 2 parallel sessions provide concrete ICT-based approaches and examples in Multimedia & Communications and in E-payment in line with the Symposium theme.

    The current ITEA and ITEA 2 portfolio involves over 100 projects, with more than 800 partners from 26 countries. Interest in ITEA continues to grow with the number of partners and projects still increasing. Looking at the third call for projects made in 2008, 14 projects are in launch or in progress involving 2,751 person-years. Call 4 this year resulted in 29 project outlines for a total of 4,620 person-years. After evaluation, 24 projects were invited to prepare full project proposals.

    The ITEA community consists of innovative ecosystems across various value chains, often with a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around a few big global players. Some 27% of the overall ITEA participation in 2009 in terms of person-years is from SMEs.

Boosting Innovative Ecosystems

    The ARTEMISIA Association is continuing the work of the European Technology Platform on Embedded Intelligence and Systems whereby the members of ARTEMISIA define the ARTEMIS-ETP Strategic Research Agenda. This high level document, referred to by many European research initiatives including the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and ITEA, identifies several key actions to stimulate innovation and competitiveness among European companies.

    It is the ARTEMIS ambition to establish innovative ecosystems by stimulating the emergence of self-sustaining European groups of actors involved in embedded intelligence and systems.

    ARTEMISIA formulates the eight ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) sub programmes and proposes the content of these sub programmes annually to the ARTEMIS JU. This ensures the ARTEMIS JU Calls for project proposals, continuing industrial relevance. The sub programmes are also the seed of potential innovation eco-systems considered as groups of complementary players that establish long-lasting collaboration from which their respective businesses derive mutual benefits. In the frame of the Co-summit ARTEMISIA therefore has dedicated the ARTEMIS Parallel Sessions to its Co-summit sub-theme „Recalibrating the ARTEMIS-ETP Strategic Research Agenda‟ and „Centres of Innovation


    The ARTEMIS Association of R&D actors in embedded systems is the private founding member of the public-private partnership ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) that was founded in February 2008. After the guidance of two Interim Executive Directors since 2008, Eric Schutz is appointed as Executive Director of the JU since September.

    The first ARTEMIS JU CALL in 2008 yielded 12 projects with 220 partners from more than 23 countries. These newly started ARTEMIS-JU projects will all be present at the Co-summit exhibition for the first time. The ARTEMIS JU Call 2009 closed on 3 September and has been a very successful one as well. The selected projects seem to offer a good coverage of the ARTEMIS Sub Programmes and represent a balanced mix of larger and smaller projects. The expectation is that the project selection of ARTEMIS-JU Call 2009 will be announced in Madrid.

    The ARTEMISIA Association continues to grow and now has more than 180 members from 23 European countries of which 50 are SMEs.

Public authority support

    The event is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC). Spain is a key player in Europe‟s Software-intensive Systems and Services and Embedded Intelligence.

More information:


    ITEA 2 (Information Technology for European Advancement) stimulates and supports innovative pre-competitive R&D projects that contribute research excellence to Europe‟s competitive Software-intensive Systems and Services

    (SiSS) sector. SiSS are a vital growth engine for Europe‟s economy and a key driver of innovation in its most

    competitive industries such as automotive, aerospace, communications, healthcare and consumer electronics. ITEA 2 and its predecessor ITEA have a proven track record with major achievements and results in these industries.

    ITEA 2 founding partners are: Airbus, Alcatel-Lucent, Barco, Bosch, Bull, Daimler, European Federation of High Tech SMEs, Italtel, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, Telefonica, Telvent, Thales and Thomson.

    As a EUREKA Cluster programme, our approach is intergovernmental, bottom-up and industry-driven allowing a

    project idea to attract funding from all participating countries. All member countries in the EUREKA framework give financial support to ITEA 2 projects. ITEA 2 is open to partners from large industrial companies and SMEs, as well as research institutes and universities. ITEA 2 establishes ties with many Competitiveness Clusters (PdCs) all over Europe to connect national initiatives at the European level.

    The current set of more than 100 projects (ITEA + ITEA 2), with more than 1000 partners from 26 countries, has established a solid basis for further development. Many of these have led to the creation of completely new products.


    Kay Jeunhomme, ITEA 2 Office, PR & Communications

    Tel: +31 88 003 6136; Fax: +31 88 003 6130; Email:

For more information:


    ARTEMISIA is the association for R&D actors in advanced research and technology for embedded intelligence and systems. The ARTEMIS Association was founded in January 2007 by Daimler, Nokia, Philips, STMicroelectronics and Thales. Its purpose is to support the ARTEMIS (Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems) Joint Undertaking (JU) and to continue the work of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform (ETP) on embedded systems. The ARTEMIS JU programme is the first of its kind to bring private-sector research actors together with the European Commission and a large number of contributing Member States. ARTEMISIA is an association with members under Dutch law. Membership is multidisciplinary, providing an excellent network for the exchange of technology ideas, cross-fertilisation as well as for radical innovation initiatives. Membership is open to all European R&D actors in ARTEMIS; which means, large or small companies, research institutes or universities. ARTEMISIA has about 180 members around Europe, of which 55 are SMEs. The ARTEMISIA mission is to foster the interests of leading Industrial groups, SMEs, academics and research institutes in a public-private partnership known as the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and thereby represent them in contacts with the European Commission and participating EU member states.

    ARTEMISIA creates the meeting place where key industry players and other R&D actors identify topics for major R&D projects that they want to pursue together, form consortia and initiate project proposals for joint collaboration. ARTEMISIA nurtures the ambition to strengthen Europe‟s position in embedded intelligence and systems and to attain world-class leadership in this area. To achieve this, ARTEMISIA is aiming for: 'Self-sustaining, Cross-national Ecosystems for European leadership in embedded systems'.


    Else Embregts, ARTEMISIA Office, PR & Communications

    Tel: +31 88 003 6188; Fax: +31 88 003 6180; Email:

For more infomation :

    About ARTEMISIA :

    About the ARTEMIS-ETP:

    About the ARTEMIS-JU:

Event highlights

    Location: Auditorium Hotel Madrid, 400 Avenida de Aragón, 28022 Madrid, Spain


    Thursday 29 October

    ITEA 2 Symposium

    Theme: Business-oriented innovation that strengthens economy & benefits society ITEA 2 highlights by the executive team.

     Special focus sessions:

    ; ITEA as a vehicle towards standardisation (Colin Willcock) highlighting deployment and market

    impact as well as creation of de-facto industrial standards and open-source communities.

    ; The digital economy OECD Software Innovation Study & OSAMI-Commons project (Jesus


     Speech by Leo van de Loock for the Belgian Public Authority

     Presentations on the three projects in the running for the 2009 ITEA Achievement Awards:

    ; EPAS enabling interoperability of European e-payment schemes;

    ; SMARTTOUCH mobile near field communication (NFC) services; and

    ; SODA developing architecture for a device-level, service-oriented ecosystem.

Friday 30 October

    ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit

    Theme: Ecosystems driving open innovation in embedded intelligence and software-intensive

    systems and services

     Opening address

    ; Don Miguel Sebastián, Spanish Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade

    ; Dr Walter Mönig, EUREKA High Level Group Chairman, Germany

    ; Dr Thierry van der Pyl, European Commission, Chair ARTEMIS JU Public Authorities Board

    ; Keynote speeches: 'Vehicle Communication Eco-systems' Dr Ralf Herrtwich, Daimler AG; and

    'Societal applications of large scalable parallel computing systems' Jean-François Lavignon, Bull Parallel sessions on various topics (see symposium website for abstracts)

    ; Multimedia & Communications (organised by ITEA 2)

    Moderator: Patrick Schwartz, Thomson Grass Valley

    ; E-payment (organised by ITEA 2)

    Moderator: William Vanobberghen, GIE Cartes Bancaires

    ; Centres of Innovation Excellence (organised by ARTEMISIA)

    Moderator: Heinrich Daembkes, AEDS Germany, Chair of ARTEMISA WG CoIE

    ; Strategic Research Agenda update (organised by ARTEMISIA)

    Moderator: Klaus Grimm,Daimler Germany, President of ARTEMISIA

     Closing session: ITEA Achievement Awards, ITEA Exhibition Award and ARTEMIS Exhibition Award


     47 ITEA/ITEA 2 projects

     12 ARTEMIS-JU projects

     8 Competitiveness Clusters (Pôles de Compétitivité): Aerospace Valley (FR), BICC-NET (DE), Cap

    Digital (FR), Minalogic (FR), PROMETEO (ES), System@tic (FR), SafeTRANS (DE) and INES +


     COSINE project for co-ordinating strategies for embedded systems in the European Research Area

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