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    JANUARY 2004

    1 March 2004

    A report by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004


    Victimisation and intimidation on the basis of one‟s political affiliation continue to be commonplace in Zimbabwe. Leaders of political parties and high level Government officials have failed to encourage tolerance amongst their supporters. Instead, statements have been made that overtly foster prejudices and violate the right to freedom of association. In Gutu North (MASVINGO PROVINCE), Vice President, Joseph Msika was reported as having labelled MDC supporters as “sell-outs,

    1sponsored stooges and anti-revolutionaries” addressed villagers at Zvavahera Business Centre.

    Ngoni Mudzamiri asserts that he was abducted from Matizha Shopping Centre in Gutu North by ZANU PF youths in a truck. He was reportedly hauled into the back of the truck, driven around the constituency and beaten all over the body along the way. He alleges that the assailants later took him to Mupandawana where he was beaten until he fell unconscious. He was apparently attacked because he was wearing a MDC t-shirt. HK, MDC Murehwa South District Coordinator, and his brother AK, allege that there were attacked at home by ZANU PF youths on the basis of their political affiliation with the MDC. The youths were reportedly moving about in a truck with the inscription “ZANU PF MASHONALAND EAST”.

    The Human Rights Forum condemns the lack of any concerted effort on the part of Zimbabwean political parties to dissuade their members and/ supporters from engaging in acts of violence against each other on the basis of opposing political opinions. Furthermore we view the making of statements that fan violence by political leaders as unacceptable in a democratic society. Violence broke out in Shamva constituency (MASHONALAND CENTRAL PROVINCE) where several MDC supporters were reportedly beaten by ZANU PF youths for being supporters of the MDC. Some were seriously injured while Alexander Chigega reportedly died of the injuries he sustained in an

    assault on 4 January 2004. Chigega was reportedly attacked by a gang of about 30 ZANU PF

    supporters while he was at home in Chief Mutumba‟s Village, Madziva. The youths, who are alleged to have been on a rampage against MDC supporters in the area, arrived at the victim‟s house, called

    him out and threatened to burn the house. His wife asserts that the youths attacked Chigega with stones, dragged him out of the house, and then beaten him on the back with logs. When she tried to shield him, she claims she was also beaten by the youths and she fell to the ground. Chigega died on the way to the hospital as he was being ferried there by a relative. Chigega‟s wife identified Ogi Munetsi, Milton Kande, Harrison Zuze, Munyaradzi Chigega, Never Chigega and Mrs. Mishamiviri, all from their village, as being amongst the perpetrators. There have reportedly been no arrests to date. Two of the perpetrators, Never Chigega and Mrs Mishamiviri, were also named as perpetrators in

    2incidents of political violence in the run up to the Presidential Elections of March 2002. They appear

    to continue to be involved in incidents of political violence without consequence.

1 The statement by Vice President, Joseph Msika was televised on ZBC TV. See Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe,

    Weekly Media Update # 2004-4 2 see Are They Accountable: Examining alleged violators and their violations pre and post the Presidential Election March 2002 a report by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum pg 56-57


Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004

    On 10 January 2004, the editor, Iden Wetherall, editor, Vincent Kahiya and chief reporter Dumisani Muleya of the Zimbabwe Independent, a weekly newspaper, were arrested and detained for two

    nights by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The three subsequently appeared before a Harare magistrate charged with criminal defamation for reporting that the President had commandeered a plane from the national airline to travel to the Far East on personal business. The fact that the plane had carried the President to the Far East was not disputed, however the trio were arrested for having used the word “commandeered” in their story. They were released on ZW$20 000 bail each. These arrests exemplify the limitations to freedom of expression that prevail in Zimbabwe today. In Gutu North, Crispa Musoni, the MDC candidate for the constituency, alleged that he was unable to conduct a campaign without hindrance. Musoni was reportedly denied police clearance to hold rallies and alleged that those who were associated with his campaign were subsequently tracked down for purposes of retribution. The Human Rights Forum notes with concern the failure by the responsible authorities to ensure an environment in which the opposition would be able to campaign meaningfully. In contrast the ruling party, ZANU PF, candidate was reportedly able to campaign without interference throughout Gutu North.

    It is imperative that an equal playing field be accorded to all candidates in future elections in Zimbabwe if the Government is committed to move towards the holding free and fair elections.



    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004

    Totals: 1 January 2004 31 January 2004 abduction/ kidnapping7


    attempted murder3

    2death threats



    freedom of expression/32association/ mvt


    political discrim./intim./vict.24

    property related10


    school closure0


    unlawful arrest2

    0unlawful detention



Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004

    Sources: The information contained in this report is derived from statements made to the Public Interest Unit of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, statements taken by the member organisations of the Human Rights Forum. (See last page for list of member organisations), newspaper reports, Justice for Agriculture (JAG),

    Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA), Zimbabwe Community Development Trust (ZCDT). Notes to the tables:


    All cases of torture fall under the definition of torture according to the general definition given in the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment. The four elements of torture are:

    1 Severe pain and suffering, whether physical or mental

    2 Intentionally inflicted

    3 With a purpose

    4 By a state official or another individual acting with the acquiescence of the State.

    Those individuals referred to in point # 4 include the ZRP, ZNA, ZPS and the ZNLWVA (as a reserve force of the ZNA) and by any other grouping when directly sanctioned by the state.

    Unlawful arrest and detention:

    Arrest by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) with no reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed. Detention thereafter for a period exceeding 48 hours without access to redress through the courts or subsequent release without charge.


    A kidnapping by a member(s) of an organised group that is not the ZRP, political party, ZNLWVA, ZNA, MDC, Zanu PF etc


    Kidnapped persons whose whereabouts remained unknown at the time of reporting. Their whereabouts have still to be ascertained through follow up reports or further investigation.

    Property related

    These are incidents in which property rights have been violated. This includes arson, property damage and destruction and theft.

    Key Abbreviations

    AIPPA Access to Information and Protection of Privacy UMP Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe

    Act Zanu PF Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front

    CIO Central Intelligence Organisation ZCTU Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions

    MDC Movement for Democratic Change ZNA Zimbabwe National Army

    MP Member of Parliament ZNLWVA Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans

    NAGG - National Alliance for Good Governance Association

    NCA National Constitutional Assembly ZPS Zimbabwe Prison Service

    OVT Organised Violence and Torture ZRP Zimbabwe Republic Police

    POSA Public Order and Security Act ZIMTA Zimbabwe Teachers Association

    PTUZ Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe ZUPCO Zimbabwe United Passenger Company


    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004

    Cases of Political Violence

    Note: The identities of victims whose names have not been published in the press and are not public officials are protected by the use of initials. This is done in order to protect the victim from further violence, intimidation and possible recriminatory attacks.

    The purpose of this report is to record the nature of the politically motivated violence and intimidation that continues to prevail in the country. The Monthly Political Violence Reports are primarily based on victims‟ accounts, accompanied by medical evidence where possible, obtained from member organisations of the Human Rights Forum and other partner organisations. Use is also made of press reports on politically motivated violence. The situation prevailing in the country is such that it has not been possible to verify all of these accounts. The Human Rights Forum has done what it can to verify the reports, and is satisfied that the vast majority of them are substantially true. It is also not possible to rule out whether a victim‟s account is exaggerated or contains inaccuracies.

    All reports derived from the press are denoted with the symbol ?.


    Bulawayo North East/ South

    25 January 2004

    ; ? ZRP officers in possession of a search warrant, reportedly raided the MDC offices in Bulawayo. 3They seized newsletters published by ZVAKWANA, copies of the MDC in-house bulletin “The

    Changing Times”, personal documents and telephone books belonging to staff. Joshua Mpofu,

    MDC Provincial Administrator, was purportedly arrested and then taken for questioning on the

    items that the police had seized which they described as “subversive material”. Mpofu later was

    released without charge.



    5 January 2004

    ; AD claims that ZANU PF supporters arrived at her home, knocked on the door, and then kicked it

    open. AD asserts that the officers demanded to see her husband, whom they allegedly assaulted

    on the back, and then kicked on the mouth. AD alleges that she was also hit on the face and left

    eye. She sustained a swollen eye as a result of which she is unable to see properly and lost two


    11 January 2004

    ; SM reported that a mob of ZANU PF youths arrived at her home, knocked on the door, and

    demanded to see her. SM did not respond. She alleges that when she later attempted to open the

    door, the mob was still waiting and pulled her outside and then beat her with sticks and a piece of

    metal until she fell to the ground. She sustained multiple injuries on the face. SM claims that she

    identified one Last Kagoda among the assailants.

    21 January 2004

    ; GK and others were selling their wares at the market stall when 6 youths from the Border Gezi

    National Youth Service Training Centre arrived and asked who amongst the vendors were MDC

3 Zvakwana is a civic group that produces weekly newsletters on the Zimbabwean crisis.


    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004

    activists. GK claims that one of his colleagues pointed towards him. The youths are said to have

    accused him of stealing, when in fact he had not stolen anything. He alleges that they destroyed

    his wares, grabbed him by the trousers, and pulled him towards Chitungwiza Central Police

    Station where he was arrested and detained by the police for a few hours. He was later released

    from police custody back into the hands of the youths. He asserts that he was later taken to a

    house in Zengeza where a number of other youths from the Border Gezi National Youth Service

    Training Centre beat him all over the body and under the feet with whips, a stick and open palms.

28 January 2004

    ; BG asserts that a group of about 6 ZANU PF youths approached him and beat him with fists and

    sticks on accusations of being an MDC supporter. He reportedly lost consciousness and does not

    remember what happened after that.


    4 January 2004

    ; TT, an MDC supporter, alleges that he was abducted by ZANU PF youths at about 12 noon and

    taken to their base in the area. He was interrogated about where he stays and where he was

    coming from. He claims that he was stoned, assaulted with open palms and sticks together with a

    colleague with whom he was walking. He ran towards another house to seek refuge. However,

    the house he sought refuge from belonged to another ZANU PF supporter and upon arrival, he

    claims that he was further assaulted, as they knew that he belongs to the opposition party MDC.

    He asserts that the assailants also tore at his clothes, tied a rope around his neck and pulled him

    around the house, threatening to murder him. He sustained severe injuries on the head and


    Harare Central

    21 January 2004

    ; ?A public meeting organised by the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) was

    banned by the police 15 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin. A CHRA member

    who was taking video footage of the event at the hotel was reportedly detained briefly by the

    police in the afternoon and released around 8:00pm. According to Barnabas Mangodza, Chief

    Executive Officer of CHRA, the police had earlier granted CHRA permission to hold the meeting

    on the conditions that the organisation kept to its agenda, that they left the venue of the meeting

    by 8:30pm, and that the police should be in attendance. However, permission was withdrawn at

    5:15pm and Mangodza was instructed to reapply for the permission to hold the meeting at a later

    date. The meeting was a consultative forum with residents of Harare on the Harare City Council‟s

    2004 budget. ZRP Crime Prevention Officer, Chief Superintendent Dhlakama reportedly informed

    CHRA that the meeting was barred so as to quell „potential violence‟ by those who might be


    10 January 2004

    ; ?Three Zimbabwe Independent members of staff Iden Wetherall (editor); Dumisani Muleya (chief

    reporter) and Vincent Kahiya (news editor) spent 2 nights in custody after they were arrested by

    the police on charges of criminal defamation. They were arrested over the publishing of a story in

    the Zimbabwe Independent, alleging that the President had commandeered a plane from the

    national airline to travel to the Far East on personal business earlier in the month. Wetherall,

    Kahiya and Muleya were later released on ZW$20 000 bail each.


    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004


    21 January 2004

    ; A group of about 6 ZANU PF youths are said to have assaulted LS at her home in Epworth,

    because she had failed to attend a ZANU PF meeting. She claims that the youths interrogated

    her, but did not give her time to explain. She left her home for fear of being further victimised and

    is now staying in Glen Norah.


    4 January 2004

    ; SZ alleges that ZANU PF youths assaulted him while he was at Shirichena Shopping Centre,

    because he was putting on an MDC T-shirt. He was reportedly intercepted by the youths as they

    had taken a short break from a ZANU PF meeting. He asserts that he was forced to remove the

    T-shirt and then to attend the meeting. When he refused to do so, he claims that he was



    4 January 2004

    ; NC was wearing an MDC T-shirt when ZANU PF youths approached him at a shopping centre,

    demanding to know why he had it on. In response, NC asked them why they were wearing ZANU

    PF T-shirts as well. The youths are said to have beaten him with bottles inflicting injuries on his

    neck and cheek. He sustained a broken tooth.

    10 January 2004

    ; At about 1745hrs, TM was walking with a colleague when they were intercepted by a group of

    ZANU PF youths who were holding a meeting in the area. TM purports that the youths demanded

    to know what they were doing there. TM claims that the youths assaulted his colleague and that

    when he tried to rescue him, the assailants turned on him as well. TM asserts that they were later

    dragged to Rugare Police Station, where they were further assaulted by the police. TM reported

    the matter to the police at Rugare Police Station upon which he was taken into police custody for

    a day.

    12 January 2004

    ; LM was passing through the shopping centre when two soldiers reportedly intercepted him and

    accused him of having a close alliance with the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. He alleges

    that although they left him for a while, they later followed him as he went past a field, caught up

    with him, and kicked him with booted feet in the legs and on the left side of the chest. Some

    passers-by rescued him.

    Mbare East

    14 January 2004

    ; BM, an MDC supporter from Mbare, alleges that he was attacked by ZANU PF supporters, on

    suspicion that he has information about Ali Khan Manjengwa‟s death. Manjengwa, a senior ZANU

    PF official, was shot and murdered on 22 August 2002 while walking in the corridor of a flat in

    which he stayed. He was coming from attending a ZANU PF meeting in that same flat. BM

    purports that he has since been receiving threats on his life and claims that he is also being

    victimised because he supports the opposition party MDC.


    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004



    January 2004

    ; ?Roy Bennet, MDC MP – Chimanimani and owner of Charleswood Estate, claims that the newly

    appointed Governor of Manicaland, a Lieutenant-General Mike Nyambuya, addressed senior

    ZANU PF officials at a meeting at Chimanimani Hotel about his intention to remove MP Bennet

    from the province, and to deal decisively with all opposition members from the province. Bennet

    claims that earlier in the month, Nyambuya drove members of the army and government

    supporters on a violent looting spree at Charleswood Estate, and that several workers were

    rushed to the hospital for treatment after they were beaten by the soldiers. He further declared

    that following the looting spree, Nyambuya then drove war veterans, CIO agents, and ARDA

    (Agricultural Rural Development Authority) workers onto the farm to camp there. They are

    reportedly still camped there. Following the meeting by Nyambuya, a group of about 15 ZANU PF

    youths are said to have terrorised suspected MDC activists including Jasper Gabaza, Douglas

    Gebe, Takesure Chironzo, and David Munengwa, MDC District Chairman for Chimanimani.

    Property worth about ZW$4million was reportedly destroyed during the attacks. It has been

    reported that several government officials and ruling party supporters have either illegally camped

    or stayed on the farm since 2003 despite a High Court Order barring them from doing so. It is

    reported that one farm worker was shot in the melee, and that the invaders purported that they

    were working on the instruction of the new Governor, retired Lieutenant-General Nyambuya.

Mutare South

    1 January 2004

    ; ?Edwin Masimba Moyo, owner of Kondozi Farm in Odzi, claims that one Zuze, a ZANU PF

    supporter, as well as ARDA workers and other ZANU PF supporters, arrived at his farm with the

    intention of evicting his farm workers and then taking control of the farm. The perpetrators alleged

    that they were acting on a directive from the Minister of Lands and Agriculture, Joseph Made. It is

    also alleged that Zuze was armed with a gun as he led the group of about 11 ZANU PF youths

    and ARDA workers in their attempt to grab office keys from management of the farm. When

    management sensed danger, it reportedly sounded the alarm. Zuze is said to have subsequently

    shot into the crowd, and more than 3 shots were reported as having been fired. Three farm

    workers were allegedly shot and seriously injured. Moyo reported the case to the police at Mutare

    Police Station. Moyo says he is not contesting the acquisition of the farm but wants permission to

    get his equipment from the farm. He professes that ARDA, on the instruction of Minister Made, is

    stopping him from getting the material. The farm is listed under the Export Processing Zone,

    meaning it should not be compulsorily acquired, and it has a base of around 5 000 workers. MASHONALAND CENTRAL

    Mount Darwin North/ South

    11 January 2004

    ; At about midnight, 6 war veterans reportedly arrived at GR‟s home demanding to know why he

    was still staying in Mount Darwin, since he is an MDC supporter. GR asserts that the youths beat

    him with clenched fists and open hands, and that they kicked him all over the body until he fell to

    the ground. The assailants are said to have forced him into their truck, driven off with him,

    lectured him about party politics, and then forced him away from the area.


    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Political Violence Report: January 2004


    11 January 2004

    ; CM, MDC Youth Chairman for Centenary, was approached by 8 MDC youths for a briefing on the

    political atmosphere in the constituency at about 20:00hrs. CM claims that later that evening, he

    was summoned to the Headman‟s place to explain the mandate of the MDC youths who had

    visited him earlier on. CM explained that they wanted to select the MDC candidate for the 2005

    Parliamentary Elections. On arrival at his house that same night, he alleges that 30 ZANU PF

    youths had surrounded it and were stoning the door as well as the MDC vehicle that was parked

    there. He alleges that although the group left soon after his arrival, about 12 of them later

    returned at around 23:00hrs, beat him and his wife with sticks, kicked them all over their bodies,

    and then went off singing and chanting ZANU PF slogans. The following morning, he asserts that

    he was forced, together with his wife and twins, onto a Harare-bound bus with all their

    belongings. He alleges that the assailants ordered the bus driver to ferry them to their „father

    Tsvangirai‟. They however alighted from the bus in Mvurwi, whereupon they sought shelter from

    a relative.


    4 January 2004

    ; EM of Kamudyira Village in Madziva claims that a group of ZANU PF youths arrived at his home,

    knocked on his door and called him outside. EM alleges that when he took time to open the door,

    the assailants broke the door and beat him, his wife and two sons with beer bottles, sticks and

    stones. EM was reportedly beaten until he fell unconscious.

    ; CBM states that a gang of ZANU PF supporters approached him at his house at around 21:00hrs

    and called out his name. He claims that they beat him with whips on the back and later with an

    axe behind the ear. His wife managed to escape while he fought the gang. The youths reportedly

    burned his bedroom as well as two blankets, clothes and a bag of maize. He identified one Milton

    Kande among the assailants.

    ; ZANU PF supporters reportedly killed Alexander Chigega while he was at home in Chief

    Mutumba‟s village in Madziva. The group, comprising of about 30 ZANU PF youths, allegedly

    went round the village assaulting all known MDC supporters. It is said that the youths approached

    Alexander Chigega’s home, called him out and threatened to burn the house. His wife asserts

    that her husband took an axe for defence as the crowd was now charging towards him. The

    youths reportedly overpowered him as they were many in number, stoned him, dragged out of the

    house, and then beat him on the back. When Chigega fell down he was reportedly further beaten

    with logs and stones. The group was purportedly led by one Milton Kande of the ZANU PF party.

    When his wife tried to shield him, she was also reportedly beaten by the youths and she fell to the

    ground. She alleges that they tied Chigega‟s hands with a piece of cloth, and continued to beat

    him until he started vomiting blood. Their children are said to have tried to intervene and were

    also severely beaten. The children then sought help from a relative, who later arrived and ferried

    Chigega to the hospital in a cattle drawn cart. He died on the way. His wife and son were later

    admitted at Bindura Hospital after sustaining severe injuries. Chigega‟s wife claims that from

    among the assailants she identified Ogi Munetsi; Milton Kande; Harrison Zuze; Munyaradzi

    Chigega, Never Chigega; Mrs. Mishamiviri, all from their village. Chigega‟s wife sustained severe

    injuries and was admitted at Bindura Hospital. It is reported that the youths claimed that they were

    tasked by the Minister of the area to eliminate all those in the opposition, and that the police

    would never arrest them as they were together with them.


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