US House of Representatives

By Ricky Hall,2014-06-20 00:56
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US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives July 17, 2008

    Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative,

One year after the tragic collapse of the I-35 W Bridge in Minneapolis, our country’s bridges

    remain in critical condition and in need of significant funding for maintenance and repair. We

    strongly urge you to support H.R. 3999, The National Highway Bridge Reconstruction and

    Inspection Act.

    The unmet needs of our nation’s aging transportation infrastructure endanger the safety and

    security of American families. While billions in federal funds are spent annually on new

    highway projects and lane expansion, our existing assets have been left behind. According to the

    U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 74,000 bridges in this country are classified

    as structurally deficient.

    H.R. 3999 is an important first step towards addressing this national problem. The legislation

    authorizes dedicated funding for bridge repairs throughout the country and provides minimum

    inspection standards.

    The tragedy in Minnesota should serve as a wake-up call for this Congress, which must embrace

    an approach to highway spending that prioritizes maintenance and repair of our existing

    roadways over new capacity. Our country can no longer afford the cost of inaction as our

    bridges continue to age and deteriorate. Please support H.R. 3999, The National Highway Bridge Reconstruction and Inspection Act.

Thank You,

John Krieger

    Staff Attorney

    US Public Interest Research Group

    (202) 546-9707

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