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/> PEOPLE IN AMERICA - January 20, 2002: Martin Luther King Jr., Part 1 By William Rodgers
Anncr: People in America - a program in Special English on the Voice of America. (Theme) Today, Warren Scheer and Shep O'Neal begin the story of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior. ((Theme)) VOICE 1: It all started on a bus. A black woman was returning home from work after a long, hard day. She sat near the front of the bus because she was tired and her legs hurt. But the bus belonged to the city of Montgomery in the southern state of Alabama. And the year was nineteen fifty-five. In those days, black people could sit only in the back of the bus. So the driver ordered the woman to give up her seat. But the woman refused, and she was arrested. Incidents like this had happened before. But no one had ever spoken out against such treatment of blacks. This time, however, a young black preacher organized a protest. He called on all black citizens to stop riding the buses in Montgomery until the laws were changed.
Rosa Parks
The name of the young preacher was Martin Luther King. He led the protest movement to end injustice in the Montgomery city bus system. The protest became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The protest marked the beginning of the civil rights movement in the United States. This is the story of Martin Luther King, and his part in the early days of the civil rights movement. VOICE 2: Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in nineteen-twenty-nine. He was born into a religious family. Martin's father was a preacher at a Baptist church. And his mother came from a family with strong ties to the Baptist religion. In nineteen twenty-nine, atlanta was one of the wealthiest cities in the southern part of the United States. Many black families came to the city in search of a better life. There was less racial tension between blacks and whites in Atlanta than in other southern cities. But Atlanta still had laws designed to keep black people separate from whites. The laws of racial separation existed all over the southern part of the United States. They forced blacks to attend separate schools and live in separate areas of a city. Blacks did not have the same rights as white people, and were often poorer and less educated. VOICE 1: Martin Luther King did not know about racial separation when he was young. But as he grew older, he soon saw that blacks were not treated equally. One day martin and his father went out to buy shoes. They entered a shoe store owned by a white businessman.
The businessman sold shoes to all people. But he had a rule that blacks could not buy shoes in the front part of the store. He ordered martin's father to obey the rule. Martin never forgot his father's angry answer: "If you do not sell shoes to black people at the front of the store, you will not sell shoes to us at all." Such incidents, however, were rare during martin's early life. Instead, he led the life of a normal boy. Martin liked to learn, and he

Unit 4 Talking About People

I Appearance

1. Describing peoples appearance

Describing and asking about peoples appearance

Height quite tall

    rather short/small, fairly shortish

    of average/medium height

    Build big, rather small

    of medium/average build

    fat, plump/plumpish, stout(for old people), chubby, (a bit)

    overweight, fleshy

    thin, slim, skinny, bony, slender, lean


    Color black, dark

    blond(e)(lighter than fair), blondish, fair(yellow/golden, light

    brown), golden(not in everyday life)

    brown, grey, ginger, reddish

    Quantity has got rather thick/thin hair

    rather/completely bald (on top)


    Style long, short

    Hair straight, curly, wavy

    bobbed hair (with a fringe)

    cut to chin-length


    swept back hair

    parted in the middle, middle/side parting

    long/short plaits/pigtails, pony tails

    have your hair permed, dyed

    Shape round(ish), squarish, rather board, thin(nish), rather long

    heart-shaped, horse-face

    kind of triangular face, prominent forehead

    big-featured, sharp featured, well-featured

    double-chinned, clear-cut chin, high-cheekboned, dimpled(酒窝) Face Complexion fair, dark, reddish, rosy, ruddy

    rather pale, pallid, sallow, emaciated, haggard(憔悴)

    freckled(雀斑), pimpled(丘疹), spotty, wrinkled


    Size big, small

    Shape rather round, slanted eyes

    Color black, brown, grey, green, blue, hazel

    dark eyes

    Other wear glasses, contact lens

    double-fold/double-edged eyelids, single-layer/single-edged


    bulging(眼珠突出), deep-sunken(深陷),

    dewy(水灵), watery, starry

    longsighed/farsighted, shortsighted, squint(斜视)

    Size big, small

    Shape straight, flat, high, high-bridged, pointed, pudgy(扁胖), shapely, Nose upturned, bottle nose(酒糟鼻), pug/snub nose(狮子鼻)

    Mouth big, small

    clear-cut, everted(向外翻), full, thin, hare-lipped(兔唇) Eyes Teeth regular, even, irregular, jagged, uneven

    white, yellowish Facial Features

    protruding teeth, buck(上牙床突出), gapped


    Size big, small

    Shape ones ears stand out, cauliflower ears(招风耳), dropping, Ears long-lobed(耳垂长), velvet(柔软)

    Bear bushy(浓密), bristly(粗硬), curly, dense, thick, light(少), long, or matted(凌乱), shaggy(粗), short, stubbly(短粗) Moustache clean-shaven, beardless

    straggly beard, forked beard(八字胡), goatee(山羊胡)

    whiskers, side-burns

    toothbrush moustache

    Other smoke a pipe

    Age look young(ish), old(ish)


    in ones teens, in ones early/mid/late twenties/thirties


    Clothes smart, fashionable, stylish, trendy, modish, classy, chic, tasteful,

    elegant, modern, formal, tailored

    casual, informal, sporty, untailored

    shabby, threadbare, ragged, tattered

    brand-names, designer jeans/shoes, designer label clothes

    Manner or Look cheerful , conservative


    Head oval, bullet-shaped, egg-shaped, massive, round, big/large,


    Eyebrows arched, crescent, curved,



    bushy, heavy, shaggy, thick



    Neck bull, heavy, thick

    long, short

    scraggy(), slender(纤细), thin

    squat (短粗)


    Shoulder drooping

    narrow, broad

    Belly paunchy(大腹便便)

    beer belly, pot belly Back brawny(结实), burly(粗壮)

    narrow, slender

    straight, hunchback(驼背) Waist wasplike(极细), large Hand callous(老茧), chapped(龟裂), heavy-veined(暴青筋)

    able hands, clumsy hands, dexterous hands(巧手)

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