MRP Data Integrity

By Joann Collins,2014-04-29 02:50
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MRP Data Integrity

    Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping

    MRP Data Integrity

In order to smoothen MRP process, we need to further emphasis the validness

    and accuracy of system data. During the prototyping, we did find some problem

    both in fundamental data setup and routine operation.

    I. Fundamental Data Setup

    A. Perform Copy Default function in Facility Planning Data Maintenance

    (MRP140) once Item Master data is modified.

    Responsibility: Technical, Purchasing, Planner, and Warehouse

    B. To avoid conflict in item number, refer to item master when designating new


    Responsibility: Technical

    C. No multiple item numbers with same description.

    Responsibility: Technical

    D. No change of item description of an existing item number to refer to another item.

    Responsibility: Technical

    E. All BOM and routing should be established to facility “8A”. Specify facility also

    when doing inquiry.

    Responsibility: Technical, A.S.S.

    II. Routine Operations

    A. Shop Order

    1. Production material should be transferred to WIP location right after

    physical movement.

    Responsibility: Warehouse

    2. Excessive material in WIP should be returned or scrapped ASAP.

    Responsibility: Production

    3. Shop order should be closed immediately once all material movement, i.e. raw

    material transfer and issue, FG/SFG receipt, is settled.

    Responsibility: Production

    4. To reflect actual material usage, input actual issue quantity instead of Page 1 of 2 blindly following the BOM standard while doing ”M” transaction.

    Responsibility: Production

    Merloni TermoSanitari Phase III Prototyping

    5. Production should strictly follow the instruction of Shop Order, quantity to be produced, date to complete production and material to use, etc. Any variance

    should be reported to Planner immediately.

    Responsibility: Production

    B. Purchase Order

    1. All existing purchasing quotation and contract must be maintained into the system, otherwise planner can not release any purchase order.

    Responsibility: Purchasing 2. All past due Purchase Orders should be closed or re-scheduled before MRP explosion. (There are hundreds of past due orders in the system with due date

    back in 1998.)

    Responsibility: Purchasing

    C. Stock

    1. All inventory transactions, i.e. material transfer, material issue, Purchase receipt, Production receipt, FG shipping, scrap, sales return, vendor reject,

    adjustment, etc., should be posted in the system as soon as their physical

    movement is performed.

    Responsibility: Warehouse

    2. Negative stock status should get addressed ASAP.

    Responsibility: Warehouse

    3. Cycle counting should be performed on regular basis. But it is only one of the performance measures of Warehouse. We can not count on cycle counting for an

    accurate inventory. It only results from the accuracy and promptness of each

    daily operation. (The same applies to production-managed WIP location.)

    Responsibility: Warehouse

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