Side Events Request Form - Organization Name

By Frederick Kennedy,2014-06-20 00:50
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Side Events Request Form - Organization Name

    Civil Society Hearings

    23 – 24 June 2005

    Side Event Request Form

This form can be used to request a side event by NGOs or civil society organizations to the General Assembly

    Hearings with civil society, NGOs and the private sector. Because of space constraints, only a limited number

    of requests will be honoured. Preference will be given to those event requests organized in collaboration with

    other NGOs. All side events within the United Nations need to be co-sponsored by a Member State or a UN

    entity, such as a Department or a Fund or Programme.

Organization name:

    Contact person:

    Phone number: Fax number: Email address:

    Type of Event

    Workshop: Panel: Caucus: Event: Title of event:

    Brief description of the


Collaborating NGOs:

    Co-sponsors (Member

    State or UN entity):

    Expected participants: Total:

    Preferred room: Small room Medium room Large room

     (30-50 persons) (50-100 persons) (100-400 persons)

    Date and Time

    Date 1

    stst choice: Time 1 choice: ndndDate 2 choice: Time 2 choice:


    Speakers Title: (Ms., Mrs., Mr. First name Last name Organization

     H.E., Dr)

Publish in UN Journal: Yes: No:

    Technical Equipment

    (These services will incur costs to the co-sponsors.) Sound: Slide projector: Overhead projector: LCD projector: VCR/TV: PowerPoint projector: Screen: Archive: Interpretation: Yes No A: C: F: E: R: S: Requestor’s remarks:

    We, ADD NAME (S), agree to bear all costs incurred for the above space and services.

Signed by:_______________________________________________ Date:_________________________

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