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    There are a wide variety of places to stay when visiting the United States, ranging from large hotels in the major cities of the country to camp grounds in the nation??s forests and parks.


    Hotels are found in large and small cities: they can range from huge hotels with hundreds of rooms to small informal hotels with room for only 20 or 30 guests. First class hotels in large cities can be quite expensive, costing $30 or more per person per day for room charge and bath. Meals are not included as part of the room charge in most hotels in the United States. There are several less expensive hotels in most cities in less centrally located areas of the city. Guide books are available at most book shops and drugstores that describe the hotels in each city, including the cost of the rooms. Reservations in advance are necessary in most hotels, especially in large cities.


    The word ??motel?? means motorist hotel and is used chiefly by people traveling by car. Parking space is always available. Motels are usually located outside the center of town near major roads and are less expensive than hotels. Rates in motels are about $10 to $ 15 per person a day for a room and bath. Motels in and near large cities tend to be more expensive than this, in smaller towns the prices may be lower. Because motels are often located outside the center of town, it will probably be inconvenient to stay in a motel unless you have a car or unless the motel is located near public bus or train lines. Although reservations in advance are usually required in motels in busy areas, this is not always the case in less crowded parts of the country. Because of their convenience and economical prices, it is easy to understand why they are so popular with American.

Guest Houses

    During the earlier part of this century, most cities and small towns had a great number of ??guest houses??. These ware large private homes with rooms that could be rented to visiting travelers. Guest houses were warm and friendly places where you often could have a home-cooked meal as well as a clean room and bath. Today, unfortunately, few guest houses remain. They have been replaced by motels, which offer the traveler modern conveniences such as television in the rooms and frequently the use of a swimming pool.

    Some guest houses can still be found, however, particularly in small

    towns. When you can find them, these places offer travelers a good inexpensive place to stay.

    You can find listings of guest houses in the yellow pages of the telephone book. Although reservations in advance are not usually required, you might want to call before arriving at a guest home to be sure that rooms are available.

Youth Hostels

    ??Hostels?? offer the traveler to America an even less expensive place to stay than the places discussed above. They consist of a kitchen, a bath and a number of large rooms for sleeping. Travelers share these quarters and usually stay for a night or two. Hostels provide not only an inexpensive place to stay, but also give young people an opportunity to make new friends from other countries as they travel. While hostels may no offer the most comfortable quarters, they are convenient, inexpensive (usually charging less than $5 per person per day), and because they are attractive to traveling students and young people, generally friendly and informal places. Information about the cost of staying in youth hostels, their location in the United States, and about making reservations (if necessary) can be obtained from:

American Youth Hostels

1520 16th Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036

Camp Grounds

    Within a relatively short drive from most cities, you will find excellent camping grounds in both the state and national parks of the United States. Because camping has become so popular in America in recent years, as it has elsewhere in the world, it is wise to make reservations for a place at a public camp ground, especially if you know it is very popular. If you plan to camp, you should bring along your own equipment or purchase it when you arrive in America.

    You can get free information and maps describing camp grounds and park areas by writing either to an individual state where you wish to camp, or to the National Park Service, or to both. State park information can be obtained by writing to the Department of Parks of the particular state you will be visiting. Information about National Parks can be

obtained by writing to:

National Park Service

Department of Interior

Washington, D.C. 20040

    You can also ask at local camping and sports equipment stores for further information about camping in nearby areas.

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