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    A---Manager of a Tour Agent B---Customer

    A: Welcome to China International Tours. What can

    I do for you?

    B: I would like to plan a surprise trip for me and my

    GF in the coming vacation.

    A: Very well, we have a couple of different

    options such as the desert, the countryside or

    even going skiing.

    B: I think sth in the countryside would be nice.

    Let me seeOh! Yes! What about Yunnan? A: Eh

    Thats exactly a good place to stay during the

    winter vacation!

    B: Eh huh. Why do you say that?

    A: For the perfect climate there. Most areas are very

    cold in winter. But some other places are not,

    Yunnan is a good example. Its always warm and

    the climate is very mild.

    B: Sounds good! How do we get there?

    A: We have our own sight seeing bus.

    B: And what is the hotel that we will be staying at


    A: That is the best part. Your hotel is actually an old

    country villa(别墅)that has been restored to

    accommodate. You will enjoy a private time in

    there. You can choose to eat at the Italian

    restaurant. If you prefer, your own waiter can

    send your meal to your room.

    B: Wow! This sounds like sth my GF would really

    enjoy! Are there any outdoor activities we can

    take part in?

    A: Of course! You can have a horseback ride along

    )You also go fishing to the lake. the trail(小径

    B: Im sold! I want to book this trip. I dont care what

    it costs! Money is no object!

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